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Everyone has a story so lets hear it... Whats the worst disc golf etiquette you can remember? Also, if you said something or have done something to this person because of the etiquette.

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I was playing in a tournament . There was an idiot in the foursome in front of our group that took a leak in a bush dead in the middle of the fairway. We had a few choice words for that one ! So stupid ya gotta laugh !
In my very first tournament at Sugar Bottom in Iowa City, my attention was drawn to Hole 18 fairway where a top pro was practically chopping down a tree with his chair while cursing loudly. When I questioned if that was proper behavior, the response from the others in my group was: "That's ok, it's just Jason!"

Another time I was playing a tournament at CP Adams in Hastings, MN. A top pro on a nearby tee throws a shot and starts cussing very loudly, kicking his bag and throwing a complete tempter tantrum. All the other guys in his group are literally rolling on the ground laughing hysterically. The ladies and I issued the player a courtesy warning since it was obvious his group wasn't going to do it. Apparently they figured he was already adding enough strokes to his game.

I will say times have changed since then. Players are much better behaved and more likely to make the courtesy calls these days.
The disrespect by trashing any local dg course;verbal/graffiti,litter,stolen/distruction of baskets,clearing of local trees/obstruction without permission.
Yep, I would have to agree with Ed......while tantrum's do suck, they are temporary. Graffiti, vandalism and circumventing course design by selective cutting/trimming/bending/snapping are by far the worst examples of poor Disc Golf etiquette.
I didn't witness it, but one of our young locals here decided that the best way to get his disc out of a 50ft spruce would be to chop it down. It happened last October and I still get angry every time I walk by the tree or think about it.
Worst, a middle of the night tree removal by culprit onknown. We moved the basket back another buck-fifty, very few birdies on that hole now, only if you crush your drive and thread the needle.
We had something happen like this in the last month some one took a axe to a tree in the middle of the night
Seems to me no matter what course I go to I run into a group of 'pros'. I guess normal etiquette is to play multiple discs on every hole because that's what always happens.

Then there is those huge groups of 'pros' that take over a tee box and throw disc after disc after disc. What a bunch of assholes. Don't know how long I'll have to play until I run into a group of 'pros' that actually has some respect for the way the game is supposed to be played.

I play ball golf regularly too and you never find the douches you find at disc golf. I guess in disc golf if you are a 'pro' it gives you the right to disregard the others trying to play the course.
I had something like this happen once. I was playing doubles with a group of six so we were going kind of slow and these two guys came up behind us and asked to play through. Of course we obliged, it averaged us ten minutes for a 300' hole (most of the group were still extreme beginners) so we were fine with waiting four more minutes to play on. These guys threw and played three discs each and took nearly fifteen minutes to hole out. We caught up to them two holes later and asked to play through. It was ridiculous.
One afternoon at Starring Lake in Eden Prairie MN, a very small and busy course but home to a lot of disc golf's biggest morons. I throw my mountain dew boss on hole 9, park it 15 feet from the basket and as my friends were driving a guy on his way to hole one sees my disc laying there and picks it up and starts walking to hole 1. I was yelling "that is my disc!" but he couldn't hear me. I was amazed that someone would be so stupid to see a disc laying next to a basket in the open with four people throwing from the tee pad and not put two and two together! I got up there and got it back but what a moron!
same thing happened to me in Tn., I crushed my drive (pro SUPER BRIGHT pink katana) some 300' and one of three kids (obviously new because they each had no more than two discs and their form was more sloppy than a sloppy joe) picked it up as im walking towards it and i yelled to him "HEY! YOU MIND LEAVING MY KATANA THERE" "Oh! you mean this pink one?" *thinking no you retard the banana behind you*
I cant stand when people who are playing slow dont let you play through, especially if its someone who is bringing their girl out, for what seems like the first time, and doesnt once offer to let you play through (no offense ladies).


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