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Well today was one of those days that made me realize that some things are just plain stupid and have no place in league. Today that thing was 3 holes of worst shot in random doubles. And I'll tell you why...

I was feeling it today and so I was pretty in tune with my shot. I love doubles because you can be aggressive and go for it. Anyway I think that we might have bogeyed the first. We stepped up to hole #2 and my brain is trying to grasp this whole concept of dumbing down my game. I decided to not let that get to me until my second shot on #2. I had thrown a decent shot up the gut, but because of my partner we ended up on top of a plateau to the right which is actually #1s fairway and we were also close to the basket for #18. My partner stepped up and shanked into the trees. I stepped up, threw my Champion Banshee at the proper angle, went straight, banked left down the hill and dead center. Guess what? We are playing worst shot so that was just wasted. There was no point in me hitting that shot and in fact we bogeyed. This is random doubles and I'm being penalized for making a great shot. BS I say.

That is the last time I will play said format. I didn't pick my partner, but I am being penalized by randomly having him as a partner. His bad shot counts more than my good shot. He is a friend and I don't have any problem playing with him in doubles. But why was his shank worth more than my great shot. Doesn't make sense.

I thought about this and there is only one way to correct this problem. First I will say right now that I will not play another round of random doubles when worst shot is involved. It amplifies any inequalities greatly. Last time I had a guy that was so bad we went OB on every hole. I had no reason to even throw. Stop the insanity! The solution is to say that everything in the basket stays in the basket. You never take anything out so a made basket is a made basket and you are still rewarded for good play. The problem that I have with this whole thing is that it was not announced before money was taken. I was expecting regular doubles, nothing funny so that I may be aggressive. That was taken away from me and I had no say in it. I came to play random doubles.

You just can't take that shot away from me. It's mine and I'd like to see anyone do better.

Mad Dog signing out...

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Worst shot is a great but frustrating format. The first time I was exposed to it was in my first year of playing. I traveled to Round Rock, Texas to play National Doubles with my fellow rookie partner, Darren Harper. The day before the real tournament, TD John Houck, ran a one round event known as the World Championships of Worst Shot. Not only had I never played that format, I also had never experienced the crazy winds that plague Round Rock. The combination was truly ugly. My partner was much better than I and had the ability to throw straight, flat shots. I could not. So I turned 30 foot putts into 100 foot rollaway comebacks. Repeatedly. I shanked into the thickest thickets in Texas (those lovely mesquite bushes). I had no idea how to control a disc in the screaming wind. My partner was totally disgusted with me (he was nice enough not to rub it in until later). I was totally disgusted with me. It was a needed but cruel lesson.

Not every format is good for every group. The harder the format, the more the quality of the players needs to be relatively equal. I'm not saying the players need to be good, merely evenly matched. Most random draw doubles leagues have a wide disparity of talent, from Pros to raw beginners. So Worst Shot, although exciting, can be expected to create the sort of upset we see from Jim Coonradt. The odds are that Jim's partner felt worse than he did.

A milder format which still puts pressure on both partners would be the requirement that the team use a given number of drives from each partner. So, for example, each team must use at least 6 drives from each partner during the round. This would prevent teams from relying only on the stronger partner without the degree of punishment extracted by Worst Shot.

Even Best Shot puts pressure on the team, just in a different way. In Best Shot, on most courses, the rule is Deuce or Die. Par on anything except very difficult holes is the equivalent of a bogey: you lose a stroke to the field. So the pressure on putting is substantial. In a good sized field of players, you know some team(s) will get hot, so the issue is how many holes you miss the birdie on.
Do you see how this is then not a very good format for league. When you are playing random doubles the worst that you should do is what you would normally shoot. In worst shot that changes. When you add a partner who generally does not throw very well (he is still a friend) it can take away quite a bit from your score. We only played 3 holes of it yet that was a 2 stroke swing on one hole. That is a big momentum killer and almost impossible to recover from in league. The only thing that those three hole of worst shot did is guarantee that the rest of us would have no shot at coming in first place. In fact, it was two good pro players that won. That is not unusual, but doubles does give the rest of us a better chance. Adding in worst shot gives us less of a chance, that is it amplifies inequalities. All momentum for me was stripped away at the moment that my great shot was "taken away" because of a silly rule. Who knows how we could have shot with that boost. That was a one in a million shot for me, but it meant absolutely nothing and to me that makes absolutely no sense in a format where you are trying to do your best. After my partners second shot the best that we could do was bogey. My shots didn't matter at all. Playing worst shot removed for me any reason to try at all because if I did try I would be penalized for it. On the other hand, if we were playing tough shot it would have counted.

It is easy for others to say that you should just keep going, maybe you'll ace the next hole, etc. but in reality we all know about momentum and how it feels when you hit that crazy shot for the unexpected birdie. Saying such things just doesn't fit reality. It sounds good yet we all know what it's like to experience such things and there is nothing good to be said about it.

