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Hey y'all. Dave Engle (I believe) posted awhile back about the benefits of using resistance bands as a training tool for Disc Golf. I jumped on the bandwagon and REALLY started seeing improvements in my distance and smoothness in my throws. I thought it may be coincidence until a bashed my hand 2 weeks ago and didn't play OR use the resistance bands in that time. When I went to play a couple days ago, my distance was degraded once again. I took my Prototype resistance band trainer thingy out and got back on it. Went out to the field today and did 50 reps both arm on the bands before I started throwing. The bands REALLY do something to my throwing muscle groups that gets my arm working SO MUCH BETTER.... This is all my opinion. I have not researched it or anything, but my experience with the bands has got me thinking.

I started looking for a Disc Golf resistance band training tool that lets you replicate a throw WITH RESISTANCE. There have been 2 that I can find on the internet. The SnapBand is no longer made and ran about $30 + shipping. The IsoThrow runs about $40 + shipping. The thing I liked about the IsoThrow was the ability to use ANY disc to do your exercises, BUT, it is also $40 AND one disc will get you the same Motions. I have been using wider rimmed drivers that really give my hand a workout so my grip becomes stronger. Also, I think a BIG reason these things have NOT become more popular is that disc golfers are generally not gonna go out and spend $40 on something like this, IMO. 

Anyway, I think the concept is GREAT and VERY beneficial. So, I have been working on a prototype Disc Golf resistance trainer that is great quality, BUT very inexpensive. I have one built that I have been using for awhile and it is holding up great. I will change a couple little things if I start making them regularly, but I think I have figured out how to make it for fairly well under $20 easy. 

WOULD Y'ALL BE INTERESTED IN TESTING, OR PURCHASING SOMETHING LIKE THIS???? Please give me some feedback. I want to order the correct, higher quality supplies, but I don't want to order bulk if it looks like no one would even be interested in it. PLEASE POST if you have any Questions! Thanks Everyone.


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I threw 430 into a headwind saturday
CRIPES. You Brute...... So, does that mean you think that resistance training might be helping? :)
it appears it may be, it is strengthening my grip for sure and making my fingers sore, haha. I think in the long run it is definitely good for technique and random jumps in D.
That's awesome. The day I hit 400ft I am sure I will Pee myself with Joy.

This video really helped me along my way early on........




That video is Awesome. I have seen it like 400, 603 times. Muy Bueno.
I mimicked Bratten's throw early on

Got mine! I'm so pumped to try this thing out, will post results.....I'M GONNA BE SOOOOOO BUFF!


Still curious about how the center will bend/wear around he grommet/washers.Read your instruction manual,great idea.

I am SORRY Ed, I thought I had replied to that.... I am Special.

So, the Proto that I made up initially with the grommets though the flight plate did not have the Washer in the middle between the grommet halves. This is the one I have been testing for darn near a couple months now. On MY personal Proto that I have been using, the grommets had started bending after about 3 weeks of pretty much daily use. THIS was the reason I started using the 1/2" Zinc Flat washers between the grommet halves. I used a Pro D Force for my Proto and the disc itself has bulged a tiny bit, but it is NOT stretching. The grommets are bent on my Proto without the washers, but they are NOT moving around. I really think the Flat Washer with the grommet will fix any bending AND keep the flight plate bulging to a minimum. 

If I did not answer your question well, please let me know. I have had some beer tonight....

Thanks for the answer..don't sweat the small stuff,I was just wondering if I had missed your input within the manual;>}..have another beer on me.like your idea.
Although I forgot to bring your device with me Saturday to my tourney, and did not use it for a few days leading up to the event...........I was bombing some big drives and it seems easier and more consistent.

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