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OK, so it's been about seven years since I posted a topic in a forum - back when I was regular at the Counting Crows official web page (it's been a few days since I've answered one, and that one (in this forum) beeing the first topic I answered in seven years). Hence I might be a bit rusty. but I would like to talk about everyones first Ace. And beeing rusty and all I haven't checked if there's already a thread about this so i'll just go ahead and post this one...

Well... I have been playing regularly for about 4-5 months now and about 4 weeks ago i made my first Ace. It was kind of a lucky bonce of a (make that three) trees although the anhyzer line was good to begin with...

What I wanna know is the following:
* Did you see the disc go in?
* What thoughts rushed through your head when you made your first Ace?
* What kind of course was it made on?
* What disc did you throw?
* Did you manage to calm down right away or what did the tee-off at the next hole feel like?
* How many Aces do you have?
* Is an Ace always a lucky shot or is it skill?

In my case, I didn't see the disc go in but I kind of heard it - since it was a "no-chainer" thet bounced of atleast two trees - it didnät make too much of a sound. The disc was a beat up DX Aviar wich I use for almost all my short to midrange anhyzer shots. I was kind of shaky sfter my first Ace but I managed to pull it together for the following drive on the next hole. Concidering my fluke with the tree bounces I would have to say that this Ace was a lucky shot but every throw i make (if it's not rediculosley far from the basket) I aim for the basket so an Ace isn't always a lucky shot.

Here's a map of the course I was paying (my home course) and the Ace was on hole no. 5.


And yes, this was my first and so far only Ace, hence the satisfaction and curuoisity I guess...

And yeah, excuse my bad English, I'm Swedeish after all...


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My first ace was a S-curve shot in the low to mid 200's. There is a V-shaped tree right in between the basket and the teepad. You can go left or right, and the path is about 8' wide on either one. There was a heavy, low ceiling to limit overhand shots. I backhanded on the right side with a little anhyzer, and it snaked around the tree, then came back right into the basket. Star Teebird. I was playing alone and there wasn't a soul to witness the shot. I was actually having a crappy game before the shot, so the excitement was a bit subdued for me. All in all, it was just a sense of relief that I got my first ace out of the way. Still play with the disc, and will beat it into the ground or lose it before I hang it on the wall.
I don't remember when I got my first ace but I do remember where. I remember the one I got this yr though! and had ace runs the last two days but alas no joy!
There was a discussion not too long ago about whether aces are a good or bad shot.

Really it depends on the line you took. If your disc fades into the basket or drops in, that's a good shot.

If you slam into the chains full force on a line parallel to the ground, well, that's not so great of a shot. If you had missed you'd be well beyond the basket.

Bouncing off trees? That's luck. ;) Hell, they're all luck to a certain extent. There's always the wind to consider or the possibility of a bounce-out.

The real question you have to ask is: If I hadn't gone in, would I have been able to make that putt?
I don't understand the idea of hanging a disc on the wall that you just aced with.. Obviously it's a go-to disc if you can manage an ace, why would you stop using it?

