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Everyone has a story so lets hear it... Whats the worst disc golf etiquette you can remember? Also, if you said something or have done something to this person because of the etiquette.

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Right on bro! Do it where you live - your parents basement! I got to start selling hemp disc. I drive 15 miles out of my way to play courses with less dope(s). Tournaments will soon have mandatory drug testing...and if you are clean & sober you will be escorted off the course.
Its pot. For real? Drinking is Far worse by all means.
I think its rude when people blaze on the course. Just because you smoke, and you think we should respect your choice, doesn't give you the right to disrespect the non-smoker golfing to have a good time and stay healthy by smoking a doob in their face.

Asking permission is common sense. If the other people have a problem with that they can easily just call the cops and make the pot heads leave.

Trump Card?
Fine Ill blow my LEGAL Cigarette smoke near you, then go to the head shop get LEGAL bud then smoke that. If its rude to blaze on the course, its rude to smoke a cigarette, or a cigar, or drink a beer. Except for the B.S. fact that it's illegal it is no more bothersome than a cigarette or cigar. You sound like you want people in your group to ask you to smoke anything regardless of the legality.
Yes but the difference is that some people cant inhale ANYTHING ILLEGAL!!! For jobs, school, etc. I agree that smoking cigs on the course or drinking may be a form of bad etiquette, but frankly, its not as bad. They dont drug test for gigs or beer man.

As i said before, please have enough respect for your fellow players and just ask before you blaze. It only takes 2 seconds!
I always ask, that's not the point, I'm saying it shouldn't bother anyone. and there is no way you would inhale enough for it to show up on any kind of drug test ever. That just isn't going to happen. Or for you to feel any effects of it.
hear hear ,when you see that ass slammin a couple beer in the parking lot ,do the right thing and notify the cops that a drunk driver just left the park.haha
not really ,pot is legal in AK and drinking then getting in your car isnt ...in any state
Drug testing in disc golf, whoevere told you that is pulling your short and curlys! It would be you and two other people playing
Human Growth Hormone is what I like to do on the course. I get it from Roger Clemmens wife.
Let me guess you smoke a pack of cigarettes and down a 12 pack in front of your kids.
Played with this guy who was Super Hammered.

Spilling his beer all over , couldn't walk straight and even played the wrong holes !!!!

What do you say when the guy can't even comprehend ?


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