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Everyone has a story so lets hear it... Whats the worst disc golf etiquette you can remember? Also, if you said something or have done something to this person because of the etiquette.

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Maybe I am late on this, but to me, the worst thing is being in a tournament, and the group you are with moves to the next hole before you finish it out. I mean, I realize I suck sometimes, but in a SANCTIONED event, wouldn't the courteous thing to do be wait until ALL of your card finishes before you carry on?

Maybe that is is just me though.....
no, im with you thats shitty, but not just in tourneys but any time it happens.
So I'm playing Wednesday Night Doubles which at Morley requires averaging -2 or better to be "invited". I'm playing like crap (what's new?) and step on to the long tee at #9 when this moron's phone rings (no biggie) he answers it four feet behind the pad (still no biggie) yammers to his GF for a while, so I step off the pad. Nutsack holds the phone away from his ear and says to me "What? Are you gonna crush it?" I almost missed by 180 degrees ;o))
How bout this one.. Its your putt, next guy up is closer than you and steps up, picks up his disc and starts spinning it on his finger while you are trying to puit, I lost league today because of this exact distraction. It happens more than Id like for it too. I just wish people would stand back, and wait their turn.
We had a guy show up late to the second round of a tournament, after a 3 hour break. He then proceeded to start yelling and talking trash to anyone who called him out on his selfishness. The really messed up thing was that He tied for first place with a guy who had to leave, because he couldn't wait for said disc golfer to finish his round. This guy then proceeded to raise hell when he wasn't given the full first place purse. It was at this point that he started siting PDGA rules...What a douche.
At the Wailoa River course in Hilo Hawaii and pretty much any other course on the big Island, we get together once or twice a week to play. Most of us don't see each other the rest of the time, so we talk an awful lot (me? talk?).

Our course motto is "Etiquette Upon Request".
da kine bro.
We had our tourney not too long ago. We have a guy who from time to time just completely blows up. Throws his bag...disc...screams and curses. He is a big guy too so most people won't say anything to him. I understand his pain but come on...so I am one of the few who are...really dude. Your about to "pop" because of disc golf....so at the tourney my group was walking up to the 17th and all of a sudden you could hear just slew of "F" bombs being screamed out across the park. And literally people heard him all the way over at the other section. So as we walk over the hill I just see a bag flying like 40 ft in the air with a bunch of disc acting as confetti falling all around the dudes he was playing with. And of course no one stroked him or anything. He said he was quitting after the tourney and oddly enough we haven't seen him back yet...he is a good guy...we all like him. Just what a time to blow up though....
Do clueless pedestrians count? Last night we were playing a hole and this lady was just standing on the walking path which is to the right of the fairway. I wanted to hyzer so she was in my line of play. I ended going right over top of her (not too close) and then when I get up to the hole to putt she is in the fairway taking pictures of her dogs. I informed her that she might get hit if she hung out there. Two holes later and she's hanging out by the basket taking pictures again. I really wanted to buzz her. Hello, this is a disc golf course. Clueless.
2 years ago i was out at Bendamer Park on the North side of Ann Arbor. I had my son with me who at the time was only 2. He was riding in a stroller that I was pushing around the course. If anyone knows Bandemer you know it is a short course and on all but 1 hole you can see the basket from the tees. I was on hole 8 just got up to my drive when a moron behind me decided he wasn't going to wait for me to finish the hole before the threw. The disc skipped off the top of the stroller. if the disc would have been 2 inches lower it would have nailed my son in the back of the head. I'm usually really good about letting people play through when I have my son with me but I had no idea where this guy came from. I didn't see him coming from the previous hole (which you could see from the tee box of the hole I was on). It really pissed me off. I picked the disc up and threw it as hard as I could back in the direction that it came and yelled NOT CLEAR. Sad thing was I was maybe 200' from the tee box when this all happened. I was right before the big tree in the middle of the fairway in this photo ( http://discgolfer.ning.com/photo/1809917:Photo:206391 ). So clearly visible.
Next time pick it up and TEAR IT IN HALF and say 'whoops'.
The recent theft of discs,equipment,etc...off with their hands!!


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