Yesterday my anger started to subside from the whole situation, but I have simply decided that if it gets called again I will politely ask for cash back because I am there to play my best and test myself against other local players. The doubles format gives me a great chance because I can pretty much go for it on every shot. Worst shot on the other hand puts my brain into stupid world. My whole problem is that if we examine worst shot we realize that it brings up situations that simply don't make sense (such as my situation). Playing it in a BYOP tourney is one thing, but I see no place for it in random draw doubles. Tough shot, on the other hand, does challenge a person and still rewards good shots. Since when do we want to stop rewarding good shots in this sport. If we do so we are proving nothing and it is awful hard to be taken any more seriously than beer pong.
Think of it this way. In random draw doubles with worst shot it is basically a reverse handicap. If you get paired up with a good player you will probably gain strokes (shoot better). If you get paired up with a player of lesser ability there is a good chance that you will take strokes (shoot worse). It doesn't matter what you do because if you bomb one out there and your partner throws 10 feet sideways or OB, it really didn't matter at all what you did. It is always the case that getting paired with a good player will allow your pair to shoot better (unless you can't stand your partner). On the other hand, if you get paired with a lesser player in worst shot, you will probably always shoot worse. Hence the reverse handicap. In normal doubles that pairing can have absolutely no effect if you are a good player.

Doubles is a way for lesser players to win, but with worst shot that is taken away.
I'm not a fan of this format either.....there's no question it sucks wind!! But I will and have played it....as long as it's known before the money is collected. You should always have the option to not play..or in your case get your money back and go on your way. When sucked into playing this format it's important to keep an open mind and a positive attitude.

Good vent Jim!!

BTW...I once got stuck in a trips group with this format...everybody else was a two man team...talk about the royal pooch screw there...lmao!!!
Yeah. You know people were complaining that I only said something after the round. The thing is I didn't realize exactly how one could get screwed over in this format until it happened. I also didn't realize that I essentially had to dumb my game down and that just doesn't work for me. I think my brain blew a head gasket. I also had a very bad experience with it before so at this point I was just like "I'm going to post this and see what happens". I didn't expect all the name calling and whatnot. It's tough if you suggest something that people aren't used to hearing. Positive attitude just would not have done much for me because I couldn't control my partner and on the hole in question he was basically the only one playing since my shot did not count. My positive attitude put that shot in the hole but it didn't matter and at that point I was just royally PO'd. I just want people to actually think about the possibilities in random draw doubles and how it is basically a reverse handicap format. Playing with a player of lesser ability is no big deal, it comes with the territory. When you only use his shots, however, then why are you even there? Might as well just give the guy a cardboard replica of you.
Well...when all else fails...get slammered and the format is a none issue ; )~
I am sorry that your super awesome Champion Banshee shot did not count and that you lost $5.00. I am also sorry that it has taken four days to begin to begin to emotionally recover from such a horrifying and traumatic experience. I hope that you are not permanently scarred.
Nope. Everything is good. I even talked with the guy who called it last Thursday and told him the reason for my displeasure. He said that he thought it was funny. It was almost like the joy of a juvenile delinquent who had just pulled a prank. I couldn't agree with him less. Another guy who was standing there while we were talking said, "Made baskets should count". That sounds familiar. I even told the guy that next time I will just ask for my money back and he said no problem.

I have learned a lot of things in life. Sometimes we learn these things in very different ways. I learned by experiencing something that went against all fibers of my competitive nature. One of the reasons that I love disc golf so much is that I love to compete. Playing a format where it's just a joke when you get screwed doesn't make any sense except in someone's bizarro fantasy world. Let's play a round where bogeys are birdies and birdies are bogeys. What will happen? I can tell you that it will be a f@#*ed up round. You may not like how I handled the situation or how I expressed my anger with it, but in the end you can't argue with the logic. Worst shot in random doubles puts you at the mercy of your partner and makes you irrelevant. Touche!

It's nice to see that so many people are worried about my emotional well being. I can assure you that all is well and I have only grown stronger. I play better with little bit of anger so bring it on.

I hope that you are not emotionally scarred by my expression of dislike for a worthless format. By the way, 1 day after the whole thing I had started to completely wind down. I didn't turn my brain off however.
:0 Ouch!!! I think I'm emotionally and permanently scarred now.
I dont get the rant? Sorry.... First of all its 5.00. Yeah 5.00. And most the time you go into doubles with the idea you will be stuck with a less experienced player, or at least you should so when the time comes you arent completely pissed! Second, how can you blame someone else for YOU playing? They didnt make you play, and im sure they didnt keep it a secret of the format that they were going to use. Were you not paying attention when they said the format was worst shot? What were you doing, because it sounds like everyone else knew what they were getting into!
And third, do you always b*tch when you get a bad partner in "RANDOM" doubles? Because no matter best or worst shot, there is a good chance your going to lose to those "two pros" who were playing together that day. Even though you threw one great shot.
I just dont see the problem. You bought in, so its your responsibility to know what you bought into! End of story!
I bet youd love the format if your partner threw all good shots with you that day!
You didn't even read the posts did you? I don't feel like repeating myself because people didn't bother to read what I said. This wasn't random doubles. Granted it was only 3 hole of worst shot, but you simply can't argue with the logic of the situation. It's not about me or my partner. It's about format. End of story. But thanks for taking my post back to the top of page 1 with your ranting.

I'd bet that you'd (fill in the blank). Do you know me that well? Stop talking about emotion and study the argument. I hate to say it, but you'll see that I'm right.
Awww, and your case that you had no reason to try is BS. If you were with a decent player, you would have every reason to try, just like you do in "random best shot doubles". you could say there is no reason to try in that format as well if you have a bad partner (because lets face it your not going to do as good as someone who has two good players.) but you still go out and try!
And it does equal the field a little, obviously not in your case. But if a Pro (that can destroy you on a regular basis) plays with a newbie, he is in your mind screwed as well. So it does equal the playing field, unfortunatly you get bad team combinations in "random" draws. So your tiff should be with the fact you didnt get a good partner, not the actual game you were playing!


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