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The PDGA has been promoting an episode of the show "Happy Endings" that aired tonight. The episode was to at least feature people playing disc golf with PDGA branded items. For this to occur on Prime Time television is a big lift for our sport. Here is what the PDGA said on their website about the subject:


"While increasing interest and popularity of this sport is evident in the worldwide participation and growing membership of Disc golfers, portrayal of this sport in the media is imperative for prosperity and awareness on a global level. Television is a monumental step in securing our place in sports history. "  PDGA- DG on Prime TIme

A monumental step in securing our place in sports history; what the hell where you thinking. You must have a better plan to promote disc golf than to pin it on the hopes that a second rate comedy show would do it justice and not make fun of it. Please tell me you have a better plan than letting them call my sport a "Hobby", which they did. Please tell me you have a better plan than letting them call my sport "Frolf", which they did. Please tell me you have a better plan then letting them show that throwing a disc looks something like ballet in the park, which they did. Please tell me you have a better plan than letting them show a lady get hit in the head, because you know how hard it is to not hit people in the head from 5 feet away when your driving, but they did.


You promoted on Facebook, Twitter, and your website to tune in and watch the show take disc golf awareness to a global level. I wonder how disc golf looks on that global level after tonights episode of Happy Endings? Are you just trying to make us feel bad? Is that your way to pompt us to get off our ass and get out and promote the sport ourselves? Is that your better plan? I don't think so, I don't think you have a clue what it takes to break into the mainstream media and maintain any sense of dignity while doing it. I think you where just hoping that they wouldn't make fun of disc golf and that this would be a lucky break. You rolled the dice, played the lotto, and petted your lucky cricket, hoping that this would be the day disc golf got its free publicity. Well, it did, and now you know why it was free.


Don't get butt hurt that I'm on here pissing and moaning on how you screwed the pooch either. I'm not done yet, I want you to post admission that you screwed the pooch on all the social media sites that you used to get the word out to watch the show. Then I want you to invite help from those of us down here on the front line playing DG and supporting our local clubs. There may be some of us that are able to help push the needle for the sport. If you don't know how to get those focus groups going at the local levels, you better figure it out quick. I'm done ranting I guess, I've got more to say, but f*ck it, i'm frustrated.


AND......If you think I'm not the kind of guy to put my money where my mouth is PDGA, PM me.


Ps- DGRUS faithful, if you just want to play and don't give a crap about this stuff, I won't be offended if you just ignore this post.

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I gave up watching TV a long time ago.
This shows sucks, nobody even watches it. On a side note I would bang the shit out of Elisha Cuthbert.
I offer to help them all of the time. I recently offered to help them copy edit their magazine so that they don't spell Hokom two different ways on the same page. Senor Signor basically scoffed at my email, made a joke, and blew me off. I have also offered to help with marketing. Apparently, they know it all and don't need my help. I mean, we've seen how good JD is with PR.
JD is no longer the PDGA PR guy.  He left to do DiscGolfPlanet.TV.
Numb3rs promo spot looked pretty good.  I say take em' as we get them.  Any new players we get from the "Happy Endings" episode will just have to get used to saying Disc Golf..  not frolf. We'll continue to get spots on talk shows with some of the top pro's talking about it. People say the "Happy Endings" was cheezy..  (I didn't see it)  But i'm sure there were people who watched it that now know what it is.. or can be "Hey.. I saw this here... " ..  or "I saw that on Letterman awhile back"  I'm glad PDGA actually gave them some sort of direction so they didn't butcher it out of extreme proportion.  Could have been worse.
There is two i's buddy.  It's Eiridick.
Hahaha.....you made me laugh....you bastard.
No one one could have butchered any more than that!  My wife looked at me and said "This is what you do every weekend?" and gives me the your an idiot laugh.
The Disc Golf Promo  in Numb3rs  , they were actually throwing discs at a Basket.
Even bad publicity is good publicity. Did you you think that you would watch it as a tear drop went down your cheek? Disc golf is a nitch sport that most do not even know exists. If this show causes one group of friends to say what is disc golf then go out and play then it was a success. While we all have ideas on how we would do things it is what it is. Disc golf will always show the most growth from peer exposure and as players our job is to expose as many people as we can.

If you want to see a DECENT promo, check out "The Dao of Steve"


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