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You won the lottery, inherited a bunch of wealth, where and how will you build that disc golf course.

Yes, you are now filthy rich.

Any and every disc golfer wants the elusive, MY OWN DISC GOLF COURSE.

Where, how, when, fees, clubhouse....

Have fun with this....

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First I go buy a really nice piece of property around Colorado Springs and in the foothills (I want some elevation). Then I put in a world class course complete with par 4s and par 5s. Maybe a few difficult par 3s sprinkled in. Probably need at least one water hole. I want this place to be absolutely the best disc golf course you have ever seen. It will be on private land and people will be allowed to play by invitation only. I guess that a clubhouse would be cool along with an on site micro brewery and some kick ass food.

the "clubhouse" you speak of would be MY house and that "nice piece of property" would be my backyard.

I would buy the best ball golf course and turn it into a disc golf course. That way they can all dream of playing golf on one of out courses ;) 

Lets see I think it would have to be somewhere with lots of elevation change and in an area where I could play year around, Maybe north florida. Private course's with golf carts or other atv for quick fun rounds. 2 large events a year, with free camping. Club house would be more like a open bar. Maybe a small 6 bedroom club house for good friends. Just to give something to complain about Ill use 4 different types of baskets on my courses. 

buy out one of the golf courses in town, modify it to the best course in the state. Have a full pro shop with food and amenities available as well as cold drinks. Also have money poured into future bag company and help out the local club around town in any way possible.

This is a useless thread.

But hey, you said have fun with it.

First things first, I would buy all the land associated with the River City Nature Park at Debary Florida.

The Parks and Recreational Department of Debary has done crap with the land.

They have kept it a nine hole course long enough.

I would close off the area for about a month or two while I improve the wasted land.

First things first, I would build my playhouse mansion on the last outcove on the left

prior to entering the Disc Golf area.  And it would be fenced off.  You know my private land on my land.

Then I would build up the nine hole course to an 18 hole "PRO" course with true par fours and even par fives.

The "Pro" course would have elevation and water holes.  And with the extra land that is not being used by the enterance of the park, I would build an 18 hole "Executive" par three course.

Every hole would have a bench, table with an umbrella, Disc washing station, trash can & butt can. You know some place to rest when you are waiting for those slower groups.

I would cement the roads and widen them to a two lanes versus a one one dirt road with pot holes.

I would fence off the roads and build a parking lot by the main course so people will stop driving on the grass (Especially by hole one and nine).

By Hole one I would build a two stall men's and women's bathroom, build two "Gazbos" (one on each side of the restrooms) so players will have a shaded area to rest, and hold meetings.  And on the other side of the restrooms, I would build a club house with a food court and pro shop.


And then I would rename it................


You know a play on words. 

Instead of Victory Field, it would be

"Victor E" Field

since it is my name

I was just talking to my Wife about this! 1st, we would figure out where we wanted to live. I am thinking Texas or Arizona. Then, buy at LEAST 150 acres that could, and would hold Multiple courses. I would hire some of the "Great" Course Designers to each build a course AND design ONE myself. Proshop, concessions, yada yada. My Wife's Dream Job is to be a Chef, so she would have her own Restaurant on the property too. Everything on the Property would be Disc Golf. That reminds me, I need to buy another Mega Millions ticket.....

What inspired me to post this is the fact that I rarely play the lotto here in Florida.

Not a single number.

They say it's the poor man's retirement plan.

It's funny I think about this from time to time again too. If I won the lottery (like a ridiculous jackpot) my plan for disc golf would be: 1. I would immediately leave by myself to go on a sabbatical, playing all the disc golf courses on my wish list in America, just traveling around for a couple months. I would live out of my disc golf bag (no luggage fees lol) and just buy what I needed as I go (food, clothes, transportation, shelter for a night). 2. After that I would come back home and start boosting the local scene. I would approach every local town and city in my county and offer to donate a disc golf course to their town. Every town around here has at least one (if not multiple) parks that are underutilized or not really used at all and I would offer to pay for all the expenses to clean up the park, design and install the course and maintain it after.  It would be nice to have 8 new courses within twenty minutes of me lol

My hope is that whichever of you wins, buys the property and restores Gran Canyon in Brooksville, Florida.  A fabulous private course, now extinct.  I don't want to live there, but I'd love to visit and play it again.

i would build a course on nothing but little islands. throwing from one to the other. then i would have chicks in thong bikinis on every island all different sizes and colors 175 max. kinda like discs

r u really this rich. ill help with the setup dude.


Rebasket The Canyon .

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