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How much would you pay &
Would the course have to be phenomenal.
Or have tons of events......
What if you could buy property on or next to the course to build a house?
What do you think?

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I would have no problem paying to play. There are several courses that we tend to frequent throughout Michigan that are pay to play. I don't know exactly how much I would pay, as this would depend on the course and what was offered in the membership. But I can tell you what would help me part with my money:
Private membership only yearly rates (if you pay a higher fee you can higher people to keep the course up as well as keep the vandals and graffiti artist out)
Pro shop/concessions stand for disc, pop, food, you name it.
Major tournaments destination
Designed by a top pro, maybe Dave or Avery
Varying degree of difficulty
Alternate tees and baskets (24 holes or more)

If you come up with a course like this ya sure I'm in!
I pay to play in tournaments but I dont think I would like to pay to play casual all the time. I have played some courses where they ask for the 3-5 dollar donation and that is fine, But these aren't courses I will be playing at allot. so it's not that big of a deal.
we have a few pay to play courses in our area that are in public parks, and another one on the way, you get mixed feelings from most people you talk to, quite honestly most people dont want to pay to play when there are lots of courses that are free, kinda like the whole why buy the cow when you can get the milk cheaper argument, now i will say this, the new pay to play course that is to go in poss next summer in our area is on private land and also offers - camping, swimming,a 3 par ball golf course, is to have 18 holes for disc golf as well as an additional 9 holes that will be lit at night !! personally i find that appealing as i could take the family with me so they dint feel like i was always abandoning them to go play, and the whole 9 holes being lit at night, well that would be sweeeet !!! also the owner of the campground is even alcahol friendly, just so long as people dont get stupid with it, and leave bottles laying all over the course, or get falling down drunk and annoy other campers.

the owner of the campground is my nieghbor, i have talked to him about this new course occaisionally out of curriosity in hopes that it will happen and at one point he asked me what i thought people would think about the whole pay to play issue as well as the 5 dollar fee he was considering charging to play, especially considering what all the campground had to offer as well, i told him i would post a discussion on it and get some feedback for him, so i posted a discussion on our local disc golf website asking everyones opinion on this subject and feature benafitted the possatives that the park had to offer, and sad to say the response was predictable, mostly all i got back was negative feedback from other players that they didnt want to have to pay to play and could care less about the course being lit at night or any of the other great stuff the camp ground had to offer, needless to say i didnt pass that feed back on to the owner as i still would like to see this course go in as the property is awesome, and if its laid out right could be one of the nicest courses in our area, - DC
The "RED HAWK" course will soon no longer exist.
The new owner of the property is not interested unfortunately.

It is going to take 'disc golfers' to make this sport grow.
Have never seen a 'public' park as nice or even close to a Red Hawk potential.
The 'private' courses are always a step above your public courses.
They have to be, to survive.
Private interests seem to be more inventive.
I also don't think it's a big deal....We are in Fl where MOST of our courses are fee-free and prehaps we are a little spoiled. But in other parts of the country paying a small fee to gain access to a park or private property is the norm for some. It depends on where you live.
I've always had to pay a few bucks each year for an annual pass into my local park. Last year, the park folks added a daily fee ($2) or annual pass ($50) for disc golf privileges. $70 for a full season of dg isn't bad so I can't complain.

The courses are fine. They've even seen the good sense in sending a beverage cart out (driven by the fee enforcement gal) during warmer months for some extra revenue. (Why they didn't do this starting years ago - believe me, it was requested - when all 48 holes were filled with players, I'll never know...They used to have water coolers on the courses but back then they couldn't find the time of day to send a golf cart out to refill them with any regularity, so the coolers were vandalized and removed. I guess thick-headedness is another discussion altogether). They could make a bunch of cash if they opened their snack bar on league nights, maybe playing a bit of music perhaps. Mention this to the powers that be and of course they say "no." They've told me disc golfers "scare" other patrons as it is. Sheesh! (My kids were frightened of the deer heads poking out of their walls, but they haven't taken those down...)

The benefit of these fees is a far more open and knucklehead-free course. (Although a trio of bozos was busted the other day breaking bottles, having pulled out a basket already. A tip was phoned in by other "invested"golfers on the course. Way to go, fellas!) The fees really keep the crowds down. I didn't think I'd like the system at first, but I've warmed to it.

IF the only available DG course was a Pay to Play, then yes, (very begrudgingly), I'd pay but I just can't help but see Pay to Play becoming the "norm" and then we will end up like Ball Golf, with Country Club Memberships, Green Fees, Etc., that IMHO, takes away from the "openness" and friendly attitude of the Sport/Rec. Activity of Disc Golf. Geeze, next you know will have to wear "collard shirt's" to play in tournaments, OOPS, that rule is already here, we are heading down the wrong path, just the humble opinion of a POOOOOOOOOR Disc Golfer!
See the future of 'pay for play' with more than disc golf available.
With: Camping, Fishing, Boating, Dirt Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Canoeing, etc. on the property.
The "country club' is not going to make it.
By the way it's not about snobs & money, but better disc golf courses and payouts for tournaments.
Let's see, where there is incentive to "manage" a disc golf facility, better maintenance and more to it than what an underfunded public park can provide.
I wouldnt mind playing as long as it were reasonable. Not like ball golf course prices.

But it would have to have amenities, a great layout, practice area, and be well kept.
I pay to play at least 2 times a week, but this "private" course is a awesome course and i don't mind paying a bit. Trophy Lakes is the best course in the area and I am sure that it takes a bit to keep in looking as good as it does and it is also the only course in the area that has a "pro shop".

This course is coupled with a water ski school so it has a dual income and I am sure that the greens fee is nominal compared to boat rental and lake time but I believe in the sport and I also believe that the people that play this sport should support it the best you can.
i wish more courses were pay to play.
I won't be going to Hudson Mills much because it's now pay to play.
Look at it this way- if every course I played last year cost just 2$ to play, I'd have had to save up nearly 1,500$ more just for greens fees.
Even at home, another couple of hundred dollars a year to play is too much when added to discs, travel, tournaments, gas, etc.
My course outside my window will always be free, not just to me.

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