My first ace disc I lost. I still have my second and use it every time I go out (KC Pro Roc).
My first ace was on a lamppost about 75 meter away with a blue dx cobra. The hole goes sideways over some water and a bank towards it(if you are short, you most likely land in the water or it rolls off the bank into the water).
This was about 22 years ago. I saw the shot same as my friends. I am not sure if you can call this luck since I aimed at it but that it hit maybe that is luck?and I would have made the putt if it would miss, cuz' it has a little bank behind as well.
The course is in downtown Rotterdam and has only lampposts as targets(we taped them).Beautiful old park with a lot of old trees and nice grass(rollers!)
Of course I was in xtc after the hit. High fives from everybody and a smile as big as the nile.No problems on the next holes with that ace under my belt.
I was also the first one of our group of players who had the first ace on his name and that was big too :-)
- Now I have been playing for more than 24 years and I had a lot of aces(about 60).
The best aces are made during tournaments for sure. You get respect from the players if you aced a tough hole. I had that once in Belgium, on a 350 feet tough hole to birdie kinda thing.A standing ovation from all players....Sweet!
mine was a open 222' shot with a dx gator ,i didnt see it go in because i turned to pick up my bag but it was exciting when one of my freinds goes dude you just aced it .
I have 12 or 13 aces now and remember everyone in detail
Well about the shot beeing lucky or not, I most certainly would have made the put because it would probably have landed only about two or three meters away if it hadn't bounced of that tree so I think it was kind of a good shot after all. The hole itself is a pretty challenging hole. The tee is about ten meter above ground level and you shoot from like 30 meters in to the woods. After 30 meters the woods ends and the basket is about 30 meters to the right, so it's a tough anhyzer that has to dodge multiple trees along the way. Many people have trouble with this particular hole (and especially a big tree theat's right in front of the tee after about 5 meters) but I seem to have figured it out and rarely land my shot more than 4-5 meters from the basket.

The only bad thing about this Ace is that every thursday my local club plays this course and if you want to you can pay 10 crowns (little over USD I think) and the first one to ace gets all the money in the pot. Unfortunatly I had'nt got any cash on me that day so i didn't pay the 10 crowns... If I would have I would have walked home that evening with like 1200 crowns (almost 120 USD). That would have been nice but nooooo...
My first ace was 5/5/08 during a doubles league at Jericho Lake in Aurora, IL

Hole 17 from the shorts bmy partner was parked so I remarked thanks now I can just go for it. I threw a roadrunner on a hyzer flip trying to get it around the tree but it flipped too much and ended up comingaround the tree on the other side. As it came around it hit a low branch that flattened it's flight pattern and slamed the chains dead center.
It did not go in, it hit the top of the 4x4 post. No Baskets.
Thoughts were loving the whole moment and making a memory.
Garfield Park in GR, short fun course. My sister takes her kids there now.
141 gram Wham-O. I can still bomb a catch disc an amazingly long distance! The Hukker for Summer League Ultimate.
Excited forever, I still can't calm down!
Hundreds of Aces, but I do not go for them any more. I slide up to the lock on the pin for the easy birdie.
Skill when you are going for it, luck when you meant to get in the area.
My last ace was blind, anhyzer around the bushes, hole 9 at the Greg Paas Memorial Church Course.
We heard some bushes, heard some metal, but had to run up to see that it was in!
Sean Johnson said "Still play with the disc, and will beat it into the ground or lose it before I hang it on the wall." Good call, Sean! If it went in once, it can go in again!!
Since I just got my first ace no more than an hour ago i thought id come and share.
It was on a 150ft hole dead straight with trees on both sides so your only real option is to go straight.
I threw my 175 r-Pro Dart and it floated straight and in. I was so excited but of course it happened on the rare day that I play alone...
I was able to birdie the next hole (a first for me) and hit basket for the one after (another first) so the ace really gace me that extra boost of confidence.
My first ace was crazy. prior to this i had hit chains on blind holes and ran to the pin to see my disc lying on the ground next to the basket. It was a hot June day in 2001, I was at Hudson Mills Monster course on hole #4. This hole is slight left, pin is blind with a valley in the middle of the hole. I decided to break out the Cyclone I had purchased on the way to the course. Step up to the tee box, virgin flight, ..let's start our lives together right with this beautiful fly-dye Cyclone. A slight breeze picks up in the trees, yet all is calm, run up and release, ...comes out a little sloppy and begins to cut left early. My virgin flight is not looking good, cuts through the foliage unscathed, and CLINK!!!! The pin is about 350ft or so across a little man bridge. I let the others players throw as doubt runs in my mind...i've seen this before I thought. Casually walk across the bridge, then begin to pick up my pace, turn the corner and there it is, my cherry has been popped. I decided to retire the disc with only one flight under it's belt. One throw, off the tee and in for my first ever ace. The monkey was off my back. I framed the disc and now it resides above my computer.

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