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Everyone has a story so lets hear it... Whats the worst disc golf etiquette you can remember? Also, if you said something or have done something to this person because of the etiquette.

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We had a group of newbies, all pretty loaded, but one loud mouth trying to teach the others how to play was the loudest, and most likely the drunkest too. Neighboring fairway, and I was just trying to putt out. Man he was loud, YAK YAK YAK!!!
I finally laid down my putter, got my "courtesy card" out of my bag and walked over and handed it to him. He said thanks and went to put it in his pocket, I told him no, please read it, to which he did. I snatched it back from his hand and walked back to my putter.
The guys I was playing with couldn't stop laughing but hopefully the guy figured it out that he wasn't the only person on the course that day. I can only hope.
Seems to me no matter what course I go to I run into a group of 'pros'. I guess normal etiquette is to play multiple discs on every hole because that's what always happens.

Then there is those huge groups of 'pros' that take over a tee box and throw disc after disc after disc. What a bunch of assholes. Don't know how long I'll have to play until I run into a group of 'pros' that actually has some respect for the way the game is supposed to be played.

I play ball golf regularly too and you never find the douches you find at disc golf. I guess in disc golf if you are a 'pro' it gives you the right to disregard the others trying to play the course.
I had something like this happen once. I was playing doubles with a group of six so we were going kind of slow and these two guys came up behind us and asked to play through. Of course we obliged, it averaged us ten minutes for a 300' hole (most of the group were still extreme beginners) so we were fine with waiting four more minutes to play on. These guys threw and played three discs each and took nearly fifteen minutes to hole out. We caught up to them two holes later and asked to play through. It was ridiculous.
One afternoon at Starring Lake in Eden Prairie MN, a very small and busy course but home to a lot of disc golf's biggest morons. I throw my mountain dew boss on hole 9, park it 15 feet from the basket and as my friends were driving a guy on his way to hole one sees my disc laying there and picks it up and starts walking to hole 1. I was yelling "that is my disc!" but he couldn't hear me. I was amazed that someone would be so stupid to see a disc laying next to a basket in the open with four people throwing from the tee pad and not put two and two together! I got up there and got it back but what a moron!
I cant stand when people who are playing slow dont let you play through, especially if its someone who is bringing their girl out, for what seems like the first time, and doesnt once offer to let you play through (no offense ladies).
Pot smokers is my biggest Pickadillo. Being offered it, or lol, not being offered it, even though i don't smoke and lighting it up without asking if i mind. Do it at home or in the parking lot, or somewhere else out of plain view so that it doesn't bother others if you must be stoned all the time. No one has tried when i bring my kids, and i dare you to be the first.,,, gu-plsssshhh (fizz, from opening my can of woop-ass).
Played with this guy who was Super Hammered.

Spilling his beer all over , couldn't walk straight and even played the wrong holes !!!!

What do you say when the guy can't even comprehend ?
same thing happened to me in Tn., I crushed my drive (pro SUPER BRIGHT pink katana) some 300' and one of three kids (obviously new because they each had no more than two discs and their form was more sloppy than a sloppy joe) picked it up as im walking towards it and i yelled to him "HEY! YOU MIND LEAVING MY KATANA THERE" "Oh! you mean this pink one?" *thinking no you retard the banana behind you*
I was playing an ice bowl in WV a few years (any one who has ever played any of there ice bowl there know it just about having a good time and hanging with some cool people). Unfortunatly it was some of the worst conditions i had ever played in but it was okay due to the fact that the second round is doubles and you get a partner based on your first round. However if i would have known what i was in for i would have driven the 2 hours back to my house before the second round started. My partner (whom I have never met before) was still drinking beer when we arrived at our hole before the next tee off. He had killed almost 2 cases of beer on a 60 minute lunch and was having trouble standing much less throwing. He proceeded to argue with me on ever throw saying that we should take his even if he was 100 feet shorter than my drive. I pushed on and wasnt having that bad of a round even though i was dragging his drunk a** along the entire time. With 2 holes left the straw that broke the camels back finally landed. He ran up onto the teepad (wasnt our pad and launched his disc about 30 feet right out in front of him which caused it to spin up and roll down a hill about 100 feet away. Before anyone else could throw he started walking down the hill and fell literally rolling until he came to a halt about 30 feet from where he initially fell passed out cold drunk. I simply walked over put my putter in the basket and finished the round by myself missing cash by one stroke. He actually had the gall to ask me how we did after he awoke some 30 minutes later.
Oh but I'm sure you'd love to have a beer on the course. Do you also have a problem with people smoking cigarettes without your permission? Or for that matter must I ask before drinking a beer? That's ridiculousness I understand when your kids are around, or in a tournament. But smoking pot doesn't really "bother" anyone, I mean its not like I have to sit down tie something around my arm, heat up a spoon, and shoot it up. Its about as bothersome as cigarettes which outside shouldn't be a bother.
Mike Horos-

I often play many discs on each hole. A lot of times I play with a group of people and we all throw multiple discs.

I could see how someone might get upset about that, but we always let other players play though. If players are playing more than one disc, they should let you play though. If they don't, maybe you could throw more discs yourself to kill time.

A friend of mine was looking for houses in Clearwater fl. He was checking out the disc golf scene down there too and ran into Climo who seemed to throw lots of extra plastic. Seems to me that following the lead of the greatest disc golfer in the world could pay off.

Stay balance and follow through

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