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I just got back from playing the Golden Gate course in San Franciso. I still can't get this hole out of my head. It's one of the shortest holes on the course. It starts of with a pretty wide open hole that funnels down to some very small opening through a grove of trees. It's a slight dogleg left, but the basket sits behind several trees. So I pull my first shot and it hits the first row of trees and kicks left. No big, I still had a good look at the basket. Nope, wrong again! It hits the smallest tree there! No more than a few inches in diamiter. OK, I still have an open shot at the basket. WRONG! It kicks off a branch that was hanging down and kicks it to the right under some bushes. Now I have NO shot, but I manage to land a few feet from the basket. By this time, I'm a little torqued. So I grab the putter and flip it into the basket, well sort of. I guess I "flicked" it a little to hard. It blows through the chains and kicks out of the basket. As Charlie Brown would say AAARRRGH!!!
So that was my hole from H-E- double tooth picks!
So I could use a good laugh and would like to hear about your hell holes. Now come on. I know I'm not the only one who has had them.


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I took a triple circle nine to start a tourney once. I threw a hyzer over the O.B. and hit a tree, then did it again two more times before clearing it, then had a pretty good upshot and putt. It blows to be six over after your first hole. LMAO
Yeah, wow, you never know what's going to happen. That hole is jail with all the trees, but that was my best hole on Sunday. I launched a hyzer flip Monarch and went all the way through the trees 15 feet short and banged the duce!!
#11 at Burke Lake Park DGC in Burke, VA. Medium length downhill hole that has an open tee with a basket nestled in the back of a small grove of tall trees.

I usually hit a tree on the outside edge of the grove, but not on this VERY windy day. I threw it low and hard and it skipped back to within ten feet of the hole. I was a n00b at the time, and I probably had never deuced #11 before. I took my time with my putt, but just as I let it go (a LIIIIIIITTLE bit high!) the wind picked up quickly and lifted my disc right up over the basket and just on the other side about two feet away. I was mad at myself, and instead of just taking a swipe at the chains with my disc, I picked it up and flicked it at the basket in disgust, and I hit it - the OUTSIDE of the front edge of the basket. Lesson learned. I wrote down a "4" and walked to the next tee.

That was the last time I ever got ticked off on the golf course.
I carded a 9 on hole # 15 long at La Mirada's Masters.
All I remember is I had an 11 on a rec. par 4 hole once.Terrible. My worst score since then has been no greater than a 6 on any hole,big improvment.
I love these kinda holes, especially in tourneys.... if you have any weakness in your mental game, holes like these ones can psyche people out. I don't stress too much in tourneys so it gives me a chance to pick up a few strokes on other players in my division.
I remember now after reading all these horror stories. Almost had it purged out of my memory and WHAM it comes back to me. The Memorial at Vista del Camino (Shelly Sharpe) a few years back. I can't play this two years in a row. The first temp hole after the main course accross the road. I think it's 1000 feet long. I went OB 3 times and missed a short putt for a 10. Never had double digits before or after. Killer hole. Dumb mistakes.
Seen a Guy at the Worlds in 92 , card a 12 with 4 water shots.
My worst hole came during the 2008 Alaska state championship,we were 3 holes into the 2nd round when while looking for a fellow golfers shot into the thick devilsclub.i had brought a machete just for the devilsclub i was leaning down to look under the broadleafs of the devilsclub when the branch my left hand was on broke and my right index finger slid down the machete blade opening a big slice ,we found his disc and i proceded to throw my tee drive ,my throwing hand was slippery from blood and i ended up throwing out of bounds 4 times on the same hole for a lovely quad circle 11....p.s i came back the next day to complete my win as the alaska 2008 rec division champ
WOW!!!! That looks like Temp hole C at Otter Creek Park. The only difference is that hole is 270 ft. I've dueced it twice and took a 5 about 10 times. You either make it look easy or it kicks your hiney!
Hole # 18 @ Charlie Vettiner Park. It is a whopping 634 ft( or at least thats what the sign says?). of pure crap. At last years Charlie Vettiner Open while playing on a card with Nikko Locastro I took a double circle 10. Nikko took a 3!
The hole is uphill for the first 350-400 ft.to a mando tree and vertical OB the seperates the 2 fairways, than you throw around a 90degree dogleg for another 300ft with OB at the top of the fairway. Than you make another 90 degree dogleg back the direction you came from for about a 150ft upshot with OB on the right side that funnels in towards the basket. It's basically a big backwards ? mark.
Anyhow I hit a tree 40 ft off the tee pad. Next shot up to the open field to set up for the corner. Third shot OB in the road. 4th shot is OB stroke. 5th shot across the front stretch to the other OB. 6th shot OB stroke. 7th shot into a ceder tree 10 ft away. 8th shot thrown short by 50 ft. 9th shot donked the basket. 10th shot finally in!
Sure hope I never have a hole like that again!!!!
But I have hit the top of the basket for a 3!!! It is possible!
My worst hole happened a few years ago in Pratt, KS. It was the first time I played with Liz Lopez, and we started on the hardest hole on the course. The hole gives options: you can throw over the line of trees or you can follow the trail for a dogleg tunnel shot. I don't have the arm to get all the way over the trees, so I always go for the trail through the trees. My first shot was perfect, right in the middle of the fairway, just before the thick row of trees. All I had to do was throw a hyzer through the gap and I'd be out in the wide open for my upshot to the basket. But no, I shanked it a little and kicked off deep into the trees. When I got to my lie, I realized I had put myself in jail; the trail and the wide open spaces were far away and on lockdown. I threw a tomahawk, a roller, & 3 backhand drives to get out of the trees. Finally, I'm out in the open. I was so relieved to be out of the trees that I didn't put enough effort into the next shot and was still about 80 feet from the pin. I threw a beautiful putt that was going to be an awesome save for a terrible hole until it hit the tiniest branch ever & kicked about the same distance away from the basket. I realized I should just play safe- so I laid up to hang onto my 11, no OB. I had to recount my throws like 5 times just to be sure I didn't miss any. All this on the first hole of the tourny, the first time I'm playing with Liz Lopez- she was probably thinkin I'm some noobie (I've been playing for years). How embarrassing!
I have another story; not the worst hole ever, but a moment that noone on my card will ever forget. We were playing in Mcpherson, KS, there were 5 girls on my card and I was leading the group. We came up on a water hole and all of us girls were concerned about throwing over. I steped up on the teepad & announced, "it's not that far, watch this!" I grippied my disc tight, preparing to rip it good, but it didn't come out of my hand:o I threw it right at the group of girls (yes, behind me). We all ended up doubled over in laughter! Those girls still give me a hard time about it. Good Times!

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