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Anyone ever play in a worst shot format? Our club did one this past sunday, What a BLAST. we had a great time, lots of strategy, lots of smack talk.And as an extra added bonus, we finished 2nd.

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Sure, in many variations:

Worst Shot: Both partners drive, your opponents decide which is worst and both partners shoot from the worst lie, once again playing from the worst lie on the upshot(s) until eventually...BOTH partners make the putt.

Tough Shot: partners play the worst lies until ONE putt goes in.

Worst drive: the worst lie is played off the tee but Best Shot thereafter.

Lizard Abuse: Best Shot except BOTH putts must go in to complete the hole.

So if partner 1 throws an ace off the drive and partner 2 throws Out-of-bounds, In Worst Shot, Worst Drive and Lizard Abuse the team is shooting from the OB lie (ok, one meter in from where it was last in bounds). In Tough Shot the ace counts.

Worst Shot has been known to drive players crazy who are only used to Best Shot. However getting used to the added pressure is probably just what those players need the most in their games. Players who are powerful but inconsistent often hate the Worst Shot variations. Their power is a great advantage in Best Shot and their few shanks are covered up by their partners. Worst exposes and punishes their inconsistency.

The key to Worst Shot is having players of reasonably equal skill levels competing against one another. Worst Shot can be mentally draining if not humiliating for the weakest player in the group unless that player has good course management skills and plays smart and conservative.

Th great advantage of Worst Shot is that it adds pressure. After playing Worst Shot, the pressure of playing in a singles tournament no longer seems that daunting. Pressure like wind or elevation cannot be faked.

An interesting game is when you have 4 players of differing ability. Group the best two as a team and have them play Lizard Abuse or Worst Drive. The weaker two players play together in Best Shot.
Sounds like a ton of fun! I'm defiantly going to add this one into the list of good tournament/league ideas.
For our duobles we play "DIABLOS DOUBLES" translation "Devil's doubles" 666
6 hole best shot--you throw from the better lie
6 holes worst shot- you throw from the worst lie
6 holes alternate throwers- one player drives to start this and then partners take turn the rest of the six holes.
we draw from a hat what 6 holes get played which way so the format constant changes as well.
levels the playing field and so much fun.
Worst shot is a blast! I had to play worst shot against everyone else doing best shot cuz my doubles partner and I had the best scores of the individual league night. Its amazing how we both shot -6 in our single rounds but a -2 in worst shot, that added pressure can be awful!
Diablo Doubles, I like that idea. I'll suggest it to the club prez.....
At the Duos in the Desert each August in Vegas, worst shot is one of the three rounds played. Worst shot is the great equalizer.

And yes, they really do play a PDGA event in Las Vegas in August. It is not for the weak as the temperatures are pretty much guaranteed to be over 100 degrees and usually over 110. Weeee!
IMO, Tough Shot is much better than Worst Shot which is sort of silly for putting. If your partner misses, there's nothing you can do to improve upon your lie. Just flop your shot up toward the pin, usually with a small chance of being worse. With Tough Shot, your partner has the chance to save your group by making the throw at any time including an ace.
Mark, great idea for worse drive !! Thanks !! We ordered our 9 baskets for the course at the school. I plan on having a league tournament with the worse drive format. I believe I may charge a quarter for every tree that is hit (as a bit of a fundraiser)
Worst shot can be a........beat down!!! .....a brutal assault on your disc golf senses!!!!.....must be prepared mentally.........alcohol usually helps.
Worst shot is brutal, but is, I believe, the most strategy packed doubles type. There is no way one team member can pull a weak one along. Both have to be on to score, but damage can be minimized with good strategy. My personal favorite. Unfortunately, it is so potentially brutal, most don't want to, (or can't) handle it and opt for the much easier and less strategic tough shot.
Thanks for the huge information, actually I don't know about this. Thanks for add some more useful stuff in my mind vocabulary.
Say what? Tough Shot is more strategic than Worst Shot and better for putting. On every throw, the second thrower has the decision to try and run the basket to save the situation (and maybe make things worse) or try not to throw as poorly as his partner. In Worst Shot, the only option is for the partner to try and not throw as poorly or at least equally as well.

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