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Well today was one of those days that made me realize that some things are just plain stupid and have no place in league. Today that thing was 3 holes of worst shot in random doubles. And I'll tell you why...

I was feeling it today and so I was pretty in tune with my shot. I love doubles because you can be aggressive and go for it. Anyway I think that we might have bogeyed the first. We stepped up to hole #2 and my brain is trying to grasp this whole concept of dumbing down my game. I decided to not let that get to me until my second shot on #2. I had thrown a decent shot up the gut, but because of my partner we ended up on top of a plateau to the right which is actually #1s fairway and we were also close to the basket for #18. My partner stepped up and shanked into the trees. I stepped up, threw my Champion Banshee at the proper angle, went straight, banked left down the hill and dead center. Guess what? We are playing worst shot so that was just wasted. There was no point in me hitting that shot and in fact we bogeyed. This is random doubles and I'm being penalized for making a great shot. BS I say.

That is the last time I will play said format. I didn't pick my partner, but I am being penalized by randomly having him as a partner. His bad shot counts more than my good shot. He is a friend and I don't have any problem playing with him in doubles. But why was his shank worth more than my great shot. Doesn't make sense.

I thought about this and there is only one way to correct this problem. First I will say right now that I will not play another round of random doubles when worst shot is involved. It amplifies any inequalities greatly. Last time I had a guy that was so bad we went OB on every hole. I had no reason to even throw. Stop the insanity! The solution is to say that everything in the basket stays in the basket. You never take anything out so a made basket is a made basket and you are still rewarded for good play. The problem that I have with this whole thing is that it was not announced before money was taken. I was expecting regular doubles, nothing funny so that I may be aggressive. That was taken away from me and I had no say in it. I came to play random doubles.

You just can't take that shot away from me. It's mine and I'd like to see anyone do better.

Mad Dog signing out...

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I was happy to play with my partner because I know the guy and he is alright

That is the last time I will play said format. I didn't pick my partner, but I am being penalized by randomly having him as a partner.

As I said I would have no problem if throwing from his position and not my better position had not resulted in a great shot being taken away. I know that I will probably not win doubles every time I go out and play, but it doesn't help when stupid rules get put in at the last minute. Am I being asked to play my best or should I be content with playing some silly ass thing. Sorry but I came to play. Worst shot in random doubles amplifies inequality. Don't tell me that you don't try and win when you play because then I know that you are lying. Can I come up with a rule that says that we have to play blindfolded while hopping on one foot. Are you still going to enjoy playing or not? And if not can I call you a whiner? It's not disc golf anymore it's beer pong. Get my point?
Just got off of the phone with the friend of mine who agreed with me and he told me that in tourneys they generally don't play worst shot. When I told him what shot I had sunk he was like "Oh really, you hit that with a Banshee". He says that he has played alternate shot, best shot, and best score before in a tourney. All of these things are not counterintuitive. He is going up to a tourney in Ft. Collins, Colorado and told me that he will scope out the discussion on his laptop.

I believe that I have seen worst shot played in a tourney, but I can't be sure of that and anyway it would have been announced beforehand and you get the option of choosing your partner. I just can't be 100% sure about that as the mind might have a few disc golf induced cobwebs in it.
Jim I dont know if you are looking for someone to hug you and tell you everything is going to be alright and yes it was a really great shot that you made, or maybe we should all sit around a campfire and have a pity party for you and you can rant and rave about "that one shot I made didnt count" boo hoo. I believe you are missing the point of random draw doubles. Its not a business, if you want to make a business out of it then play tournys and win, thats the only way to make money, doubles is for fun, for people to get off work and forget about life for awhile while enjoying and growing the great game of disc golf. Pro/am random draw doubles is to get the newbies to come out and play with a pro or someone better than themselves and see how the game is played and for them to learn something. From the sounds of it you only played worst shot for 3 holes, correct me if I am wrong but wouldn't that make you try harder and play more "aggressive" on the other holes because you know those are coming up, so you need to bank the strokes possibly? It adds a different dynamic to the game Jim, deal with it, rise up and handle it like a man. Now the announcing it after taking the money maybe that can be handled differently, but all this whining is sickening, I am not insulting you or calling you out but for god sakes if you cant reach it then have your buddy reach in and pull your head out of your ***. A true professional and an ambassador of the sport would laugh it off and maybe help the young guy out. Maybe just tell him to try and throw one safe right down the middle so we can get through these holes. I mean heaven forbid you help him out and try and encourage him a little bit, because I am sure you learned the game all on your own and nobody ever got frustrated with you when you first began.

Just my 2 cents
Thanks for the laugh Brandon...post of the week!
I don't buy it. If you would have made the shot you would have said the same thing. How is it fun to not try and if you do try to be then penalized. I am just posting this because I think that there is a time and place for everything and random draw doubles is not the place for worst shot. I am not whining. If you go somewhere everyday and somebody punches you in the mouth and everybody says "hey we punch you in the mouth for fun", does that somehow justify it. And when you say that getting punched in the mouth is wrong I then call you a whiner. Give it up. What would you do? Are you going to take that shot or not. At best you can only do as good as your partners bad shot. What is the point? Am I here to play disc golf or is this just a joke. I am simply saying that I will not participate in something so stupid.

Said it before and you all know that it's true:

Worst shot is dumbing down your game.

By the way this guy is not a newbie. He plays all of the time and this is not about him at all. i don't think that he liked it either.
I think the reason you catch so much flak is that you just seem so irrate about things when you post sometimes. Read on, I'm actually agreeing with you, I'm just stating something you might consider. Don't LET people trip your trigger.

I think worst shot is an AWFUL idea for random draw doubles. Even Tough Shot, where a disc in the basket by even just one of the players consistutes holing out is a bad format for random draw doubles. There is just too much skill level variation for these formats to work. Maybe if it's a division specific event it could work, but even then I don't think so.

I'm not against these formats, especially tough shot, but they should be used ONLY for bring your own partner events and ONLY when they are announced BEFORE the event. The reason they need to be for pick your partner events is that you will probably tend to get frustrated with your partner at some point. A friend or golfing buddy can withstand this type of temporary vexation. For me, what is fun about best shot doubles is that it is a relaxed format that is a great mixer for leagues and club events. People get to know each other and often feel better about the other person after the round because you each typically carry a few holes when the other person stumbles. Worst shot causes opposite feelings unless you're prepared for it and in good mental/emotional health (which often I find many golfers are not on a given night...myself included).

Parting shot, if they announce you're playing alternate shot they should only charge you half price because you're playing half the disc golf! (just being funny, but I really don't like that format either)
I may come off a little bit as angry because I can guarantee that yesterday I was angry. And when I posted this on here I simply got slammed by all of the status quo people telling me to "man up", stop whining, etc. Tough shot would still make sense because I made that shot. Why do we play something that does not reward a person for a good shot but instead penalizes them. I'm sorry but IMHO that is not disc golf.

Thanks for the support. By the way my disc gold name is Mad Dog. Just trying to get an edge. Gotta defend when getting slammed by the status quo people.
Wow. Just wow. Are you really that fragile?
What are the odds that Jim Coonrant (not a misspelling) pulls/deletes this thread? 10%-30%-50%-70%-90%? Get over it Jim...
I would encourage it
Yeah, I'm fragile that's why I posted this. All a bunch of so called disc golfers, but really nothing more than a bunch of close minded haters. Get over yourselves and your so called love of the game because I just don't see it. I simply have a passion for the game and believe that you should be rewarded not penalized for good play. Since when is that wrong.


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