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How much would you pay &
Would the course have to be phenomenal.
Or have tons of events......
What if you could buy property on or next to the course to build a house?
What do you think?

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Just played a quick round at Trophy Lakes today. As mentioned, its a $5 fee. I saw the Matt who runs the pro shop and he told me he had a disc of mine retrieved from the lake. Since he didn't have the register open and all I had was plastic card, he lemme play free. Normally its a $2 retreival fee. Love the course, well manicured, and you are free to do what ya want! Worth 5 buck any day I got it to spend!
Personally do not have any problem with 'public' courses.
It's the lack of respect given to those courses that is bothersome.

You volunteer your "FREE" time to design, install, create, clean up and more, to be slapped in the face by someone that is ignorant of the fact that time, money, effort, labor went into the endeavor in the first place.
Then you must explain to the parks department why they must 'keep' the course in the ground for the ones that are respectful, but live with those that are not.
This is what plagues disc golf.

It's that attitude.
"My God Given right to drink, smoke, carry on, disturb other patrons in the park (who have just as much right to be there) and let others deal with it."

There is too much given to this sport, for such lack of respect by some.
You know what, disc golf needs pay to play courses. Think about what you get for free anymore, not very much huh. Instead of complaining about paying, just cut down on a few lottery tickets, 1 or 2 less mocha's a week, whatever you buy that's really not necessary ( need vs want ) , because if you're like me, you need to play DISC GOLF and I want to play every week.ZMAN
I agree with you ben but most of us don't have a course in our back yard like you do and a very nice course at that

Ben Calhoun said:
How about this? It would suck if all you had nearby was a very nice, but 5$+ a round course to play. If you could have that and another (or multiples of each type) less well maintained, overcrowed hooligan course around to play when you cannot afford 5$, then I don't have a problem with that. Since I can play what I consider a top notch course for free without having to even hop in the car, I find little reason to go out and pay 2$ and 4$ in gas to go play another, spending an hour in the car on top of that.
Couldn't of said it better myself. I don't have much extra money to spend but i found a way to buy my annual pass to Hudson mills this year only because it will be enforced at all the metro parks except willow

TheZman said:
You know what, disc golf needs pay to play courses. Think about what you get for free anymore, not very much huh. Instead of complaining about paying, just cut down on a few lottery tickets, 1 or 2 less mocha's a week, whatever you buy that's really not necessary ( need vs want ) , because if you're like me, you need to play DISC GOLF and I want to play every week.ZMAN
Let's see when a "sponosor' of the Worlds @ Metro Parks, was made to purchase a Metro Parks pass to get in and participate in the festivities. Did it gladly to help support the park system.
How much did Disc Player spend on sponsorship that year? In Michigan's Worlds?
Do you have an am towel?
Does your job ask you if you would like to get paid or do they pay you in Bozo Bucks?
Once again disc golfers live in the 'street' and usually are homeless.
We are where we play!!!!We must change the place we play, if we ever want to see results.Golf courses yes over 20,000 all have more eminities than most all disc golf courses anywhere.We are the snowboard of the golf course.Pay for is the way....I have installed now 20 golf courses with permanent baskets in 6 states...I have had great ones, and duds, but I have learned from every one.You must understand ,that each course I get ,was in trobule before we met ,and at any time it could be sold or a change of management.These are all blue collar courses.We will never see a major sponser untill we change the venue....Last year, and early this year ,4 more golf courses have decided to pull there baskets from the course .Most of the problem is design, it does not flow with GOLF, the people paying for the beer, the burger, insurance, golf carts, bathrooms and so on...We are loosing thousands of players ,because of where we play ,women, and families do not come, to poop in a park.The parks have provided a starting place for our sport, but there is a better place to showcase our athletes ,in a professional venue..I build parks, and golf courses ,all have a purpose for our sport.I will install 3 more courses this year on golf courses.If any players think flystyle will work in your town drop me a line support@fly18.com.....Disc golf is going no where, but where will it end up?I am doing my part, to build our sport for the future............fly18
I think there is room for pay to play AND free. I personally will prefer the free...for reasons I have stated earlier (personal finances only being part of it).

