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While attending a meeting yesterday regarding the push to get new courses here in Colorado Springs I way dismayed to learn about yet another act of vandalism at the Cottonwood course. Someone apparently came out in the middle of the night and cut down rather large living trees that were in front of the number 10 tee. Now we are left with unsightly stumps. Those trees really had no bearing on the throws on number 10 because you still have to go high to get over other trees. They also cut a hole through another line of trees. I am very upset and will be going up to the course today to put up some signs offering a reward for information. I am also talking with some people at the City to see if we can get some official signs put up mentioning the $3000 fine for such activity.


Not sure what else to do right now except to get the word out. I was a bit surprised to only find out about it some two or three days later. Anyone who is a local player here in Colorado Springs should be outraged as well. We won't have any trees left if this kind of thing continues.

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Sounds like you need a wide open course where every hole less then 300 feet just to keep these idiots away from your good course.

I wrote on the sign that I put up that they should go play in a Walmart parking lot if they don't like trees. All that we can do when something like this happens is get the word out. Posted up a $100 reward for information leading us to the person responsible.


I also spoke with someone in Forestry and they said that they would look at the damage and see if there is anything that they can do. 

Man, that BLOWS, Jim. I hope that the little S!@#s doing this crap get caught, just once.... 

Hey, my course got some new sign for the top of our homemade baskets. Looks really great. Then early last week , someone started to paint on the number signs. I will call the Park Board and talk to the Cop. I know must ever one on the force.  Hey, course is the best nine in a 100 miles. Jim, I hope you catch these peoples. Oh,Jim keep on flying. Good Luck. 

I was thinking that we should reattach the removed limbs to the stumps somehow. Now that would piss them off. Unfortunately that would look worse than it already does.

Thats just ridiculous. I feel your pain man, these people need to sit in jail and have some time to think about their actions. We suffer terribly from people who litter and smash our signs, but never has anyone had enough nerve to cut trees down.

We though about buying "game cams" and stashing them all over the course to find out who is doing this crap. We would have to drain our Ace Pool and Course Maintenence funds to purchase them though. Still considering.........good luck with finding these fools.........

At a local course, see all the time palm fronds bent out of whack (Florida), broken limbs and so on.

Why do they think the birdies will be there for their bogey putt.

The parks department actually caught a 'local' dumb ass trimming trees in front of them.

Wish I was there, but he none the less has completely stopped....

There are unfortunately idiots that believe that they know better.

We too have thought about using those game cameras. I'm just not sure how that would work out, where to put them, etc. You never know when someone is going to decide to cut down trees or spray paint trees. It would probably require a lot of cameras to get good coverage and then they would also have to be secure (hidden).


Yesterday I saw that the tree that got hacked is starting to grow back. Unfortunately it is now going to be even bushier than before which is going to block the vision of the people on the tee even more. We had pruned it so that we didn't change the throw but people could have better vision of what was in front of them on the fairway. Now the damn thing will just fill in even more dense than before which is the opposite of what we wanted.


 You can't fix stupid!

I guess that another local course got hit, this time Sakuna Pines in Black Forest. They cut some baskets and shot at another...




Man, what is up with the Springs area? I saw the Sakuna baskets on another site yesterday, what a mess. Combine that with your recent issues and a ton of baskets getting pulled over at Widefield a couple years back. I always figured the Widefield incident was neighbors that hate the course but now...maybe it wasn't?

Today was an incident with a couple of punk kids. I was down on hole 14 at Cottonwood attempting to knock some of the 100 lbs. of concrete off of the sleeve (anchor) so that we could fix the lock tab and replant it. I have done this many times before but this particular one has a lot of very hard concrete on it. Anyway, after swinging for a while I decided to go back at it later. I look up to the top of a side hill and there is a kid standing there looking like he is up to no good. I hear him saying something about "it breaking". So I figure that he is probably going to attempt to break a bottle of some kind on an old tee that is no longer used. I keep staring at him to let him know that I am watching him. He sees me and turns to walk away. However, I then see the bottle arc into the air and hear the crash when it hit the middle of the street. Since I was getting ready to leave anyway I walk to the top and they see me and scurry like rats. The worst part is they both had a disc in their hands. I didn't get license plate numbers but I did see what one of the kids was driving. Maybe if I see that vehicle again it might just get a note on the windshield. If I see either one of them they will also hear it from me.

I am really beginning to wonder if things are going to get worse this summer. School is out and the course is flooded with morons. Just last Wednesday there was a guy on the course yelling obscenities at some golfers who were playing night golf. He walked up to probably the biggest guy out there, mouthed off and got dropped and knocked out completely. I wasn't there but I heard about it later.

Where is the place?

An airport terminal?

It's going to take an army of real disc golfers to change that park.

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