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Hey y'all. Dave Engle (I believe) posted awhile back about the benefits of using resistance bands as a training tool for Disc Golf. I jumped on the bandwagon and REALLY started seeing improvements in my distance and smoothness in my throws. I thought it may be coincidence until a bashed my hand 2 weeks ago and didn't play OR use the resistance bands in that time. When I went to play a couple days ago, my distance was degraded once again. I took my Prototype resistance band trainer thingy out and got back on it. Went out to the field today and did 50 reps both arm on the bands before I started throwing. The bands REALLY do something to my throwing muscle groups that gets my arm working SO MUCH BETTER.... This is all my opinion. I have not researched it or anything, but my experience with the bands has got me thinking.

I started looking for a Disc Golf resistance band training tool that lets you replicate a throw WITH RESISTANCE. There have been 2 that I can find on the internet. The SnapBand is no longer made and ran about $30 + shipping. The IsoThrow runs about $40 + shipping. The thing I liked about the IsoThrow was the ability to use ANY disc to do your exercises, BUT, it is also $40 AND one disc will get you the same Motions. I have been using wider rimmed drivers that really give my hand a workout so my grip becomes stronger. Also, I think a BIG reason these things have NOT become more popular is that disc golfers are generally not gonna go out and spend $40 on something like this, IMO. 

Anyway, I think the concept is GREAT and VERY beneficial. So, I have been working on a prototype Disc Golf resistance trainer that is great quality, BUT very inexpensive. I have one built that I have been using for awhile and it is holding up great. I will change a couple little things if I start making them regularly, but I think I have figured out how to make it for fairly well under $20 easy. 

WOULD Y'ALL BE INTERESTED IN TESTING, OR PURCHASING SOMETHING LIKE THIS???? Please give me some feedback. I want to order the correct, higher quality supplies, but I don't want to order bulk if it looks like no one would even be interested in it. PLEASE POST if you have any Questions! Thanks Everyone.


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Awesome! I was just starting to get frustrated with my d. Then I started reading your posts and thought hell I can do this!
I would love to test one as well! I've been talking about doing something like this for forever, glad someone finally tried it!
AWESOME! Accept my friend request so you can message me your name and address then! I will ship it out tomorrow! Thanks for all the Help Y'all. I am Excited to see what everyone thinks... :) All the Free testers are spoken for at this point. If I come into enough cash to put more freebies out, I will re-post! Thanks again Y'all.
DONE! :)
*Sigh* Story of my life, day late, dollar short...guess I'll keep using my contraption.....
Hey if you need anyone else to try these let me know I hvae been wanting to do this (build my own)

Alrighty. To all the volunteers that are testing for me, I shipped out this morning. You should receive your DG Trainer in 3-4 days. PLEASE remember that I am asking for you to use it Daily for at least a week, then give feedback here on what you think of the device AND resistance training pertaining to disc golf! I REALLY appreciate the help Y'all! 

To those that wanted a tester, I am trying. I would like to get a few more out there for people to try out, BUT, I am spending more $$$ on this than my Wife likes right now. Lol. Was $33 just in shipping just to ship out Testers this morning. Lol. But, I am trying! 

In the pic you have the holes in the center of the disc, is there a reason for that, have you tried the right at the lip? I have not tried this myself so I do not know, but as you have done a few prototypes I thought maybe you have done it both ways.


I did the holes in the center (in the flight plate) to not impede grip in anyway, AND, to also keep the most Linear pull on the band itself. Dave Engle had a great Idea with sticking a disc through the handle of a resistance band. I liked that it was stuff I already had. Once I started using Dave's method, I noticed something was happening the more I did it. The more I used the resistance band with handle, the more I noticed I was compensating for the pull of the handle on the disc by frequently changing my grip. The pull from the handle on the wing of the disc made me constantly fight a nose up resistance. Now, this is my OWN personal experience, BUT, it made me think. Dave's Idea was Awesome and Inexpensive. But for me Personally, I was developing BAD muscle memory by constantly adjusting my grip for the contraption and NOT developing a straight, linear pull through. After playing with MANY different positions for the holes in the discs, I think that where I position them now in the Flight Plate (re-enforced by Grommets AND a Zinc Flat Washer) gives the Best Linear pull to develop the Correct Muscle Memory and work the right muscle groups. I want to START by building CORRECT Muscle Memory and I would want Everyone else to start the same way. :)

Thanks for the Question Skipper. Sorry I am so long winded.... 

I was at the gym today and did this on one of the pulley machs and the cord with the plastic cover slides right across my shirt. I was thinking about two ways one might fix the grippy problem... maybe you already got there. One would be to put some kind of liner on the section that runs across the shirt, the other was us rope from the disc, and about half way go back to the tube, this way might also be cheaper, not sure how much the tube cost. Maybe this helps, maybe it's jsut me being crazy!
Will do, and thank you!
Curious to how the extra pull from center might bend for an acurate throw..mayeb not right away to notice wear.Like the idea.;>}

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