Folks want to know why "disc golf is going no where" sometimes? Two stories for you.

1. Highland Park, St. Paul, Minnesota. I was back in St. Paul (my old haunts) for a meeting in 2006, and I thought I'd sneak in a couple rounds at the Highland Park DGC (redesigned since the last time I played there). I get out there, and immediately I am lost. No tee signs, no map, no ANYTHING helping you know where the next tee is after the previous basket. I end up joining a group who look like regulars...at least to get me around the course the first time. They are excellent players...and you could tell they play a TON of disc. For 2-3 solid holes, all they did was complain (loudly) about these "####ing amateurs" (their words) in front of us, including a Dad who brought his toddler son and wife out on the course with the kid's stroller to enjoy a round. After I think three holes, I finally had to excuse myself. I just couldn't take it anymore...these guys berating and bemoaning "wreck" players and that young dad with his wife and son DARING to play "their" course in front of them. Never mind they didn't even ask the folks if they could play through...just sat around waiting until they are out of earshot to carve them up.

2. The last tournament I played in, we had a small group out in the snow...mostly Intermediates, but a few higher-skilled players. At any rate, one of the players on the course was a local who just started playing in 2008. He's pretty darned good for a beginner, but let's just say he doesn't have a PDGA rules book in his back pocket, nor does he have a bag...since he only owns two discs. One of the higher-skilled players sees this guy and his two discs out in the snow having fun, and he proceeds to ride him about a couple of missed shots, how he only had two discs, etc, etc. I mean RIDING him. 1-2+ comments/hole! By the end of that round, I think that local player would have been happy never playing a tournament ever again.

Here's the point: CONTROL THE THINGS WE CAN CONTROL. If we want disc golf to be taken seriously, realize that we are all ambassadors for the sport and one stupid/mean/disrespectful act to people or public/private property on our part can negate 20 positive things we personally try to do for the sport.

Hiding out on private or for-pay courses so people can piss and moan about "wreck" players in peace doesn't solve the problem...and it CERTAINLY won't help to grow the sport! There's a place for pay-to-play...no doubt! Pay to play is not "THE" future of the sport though...just a PART of the future. If we want the sport to grow and prosper though, how about we all agree to start by not being dicks towards other people out on the courses we play? EVEN (and here's the important thing) if they are playing slow and/or aren't treating us with the same courtesy. ;-)
i dont mind paying to play as long as everything is nice and neat then i have no complaints
If you'd like to see disc golf grow to its potential, you must agree that growth in the number of pay-to-play courses is the only way it's going to happen. Greens fees pay for tee pads, waste and recycling receptacles, signs and maps, timely course maintenance, benches, #1 and #2 facilities, ect. On-site pro shops at these p-t-p courses provide the user with a great disc selection, accessories, friendly and knowledgeable staff, access to information, concessions, and record keeping.

From an outsiders/newcomers perspective, p-t-p(and everything it offers) gives our sport a sense of legitimacy. This is a good thing. This will help accelerate player growth as well as make tournament sponsorship more attractive for interested parties. This is a big part of the future.

Now, I know there are a lot of naysayers out there who claim they'll never pay for disc golf but what they don't realize is that there's no such thing as free disc golf. Volunteers bust their humps to design, build, and maintain those courses. Their time isn't free. Our tax dollars pay for the employees, equipment, and fuel used to mow the grass at those parks. State and Fed taxes are also used to pay for the port-a-pots we use, the picnic tables we sit at, the fountains we drink from, and the lots we park in. These courses are far from free.

If you could produce disc golf's answer to Augusta National, I'd gladly pay $10-15/round, $20/day to play. Think that's crazy? How much do you pay to ski? How much do you pay to go bowling? How much do you pay to see a movie?
I dont mind paying a resonable fee. If it allows for better up keep and course design then why not. I do think its great to have free play as well though. I think both are great and needed to keep things interesting.

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