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What is the worst color disc you have ever owned? I had a champion beast that was tye dyed in a brown and light orange that was hard as hell to find. I quit throwing it in fall. I waste too much time looking for it! I will post a picture of it here soon.

About 5 years ago, I had a couple of purple discs that I order off of a site.(if i knew that they was going to be purple I wouldnt have got them) But these two discs after awhile became known as camoflage purple! They was the hardest discs to find ever! Me and my friends would look for them and barely found them a couple of time, this was on fairways.. DONT EVER GET PURPLE DISCS!

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Red or Green since I'm R/G color blind. I spent the first year looking for red discs in the woods, out in the open, wherever. Now I only throw blue or white. There's not a lot of blue or white on the ground in God's green Earth so they are much easier to see.
Please, no black.
Hang your black discs on the wall!
and, Thank you...they look Great!

OK, you can putt with black.
I would have to say anything tye-dyed. these are referred to as camoflauge. Like others have posted these discs are lost quite often. For this reason I do not buy tye-dye anymore.
I only lost a tye dye once. That was because I was just starting to learn sidearm that weekend and drove 5 drives on that hole. I just make sure to buy bright tye dyes.Though I don't buy a lot of tye dye like I used to, costs too much and I usually buy yellow when possible. Simply cause I find them the fastest out of any in ALL seasons.

White is nice until winter comes around. For that reason if yellow isn't available I usually buy pink cause it's also good for ALL seasons. Don't like having to buy discs just cause winter is around. That's the bummer about Innova's Pro plastic, is it's almost always white.
Here is what I have experienced !!!!

White gets lost in the Snow.

Yellows and Greens get lost in trees.

Light Browns get lost in thick pine needles.

Blues are harder to see under water.
Sounds like a Disc Golfing super hero. The Silver Tosser, killing his enemies with silver discs.

Could have ones actually made out of metal for those stupid people that wonder onto disc course to wonder in your way for no good reason. That could be the slogan "The Silver Tosser, killing idiots on courses around the world"
Oh yes, can't do without my Black Magics.
what kind was it?
My worst color, sad to say was also my favorite disc as well. It was a Star fly dye Wraith. Problem was it was a brown center "star burst" with dark yellow edging. Summer time out here. Things go from green to brown and yellow. Suffice to say. It was never seen again after ending up on a hillside.........A sad day indeed!
OK, I'm back again. Red sucks A%$ to. Mainly at twilight. They turn to black. When I first started. I thought OK, you can always see RED......Not so true. Now that I think about it all the colors suck!! I figure it's got to be the reason I loose so many discs :)
My first Crush was a Orange & Light Brown striped-esc disc. I loved the disc (my first Ace disc) but sadly I lost it in the fall at brown park along the tree line. Someone called me to tell me that they found it about a week later but I didn't have the time to meet up with them. I now try to throw white discs if possible.
besides the purples and browns and other earthy colors i have to agree black drivers are a pet peeve of mine.

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