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Well today was one of those days that made me realize that some things are just plain stupid and have no place in league. Today that thing was 3 holes of worst shot in random doubles. And I'll tell you why...

I was feeling it today and so I was pretty in tune with my shot. I love doubles because you can be aggressive and go for it. Anyway I think that we might have bogeyed the first. We stepped up to hole #2 and my brain is trying to grasp this whole concept of dumbing down my game. I decided to not let that get to me until my second shot on #2. I had thrown a decent shot up the gut, but because of my partner we ended up on top of a plateau to the right which is actually #1s fairway and we were also close to the basket for #18. My partner stepped up and shanked into the trees. I stepped up, threw my Champion Banshee at the proper angle, went straight, banked left down the hill and dead center. Guess what? We are playing worst shot so that was just wasted. There was no point in me hitting that shot and in fact we bogeyed. This is random doubles and I'm being penalized for making a great shot. BS I say.

That is the last time I will play said format. I didn't pick my partner, but I am being penalized by randomly having him as a partner. His bad shot counts more than my good shot. He is a friend and I don't have any problem playing with him in doubles. But why was his shank worth more than my great shot. Doesn't make sense.

I thought about this and there is only one way to correct this problem. First I will say right now that I will not play another round of random doubles when worst shot is involved. It amplifies any inequalities greatly. Last time I had a guy that was so bad we went OB on every hole. I had no reason to even throw. Stop the insanity! The solution is to say that everything in the basket stays in the basket. You never take anything out so a made basket is a made basket and you are still rewarded for good play. The problem that I have with this whole thing is that it was not announced before money was taken. I was expecting regular doubles, nothing funny so that I may be aggressive. That was taken away from me and I had no say in it. I came to play random doubles.

You just can't take that shot away from me. It's mine and I'd like to see anyone do better.

Mad Dog signing out...

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you should try and think of it as a challenge to you to make shot you nomally dont have to try jst have fun with if n if you dont like you dont have to play how is the other person gonna get any better if he allway in the fairway w/ a partner good shot
wow. Not trying to be a prick, but grow up, you knew hte rules and the format when you started. Worst shot, best shot, captains choice, whatever, they all serve as equalizers in the sport. This is how you play doubles with other division players and be fair. Kind of the idea of random, dont you think. Anyways, no hard feelings, but man up!
whoa, not to be a dink but........tim? seriously? whatever you just said does not make any sense to me?

Yo, Mad Dog! That is BS for sure, I would never play worst shot in a game of doubles! I take that back, I would if the worst score wins, but only if it was a big purse. It just doesnt make any sense, are we trying to improve our game here or just whack em all OB all day long? That is such a piss poor format, if you ACE a hole in worst shot than it technically wouldnt count unless your partner holes out with an ACE too. Thank god I have never had to deal with such a problem but Im with you there bro, fuck that game style!
The only exception that was made tonight was that aces stayed. In fact a guy in my group took ace pool tonight. I didn't in fact know the rules when I started because we never play worst shot in league. We have a difference from week to week as to OB's, mandos, etc. but not what type of doubles we play. This isn't a tournament where I have the luxury of bringing my choice for a partner. As for my partner, if he gets better or not that is not my concern. I can only control myself and my shot. I am competitive and to ask me to turn that competiveness off is just wrong. I will dumb down my game for nobody.

Should I have just not tried to make that shot because I knew that it didn't already matter?

You need to grow up and realize when something is just plain wrong. No hard feelings but I am right that calling worst shot in random doubles serves no purpose. My shot did not "count" as much as my partners. What was the point? None.

Hey, why don't we play while blindfolded and hopping on one leg. That should equalize things. Hey things are not equal and they shouldn't be.

Put yourself in my place. Would you have tried to make that shot knowing it didn't even matter? If I'm not here to make shots, then why am I playing?
really, who did you have in league that was that bad? there are only a couple of people I know that could be unless you got a newbie. I'm thinking someone had an off day. Think about it this way, you get to practice your get out of trouble shots and not care about the score because it's no longer in your hands. I'm not saying don't be competitive, but there's a time and place for it. You play C-wood all the time, so playing from spots you normally aren't in isn't a bad thing. At least you didn't have to be in the group that the guy cheated at singles last week and won cash. He had the card at the time, so we were all clueless on how he effectively gave himself two strokes
It's not a matter of who my partner is or isn't. It's a question of should there be a format where you put money in and you really shouldn't try because it won't matter. I for one will politely ask for my money back if it happens again because I have better things to do than not try. If it happened to you, you would say the same thing. It's not a matter of playing from the worst position. It's a matter of having a shot (score) stolen away for no good reason. Let's play that for every shot under par that you are we add strokes so that you are that many over. It doesn't make sense and neither does random doubles with worst shot. If you play that shots in stay in, then that's a different story. Come on people, your just lying to yourself if you say that you would be happy having a great shot taken away from you. There is that rush of adrenaline when you hit that great shot and then it's like "oh well I really shouldn't have tried". Come on, there's no way you can tell me that makes you happy in any way, shape or form. You are simply lying to yourself when you know that there are different ways to go about this. Remember the old Cheech and Chong gag. It looks like s%%t, it smells like s%%t, it tastes like s%%t. Glad I didn't step in it.
Maybe next time both you and your partner will park the shot.... Just sayin... Maybe that's incentive to really help your partner get better.
ya, but my last words are simply this: it's just league. If you want to really compete go play real tournaments. There's the High Plains Challenge, Sakuna Matata, Heroes Huk, etc. Those are the types of things to be real competetive about, and not the five dollar league dbls, that we already played the best shot the night before.

All I'm saying is go out and play these tournaments so you can gain perspective, and let the little things just chill. Just chill.
I agree with the "man up" statement.....

Disc golf is supposed to be for fun first and foremost.....

Once and a while you have to take on a challenge like worst shot doubles. I have and it was a lot of fun.

So take a chill pill on the dark side and relax....
I have played plenty of tourneys already. You are just diverting attention away from the fact that doing stupid things is doing stupid things. What more can I say. I think all of the phonies who think that somehow they would be happy with this need to really think about it. So what if it's just league. That doesn't justify something stupid. Staus quo, blah blah, blah.
As I said I can't control my partner. I can only control myself. If my partner gets better, so be it. If he doesn't, same thing. Since when am I supposed to worry more about my partner than myself. You don't even believe that.
Phoney, phoney, phoney. Why don't we all stand in a circle and sing Kumbaya. I don't know about you but I like winning once in a while. I have played with players who were worse and players who were much better. That doesn't matter. It matters that I give it my all every time I play. If I don't give it my all then I'm not being true to myself. Simply put you have to dumb down your game to play worst shot in random doubles. Once again would you have tried to make that shot if it didn't matter at all? Answer the question and "man up" as you put it. Not a single person has answered that question.

Should we have taken that ace away as well? That wasn't on one of the three holes, but shouldn't his partner have had to ace as well? And if we make an exception for aces, then why not birdies as well. It's completely arbitrary.

To try and make it or not?


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