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When driving, do you curl your wrist, or leave it straight?

Which ever you use, why do you do it?

Also, I do know that during the hit your wrist will bend back naturally with the momentum if you leave it loose enough. I'm referring more to the starting position you use during the pull through.

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Never curl. There is absolutely no reason to curl and it will be counterproductive to snap. Makes no sense.
i never curled till a month ago, because everyone that spoke about it, said not to. then i started paying attention to the videos and ppl who bombed them. most of them curled. i throw about 30-50ft further curled than when not. i've tested it over and over again, putting max effort into my throws, the curl always outdrives the non-curl. i also added pinching the disc at the "Hit", leaving my grip somewhat loose until the point of impact. this forces the disc to rip out, instead of releasing it.
I start with relaxed straight wrist and let the disc curl it back to about 22.5 degrees during the pull then try my hardest not to let my wrist break the other way at the hit.
I know, but some people do and sometimes get good results. I was just curious.
Maybe. Too each his own, but check out this video and then tell me if they curl their wrists or not. These guys get distance with their bodies, not their wrists. I noticed more how they fling their whole body forward more than anything else. Footwork and body inertia get D.

Up until about 4 weeks ago and fought to keep my wrist stiff like allll the videos say. Then on day I was trying to try some stuff, I curled my wrist and flicked the disk with less arm power but just fluid motion and the discs fly so mych more consistant now. it was very surprising. I'm a newer player and always changing though so i may grow out of it soon so don't take my post as instruction. Just try it man. Takes a hell of alot of stress of the rest of your body!!!!!
Found under great advice, not to curl your wrist.
The best way, personally, and heard this:
is keep your grip tight and a loose wrist.
When you reach back, the wrist will give back enough sling to create the snap you need...
If you try to 'stiff arm it' then the results are lack luster....
I keep my wrist limp and hope the homos that hang in the park don't notice.
Sure that they aren't looking at your wrist?
If you are throwing a driver off the tee, You should be generating enough power and momentum to cause that natural bend back that you mentioned in your post. Don't try too hard eather way.
I noticed that the guys that have the extra curl in their wrist are trying to create more spin because they are throwing drivers that are too overstable for their arm speed. By adding more spin, their overstable driver becomes less stable, but they dont ever get the SNAP or the HIT you are talking about, the disc tends to roll out instead of exploding out.
The combination of your shoulder leading your elbow, and your elbow leading your wrist, and your wrist leading to your disc snaping out of your had is what is important. A comfortable natural wrist curl is a must!
That is something that I don't even think about or worry about at all. I think that if you over analyze things then the throw will not be natural. I think about footwork and release angle, but not much more. That brain thing tends to get in the way.
I try to keep it straight until it naturally curls as it passes in front of my body. I have the bad habit of letting it fall open right at the start of the reach back which I have to work on a bit.

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