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Everyone has a story so lets hear it... Whats the worst disc golf etiquette you can remember? Also, if you said something or have done something to this person because of the etiquette.

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This past weekend during the April Fools Fling tourny at Tombigbee state park in MS. a couple of donkeys wouldn't wait for us to get out of the way ( and no we weren't playing slow we also had to wait on the group in front of us) and twice they throw disc into our group.
Happened, and my buddy finally picked up one of their drives and threw it as hard and far as he could, over a six land road and railroad tracks. The guys face was priceless.
Right on! They would do the same thing here.
that is the worst etiquette that i have ever heard of.
I remember playing in an Amateur Master division in Grand Rapids, Michigan many moons ago. The guys in my group were drunk before the start of the morning round. They kept drinking. Heartily. All day.

It would do in injustice to label them LOUD, RAUCOUS, drunks. They were louder than that.

One of the drunks wore a hat which read, "Don't putt while I'm talking." The drunks found this endlessly funny.
We had a group of newbies, all pretty loaded, but one loud mouth trying to teach the others how to play was the loudest, and most likely the drunkest too. Neighboring fairway, and I was just trying to putt out. Man he was loud, YAK YAK YAK!!!
I finally laid down my putter, got my "courtesy card" out of my bag and walked over and handed it to him. He said thanks and went to put it in his pocket, I told him no, please read it, to which he did. I snatched it back from his hand and walked back to my putter.
The guys I was playing with couldn't stop laughing but hopefully the guy figured it out that he wasn't the only person on the course that day. I can only hope.
I guess it would be my action. about to throw a group of 4 of us watched as some total zipperhead walks right in front of us. We YELLED. We WHISTLED. And he did not once look up from his phone. So in a normal absurd statement I said 2 bucks to the guy that hits him. My buddy stepped up and threw a mellow forehand that if we hadn't yelled even more it would have tagged him. Sorry it was a frustrating day
My story is similar to Wayne.

1. Incident was I was walking away from the basket with my group and a neon green champion boss comes flying right in front of my face (it was that close I knew what the disc was) I was pissed. So I yelled (NOT CLEAR JACKASS!!)

2. Yesterday at veterans park I was playing alone (So not a slow game) And Everytime I would get to my first drive, the 2 morons behind me would tee off. I finally said, hey since you're not going to wait for me, how about you guys go ahead and play through.
Well you do have a big giant dog dude. teach him how to go snag their disc.
I think I saw you out there the other day eddie. I kind of thought to myself.. this dude looks familiar, but I couldn't place it.haha.
your etiquett is a fault if your slower than 2 players
this is actually a huge problem for me...I don't deal with the situation very well. I have picked up a couple of drives like that and thrown them as far as I could in the opposite direction before. Not a good way to act but I know once that disc splits my head open it will be a lot worse.


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