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Everyone has a story so lets hear it... Whats the worst disc golf etiquette you can remember? Also, if you said something or have done something to this person because of the etiquette.

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Pot smokers is my biggest Pickadillo. Being offered it, or lol, not being offered it, even though i don't smoke and lighting it up without asking if i mind. Do it at home or in the parking lot, or somewhere else out of plain view so that it doesn't bother others if you must be stoned all the time. No one has tried when i bring my kids, and i dare you to be the first.,,, gu-plsssshhh (fizz, from opening my can of woop-ass).
Oh but I'm sure you'd love to have a beer on the course. Do you also have a problem with people smoking cigarettes without your permission? Or for that matter must I ask before drinking a beer? That's ridiculousness I understand when your kids are around, or in a tournament. But smoking pot doesn't really "bother" anyone, I mean its not like I have to sit down tie something around my arm, heat up a spoon, and shoot it up. Its about as bothersome as cigarettes which outside shouldn't be a bother.
I keep my needle and spoon at home and just snort the "H" when I paly. It's just to cumbersome to carry all the other stuff........;)
"Charging!" "CLEAR!!!" (((((THUNK))))
what i don't understand is how someone else smoking weed is going to effect your game, I mean from my experiences the only people it effects during the game are the ones who choose to smoke it and even if it is a problem how hard is it to walk a couple feet away???? or don't play with the people who choose to?? Besides its a lot less annoying to have 1,000,000 pot-heads out there then even one or two drunks!
Cigarette smoke in your eyes doesn't affect you though? Good one. I really don't care if they torch it up or not because I can say yes or no. The cops in our town are too busy to worry about potheads on a disc golf course. Screw the obnoxious drunks who leave their bottles and cans everywhere.
I bet I'll smoke Serenity in front of anyone
If I am playing a round with people and they choose to smoke cigarettes or cigars I ask them to stand where the wind does not blow it in my direction. If they don't respect that I stroke them for courtesy. If you smoke pot during a casual round I will walk away, but if it is during a tournament or league round you can guarantee there will be more consequences.

All you people that think your CRAP don't stink go get something to unclog your nostrils. The smell of Pot lingers a while after you have gone. If you walk by within 30 minutes to an hour after you smoked pot you still smell. The smell is nauseating and makes me want to puke. You may think that it is all fun and games but it is classified as illegal substance 1 drug for a reason.

If you think it is a necessity to get high while on the course go make yourself some hash brownies and eat them when you are out there. If I cannot smell it I could care less. Why is it so important that you must smoke it?

You are not the only person on the course and perhaps it is time that you realize it. Not everyone likes it!
So if I don't like the way you smell as a person am I allowed to just ask you to stand somewhere else because of your own personal decision not to bathe? I'm not saying you don't bathe but Just using it as a point. And to stroke someone for courtesy for doing something LEGAL and QUIET is just stupid. The smell of pot lingers for about as long as any scent outdoors. If there is absolutely no wind then it MAY stick around for 10-15 minutes, if there was wind its gone near immediately. Beer smells like shit and if you spill the smell emanates and makes everything near it smell, so because I don't like that does not mean it shouldn't be allowed. Fun and games is why its damn near legal as well, 1 is also the LOWEST class. You would not understand the want to smoke pot because you don't so you would never understand the want for someone to get high on the course. You need to realize YOUR not the only one on the course and deal with it. The only argument is the fact its illegal.
you are full of it completely
You have to ask permission because it's illegal and people on your card could be potentially charged with possession as well. I really am not bothered by people smoking pot. I find it a little sad, but no more than I find it sad that people need to be drunk to enjoy themselves, or drink caffine every day in order to function at their best. Okay that was a tangent, either way, don't light up in a tournament during the round. I felt really bad telling a guy on my card during the MN Majestic that I DID mind if he lit up. He obliged...everyone else said, whatever, but I didn't cave to the peer pressure and said no because I have a family and can't take this risk of any kind of criminal charges. It's that simple.
Steve, wow, nice judgment on me, huh? never met you dude. no, i am for legalization of pot. my issue is that it is currently illegal and i don't find it amusing to be in the company of illegal activities. i smoke cigarettes, but i ask if others minds still. "Smoking pot doesn't really bother anyone",....... ok dude. yea, i'm the only one.


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