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Well today was one of those days that made me realize that some things are just plain stupid and have no place in league. Today that thing was 3 holes of worst shot in random doubles. And I'll tell you why...

I was feeling it today and so I was pretty in tune with my shot. I love doubles because you can be aggressive and go for it. Anyway I think that we might have bogeyed the first. We stepped up to hole #2 and my brain is trying to grasp this whole concept of dumbing down my game. I decided to not let that get to me until my second shot on #2. I had thrown a decent shot up the gut, but because of my partner we ended up on top of a plateau to the right which is actually #1s fairway and we were also close to the basket for #18. My partner stepped up and shanked into the trees. I stepped up, threw my Champion Banshee at the proper angle, went straight, banked left down the hill and dead center. Guess what? We are playing worst shot so that was just wasted. There was no point in me hitting that shot and in fact we bogeyed. This is random doubles and I'm being penalized for making a great shot. BS I say.

That is the last time I will play said format. I didn't pick my partner, but I am being penalized by randomly having him as a partner. His bad shot counts more than my good shot. He is a friend and I don't have any problem playing with him in doubles. But why was his shank worth more than my great shot. Doesn't make sense.

I thought about this and there is only one way to correct this problem. First I will say right now that I will not play another round of random doubles when worst shot is involved. It amplifies any inequalities greatly. Last time I had a guy that was so bad we went OB on every hole. I had no reason to even throw. Stop the insanity! The solution is to say that everything in the basket stays in the basket. You never take anything out so a made basket is a made basket and you are still rewarded for good play. The problem that I have with this whole thing is that it was not announced before money was taken. I was expecting regular doubles, nothing funny so that I may be aggressive. That was taken away from me and I had no say in it. I came to play random doubles.

You just can't take that shot away from me. It's mine and I'd like to see anyone do better.

Mad Dog signing out...

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No, if two pros who both play well get paired they will win. Even if I was with a pro who wins all the time my shot would not have counted since he didn't also make the same shot. Don't you get it? To argue that it equals the field is moronic. Sorry, but that's the facts. If you can't see that then I don't know what else to say. Please read the posts before you go off with nonsense. Format was announced at the last minute and as I have said before (probably a few times), I didn't realize the situations that could occur before I started the round. As for trying on that hole, the best that I could do was as bad as my partner. That means that I have no reason to try and make that shot. That is the point and if you can't understand that I am sorry. If something like that happens again I will ask for money back before we flip. If you don't like that then too bad. Last I checked you are not in charge of my thoughts.

This is a discussion forum and everybody has the right to bring up points of view that you may or may not agree with. This is not a rant. But once again thank you for bringing me back to the top of page 1.
:0 Ouch!!! I think I'm emotionally and permanently scarred now.
Please read the posts. It was random doubles, but the worst shot thing was called at the last minute. We don't usually play anything like worst shot, so I had no reason to believe that we would when I showed up for league. If you don't want to take the time to read what has been said then you are missing the discussion completely.

I am heavily involved with the course including league and the maintenance of the course. When we recently had a work day I was one of six people to show up. I also ran league all of last year. If you don't want to agree with me that's fine, but this is not a rant. It is an expression of a point of view. Look at the logic of worst shot and see exactly what it is and situations that can come up because of it. I don't believe that you are doing that. Do we want to play a format where good shots are not rewarded? If you answer yes to that then by all means go ahead and go for it. I on the other hand will gracefully exit stage left.
You should never assume what a format is going to be. Also never hand money over unless you know what you are paying for. It sound like you wanted your favorite cherry flavored candy and ended up with sour apple cause you didn't read the package....well you can't give the apple back you have to eat it and the next time you go to get your favorite candy you will actually read the label.(not trying to be a schmuck)

No offense but why are you complaining...and why has this thread gone on for so long. YOU didn't check the format before starting. Plain and simple... I mean I ask question before I throw in with our league. I don't play with them always cause they are doing different things on a week to week basis. I mean honestly you should have just walked away forgotten your $5. And played a round for yourself. I have done it before.

