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I just got back from playing the Golden Gate course in San Franciso. I still can't get this hole out of my head. It's one of the shortest holes on the course. It starts of with a pretty wide open hole that funnels down to some very small opening through a grove of trees. It's a slight dogleg left, but the basket sits behind several trees. So I pull my first shot and it hits the first row of trees and kicks left. No big, I still had a good look at the basket. Nope, wrong again! It hits the smallest tree there! No more than a few inches in diamiter. OK, I still have an open shot at the basket. WRONG! It kicks off a branch that was hanging down and kicks it to the right under some bushes. Now I have NO shot, but I manage to land a few feet from the basket. By this time, I'm a little torqued. So I grab the putter and flip it into the basket, well sort of. I guess I "flicked" it a little to hard. It blows through the chains and kicks out of the basket. As Charlie Brown would say AAARRRGH!!!
So that was my hole from H-E- double tooth picks!
So I could use a good laugh and would like to hear about your hell holes. Now come on. I know I'm not the only one who has had them.


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What hole number was that? I shot a 7 on hole #3 there on Sunday. OB path right next to the tee pad that goes all the way down to the hole that was 15 feet from it. Drove a nice shot to the right over the path with a 172 Champ Boss. It was starting to come back to the fairway and hit a tree on the OB side of the path and stoped there. OK, I've done this before. Risk/reward going so far right over the path. Next shot lying 3 about 20 feet off the tee pad, and turn over a 165 DX Destroyer OB. That disc was wedged under the front tire of a truck parked on the curb on Fulton Street! D'oh! Shot an upshot only half way down the fairway by then and hit the small trees in front of the basket and missed a 20 footer. D'oh again! Haven't had a 7 in a real long time.
It was hole 13. It's the one were the teepad is along Fulton St. At least I think it's Fulton?
Yeah, wow, you never know what's going to happen. That hole is jail with all the trees, but that was my best hole on Sunday. I launched a hyzer flip Monarch and went all the way through the trees 15 feet short and banged the duce!!
That should make him feel better.
Hole 9 at rolling hills. For some reason I couldn't make a darn putt. Even from 10' away, kept hitting bottom of the basket and rolling just as far away. took a 7. Nice drive just couldn't finish it out to save my life.
Hole 11 at McClure in tulsa. I am playing in a tournament its about 360' with a OB creek down the right down the right side and OB sidewalk up on the hill. Over the creek on the right side is OB also. I throw my drive over the creek, trying to play a little fade and it flips on me a little before fading back and falling into the creek as I scream no... So I have to play it from where it was last inbounds which is about 50' from the tee pad so here I am 2 throwing 3. I grip lock my impact and proceed to throw it into the creek also moving 5 feet closer in the process. So I am laying 5 now and throw a good upshot to about 15' from the basket on the uphill side thinking I will hit this and get the hell off this hole! I proceed to hit the post and watch it fall to the ground, where it catches edge and rolls into the creek AGAIN. I calmly step up and proceed to nail the five foot putt I have left to take a triple circle 8.

Oh I forgot to add, the next hole has a 10,000$ bounty on it. I think to myself well I will forget about the last hole if I win the 10 grand. I pull out my trusty wraith and let'r fly... its going straight at the basket as I start yelling go go go... I ended up about 5' short right in line with the basket.....dang it!
Pardon my ignorance, but what do you mean by a "bounty" Is it like an ace pot?
yep a ace on it was worth 10 grand

One that sticks out was my final hole(#6) of the second round at 2008 Kings Cup in Kinston, NC. The little gem above is 162 ft of ridiculousness. They had built up a 6 foot sloping mound as a green that year and I basically thumbed, hacked, flick rolled and clunked my way to a score of 6. No shot traveled more than 40 feet, and it was the pinnacle of a 5 hole collapse to seal my ticket to the bottom card.
WOW!!!! That looks like Temp hole C at Otter Creek Park. The only difference is that hole is 270 ft. I've dueced it twice and took a 5 about 10 times. You either make it look easy or it kicks your hiney!
Winds at Westview tournament in Pipestone, MN on May 30, 2009. Hole 4, around 250 feet. The tee is at the base of a BIG barren hill (40-50 feet high with slopes on every side and no trees or bushes). Winds averaged 25-30 MPH that round, blowing left to right (from the perspective of the tee).

I throw my tee shot low and left of the basket (LHBH). Probably no more than 15 feet off the ground. As it gets near the basket, a big gust of wind lifts it up and then down that big hill right of the basket. Okay...that sucks, but I can still get up and down for par. Shot #2. I throw it up the hill and it proceeds to flip on me, gliding all the way down the hill left of the basket, about 50 feet in front of the tee. Okay...that REALLY sucks, but I can still salvage a bogey-four. Shot #3. See shot #1. :-) Lower and more left than my original tee shot...but it still got hit by the wind and went sailing down the hill right of the basket. Okay, that sucks DONKEYS, but I can still swallow my pride and put a nickel on the card, right?! Shot #4. Fights the wind the entire way up the hill, then drifts off about 30-35 feet right of the basket. Hooray! I didn't go down the hill! LOL. However, now I've got a 35 footer into a 25-30 MPH wind. Shot #5. Hits the front of the basket. I drop in for a six. Of course, I ultimately missed cashing at that tournament by a total of two shots. :-(

I think I took two double-bogeys the entire previous year of tournaments (a whole LOT of bogeys, but usually not worse than that), so a triple-bogey was a first for me in tourney action. What made it even "better" was that was the hole that the local newspaper photographer decided to shoot a bunch of us in action...but thankfully the shot he printed of me from that hole didn't give any indication of the carnage that ensued....


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