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Hey y'all. Dave Engle (I believe) posted awhile back about the benefits of using resistance bands as a training tool for Disc Golf. I jumped on the bandwagon and REALLY started seeing improvements in my distance and smoothness in my throws. I thought it may be coincidence until a bashed my hand 2 weeks ago and didn't play OR use the resistance bands in that time. When I went to play a couple days ago, my distance was degraded once again. I took my Prototype resistance band trainer thingy out and got back on it. Went out to the field today and did 50 reps both arm on the bands before I started throwing. The bands REALLY do something to my throwing muscle groups that gets my arm working SO MUCH BETTER.... This is all my opinion. I have not researched it or anything, but my experience with the bands has got me thinking.

I started looking for a Disc Golf resistance band training tool that lets you replicate a throw WITH RESISTANCE. There have been 2 that I can find on the internet. The SnapBand is no longer made and ran about $30 + shipping. The IsoThrow runs about $40 + shipping. The thing I liked about the IsoThrow was the ability to use ANY disc to do your exercises, BUT, it is also $40 AND one disc will get you the same Motions. I have been using wider rimmed drivers that really give my hand a workout so my grip becomes stronger. Also, I think a BIG reason these things have NOT become more popular is that disc golfers are generally not gonna go out and spend $40 on something like this, IMO. 

Anyway, I think the concept is GREAT and VERY beneficial. So, I have been working on a prototype Disc Golf resistance trainer that is great quality, BUT very inexpensive. I have one built that I have been using for awhile and it is holding up great. I will change a couple little things if I start making them regularly, but I think I have figured out how to make it for fairly well under $20 easy. 

WOULD Y'ALL BE INTERESTED IN TESTING, OR PURCHASING SOMETHING LIKE THIS???? Please give me some feedback. I want to order the correct, higher quality supplies, but I don't want to order bulk if it looks like no one would even be interested in it. PLEASE POST if you have any Questions! Thanks Everyone.


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Ok all. I ordered the supplies and I should have enough stuff to get 5-6 contraptions made and tested by next week. I may post and ask 2-3 people to do some testing and give their opinions here. If this is something you would be interested in, Please post here and let me know. 

I would REALLY like to get people that would be willing to use this once a day for a week or two. It takes NO MORE than a few minutes to do your exercises. If you want to use it for Backhand, Forehand, and Overhand shot simulation/Toning, it may take a little longer. Thanks for all the feedback everyone. This has been a Fun project and I appreciate any input!

I was wondering what size grommets you had used....7/16ths, that works.
I'll do it, my next tourney is Nov. 5th.
Cool! I'll repost and get a hold of you as soon as I get them made!
me personally. no.
Cool idea!  I bought a "distance doctor" this summer, its a 290 gram Wizard.  The raised print on the bottom says it is approved ( it isn't).  I've gotten it to fly up to 300 feet!  Your gizmo looks like a great winter training device when the Chicago winter kicks in.  Good luck!

Oh, the Distance Doctor costs about $28.

It's not a new idea. Fred Salaz was working on this 15 years ago and now sells it as the Equalizer.





This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 06 December, 2007.

That's Cool! I had never heard of the "Equalizer" before. I knew it wasn't a "New" concept, just a concept that most Disc Golfers were not interested in because of the Cost of the Newer ideas, like Isothrow and Snapband. I am glad to see that this type of idea has been around though!

I got 5 DG Trainers made today after receiving my 1st shipment of supplies. I know CornDawg already volunteered, but I would like to send out at least 1-2 more to have people try out and see what they think. Anyone interested, please let me know! 

So, I want everyone to know right off the bat, I am NOT doing this as a Money making scheme. If I wanted to do something to make Money, there are much Bigger fields to do it in other than Disc Golf. I am doing this because I KNOW that the concept has been out there for awhile, and is a good idea, IMO. But, I feel like more Disc Golfers DO NOT take advantage of the benefits of something like this because of the Cost. My goal was to try and find a way to Inexpensively (NOT Cheaply) make a DG Resistance Trainer that most could justify purchasing. I personally would really like to have an IsoThrow, but could not justify myself spending $40 + shipping on it. Here is what I am paying to make these :

Resistance band tubing, Grommets, Flat washers, and nylon webbing with buckle : This stuff is working out to about $8.80 Per Contraption.

Disc for the DG Trainer : I looked for the Cheapest place to get X-outs or Misprints. The Cheaper I can get discs, the Cheaper this thing becomes.  I only ordered a FEW discs this time and ended up paying $7.50 each INCLUDING SHIPPING for some X-Out DX Destroyers and Misprint Pro D Nukes. Price would be Cheaper the more I order because of shipping. 

So, I am paying about $16.30 per DG Trainer to put these together. I have done the best I can without ordering Bulk, which would get me down a little Cheaper yet. 

If people get interested, I will do my Best to try and sell them for as close to $20+shipping as possible. The only thing I would be looking to gain is some of my initial investment back, and a couple dollars per DG Trainer to buy MORE supplies with. I KNOW I WILL NOT make $$$ on this, which is not the point for me. I am Obsessed with Disc Golf and becoming better and this type of resistance training has helped me in getting closer to some of my goals. If you want to try it, let me know. If not, no big Deal! I just want people here to know my point is not trying to push this thing as the latest and greatest thing. I personally think it works, that's All!

If you would like to test one at NO CHARGE, let me know and I will send out 2 plus the one to Corndawg. So, Thats 3 FREE DG Trainers that I am giving out for people to try, as long as they are willing to use it daily for at Least a week, then post what you think of the DG Trainer itself, AND the resistance training pertaining to disc golf. Anyone who wishes to do this, Thank you! Anyone who doesn't, thanks for reading the post! 

Let me know! 1st come, 1st serve..... :)

I would love to give one a try then write a review. Over the last few months not only have I seen my d Plato bit its actually dwindled a bit. I would love to get some of my d back.
SWEET! Message me your Address and I'll ship it off the Next day. :)  Thanks Cassidy!

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