Regular Dub's gets boring if you play it every week. I agree you shouldn't play worst shot with a bunch of sorry players. But most league guys play the course 2 times a week and have logged hundreds of rounds on the course. They have no excuse for sucking. The alternate formats keep it fresh and I welcome them completely. Nothing like playing the same boring round over and over every week.
The thread keeps going on because of people like you who don't read the posts and keep saying that I am complaining, that I am a whiner, etc. I have quite a few people who agree with me so are they all whiners also? Stick to the arguments at hand, the main one being that we as a "team" could have done just as good with him carrying around a cardboard cutout of me. I was irrelevant. Defeat that argument. You can't. the only thing that I did was make one lousy putt.

As for everybody in league being good, that is just not the case. I also don't mind mixing it up form time to time with different OB's, pin positions, etc. Our course never plays the same from one week to the next so that is a plus.
Stop getting all hurt and angry when people want to comment on your original post without reading through 8 pages of #$%*&^%*&. Please quit being defensive and just step away from the keyboard.

This thread will end only after you stop clicking "Reply to This".
I love it when others say, "calm down, its just a game! You love the sport right?" Its all a bunch of bullshit! Bunch of fakers trying to be mature, but when it comes down to it they would also be just as pist in that situation. I have watched pros in tourneys over and over again go ape shit when they make a mistake or when rules are stretched to their limits. For all of you trying to pull the mature card, KISS MY ASS! It's all good until its you on the course pist!
Not calling you a whiner....my whole point is just this. You aren't going to get the rules changed for that format. It will always exist. Who cares if you are irrelevant...I am sure the other times you play doubles with someone that is not as good as you THEY ARE JUST AS IRRELEVANT as you are in the worst shot format. So how do you think someone feels that throws their best shot ever and doesn't get to play it cause they are with you and every throw you perform is better...irrelevant. I mean they could throw their best round ever...but because they got stuck with you it doesn't matter what they do. I mean they are better off dropping their disc in front of them so they can go ahead and make the walk to your disc.

I understand your argument...I do. I don't know if it should count though. It doesn't for anyone else around the country. You should get in touch with someone and see if there isn't a rule book where doubles are covered and the different formats used in tourneys are explained. Don't know if there is. But that would be your best place to start making a change to a rule that you don't agree with. Once again not calling you a whiner...it's just well a difference of opinion and people see things differently.
If you stop saying things like "whiny drivel" then I will have no reason to respond. I was happy yesterday when I saw that the post had gone to page 2. I thought it might just disappear and we could all just be happy with having voiced our opinions. There might have been a small amount of drivel in there but I don't believe that it was whiny. A bit angry yes, but not whiny.

I will definitely ponder this as I sip my last Session Lager. I realize that I may have come off a bit headstrong at first, but I am just trying to get people to think about things. Agree or not, just think about it.

The unexamined life is not worth living. Google that.
Power to the people! Realize that the situation came up because of worst shot. It is what it is and I don't like it. Everybody gets pissed and if you don't then I don't want to hang out with you because you aint for real!
yeah actually I wouldn't be as pissed...cause I would have checked the format before starting the round. And would not have played. As far as getting pissed...well losing your shit and getting pissed are 2 different things entirely. Losing your shit is pathetic for anyone...especially a pro. I would feel nothing but sad for a pro that couldn't hold his composure out on the course. It's the same in Ball golf...which is why tiger was criticized so much is because he loses his temper. Which is also why he is on tape delay...if he is live they don't have the mics turned on because of his immaturity. Keeping your cool is a major part of playing the game. That's why it's still golf.
Never lost my shit. Just realized the insanity of the situation. You don't need to lecture me on temperament. I've been playing disc golf for 27 years now and I know all about it. I don't really care too much for the man whore they call Tiger Woods anymore. He has made his mark on ball golf, but I definitely have lost a lot of respect for him and I never cared for his temper tantrums. He wasn't playing worst shot however.

Keep posting. We can make 100.


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