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Well today was one of those days that made me realize that some things are just plain stupid and have no place in league. Today that thing was 3 holes of worst shot in random doubles. And I'll tell you why...

I was feeling it today and so I was pretty in tune with my shot. I love doubles because you can be aggressive and go for it. Anyway I think that we might have bogeyed the first. We stepped up to hole #2 and my brain is trying to grasp this whole concept of dumbing down my game. I decided to not let that get to me until my second shot on #2. I had thrown a decent shot up the gut, but because of my partner we ended up on top of a plateau to the right which is actually #1s fairway and we were also close to the basket for #18. My partner stepped up and shanked into the trees. I stepped up, threw my Champion Banshee at the proper angle, went straight, banked left down the hill and dead center. Guess what? We are playing worst shot so that was just wasted. There was no point in me hitting that shot and in fact we bogeyed. This is random doubles and I'm being penalized for making a great shot. BS I say.

That is the last time I will play said format. I didn't pick my partner, but I am being penalized by randomly having him as a partner. His bad shot counts more than my good shot. He is a friend and I don't have any problem playing with him in doubles. But why was his shank worth more than my great shot. Doesn't make sense.

I thought about this and there is only one way to correct this problem. First I will say right now that I will not play another round of random doubles when worst shot is involved. It amplifies any inequalities greatly. Last time I had a guy that was so bad we went OB on every hole. I had no reason to even throw. Stop the insanity! The solution is to say that everything in the basket stays in the basket. You never take anything out so a made basket is a made basket and you are still rewarded for good play. The problem that I have with this whole thing is that it was not announced before money was taken. I was expecting regular doubles, nothing funny so that I may be aggressive. That was taken away from me and I had no say in it. I came to play random doubles.

You just can't take that shot away from me. It's mine and I'd like to see anyone do better.

Mad Dog signing out...

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Playing the worst shot sounds like something that would be done only for fun among friends--you have to like someone a lot to do that IMO. It's definitely not suited for any type of competitive scenario.
I think the format wasn't annouced till after the partners were chosen as well??? ...it's hard to follow the timeline...but anyway...I wouldn't have played knowing the format would have worst shot included in a random draw situation.
Thank you. Where are all of the supporters who are out there and agree? It might be suited to tourney play but in that case you chose your partner. Stop just repeating status quo because someone made you do it and therefore if you had to do it then everybody should do it as well. If you tell me ahead of time that you are going to do it then I have the option of showing up or not. If I play a casual round then it counts. I just want to compete a little.
Tough Shot may be a better option for a random draw event.

Tough Shot is played similar to Worst Shot, with the following variation. Once a player on the team has holed out, the team has completed the hole. In other words, unlike Worst Shot where both players must hole out from the same lie, only one of the player’s on the team needs to hole out to complete the hole in Tough Shot format.
Yeah, that's it. When I brought this up to a local pro who has a lot of talent that is exactly what he said, that it should have been tough shot. That makes sense.
IMHO, this is how worst shot should be played. once one player on the team has made it the hole is over, no need for the other player on the team to have to make it. that does seem counter productive to both have to hole out from the worst lie every shot until they both make it. after all the goal of discgolf is to hole out in as few strokes as possible, once you hole out you have finished the hole and you move on. now however you want to play before you get to the throw that comes to rest in the basket should be the only thing that varies in these different games.

my .02
This format you describe already exists and it is called TOUGH SHOT.

Tough Shot is played similar to Worst Shot, with the following variation. Once a player on the team has holed out, the team has completed the hole. In other words, unlike Worst Shot where both players must hole out from the same lie, only one of the player’s on the team needs to hole out to complete the hole in Tough Shot format.
I'm with Jim on this one. I can see playing worst shot dubs during casual play just for fun and shiggles, but when you're paying money (even if it's just $5.00), stay with the best shot format. I mean, you might as well play Ript Revenge random dubs. I know it's all about having fun, but we are a pretty competitive bunch of people, and worst shot format takes the competition out of it. Just my $0.02.
The answer lies in the posts. THE FORMAT MUST BE CALLED, ANNOUNCED, EXPLAINED, WRITTEN, OR DRAWN IN THE SAND...BEFORE THE EVENT BEGINS. That would make the most sense. Doesn't that happen at every event anyways. either a fromal or informal "player's meeting? I agree with Jim, he should not play if the game does not allow him to win and his feelings not to get hurt! (HA) love ya disc golf brother! Play your game and have fun!
That's why I will run things next week and we will have no repeat. Before the event means that I should be able to show up and play what is expected without any bogus rules being called at the last minute. Tino, my feelings don't get hurt. I'm not the one who hit the ace (a guy in my group did), but my shot was even harder and my point is that I am being penalized for making that shot. Bottom line. I've been playing disc golf since 1983 and I have developed a tough exterior. On the inside is a competitor and no "rule" is going to take that competitive spririt away. I love you too disc golf brother but I just think that there is a better way to do business. Post it and play it as posted. If you know that it is a certain format then you have the option of showing up or not. I don't see the point of showing up to play my best only to have my best revoked by a rule.
oh, and pingo pong in a game we play where you have to use the worst players paddle and have to serve from O.B. every other shot. bwahahahahahahaa. (it was a typo)
I thought it was a typo. Just a little humor here Tino.


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