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Your opinion please! A pro golfer Playing best shot doubles, would you do better with Cali.(extra shot per hole)or a partner from the "b" pool (novice level player)?

We played on a medium to long course with lots of O.B.

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Depends on whether the B pooler can drive straight I guess, although the pro player should be able to drive straight. Also a pro player shouldn't put two drives in a row OB.

The best option would be if the pro player can pay in double which gives maximum advantage.

It really is hard to generalize since all B poolers are not created equal. Maybe the B pooler can't drive but is an awesome putter. Or maybe the B pooler throws everything OB (I once had a partner like that).

I fill that a Pro would not have to carry a B Pooler. I am a fineness thrower. I play doubles all the time. I throw the safe in bound middle of the fairway throws, up shot's, and placement under the basket throws. This gives the power throwers the chance to bring on the power game and test their abilities to the maximum. Power throwers beg me to be their partner all the time. 

And now for the main reason I love this game. No matter how good, or how long you been playing this game. EVERYONE THROWS A BAD THROW SOMETIME. This is when my middle of the fairway shot at 220 feet will come in real handy.

If you are in good enough shape pay double and play Cali. That is the best option.

Playing Cali has the advantage of not having to deal with anyone else. I won doubles the last two weeks paired up with partners who just play the game and don't worry about who putts first or any of that crap which is just a distraction. Playing Cali frees you up to make your own decisions.

A week ago, during Sunday league, I got paired up with a decent player who always wanted me to putt first, talked about "laying it up", and then complained a lot. We shot like crap and got nowhere near winning. Frankly, if you aren't going for it in doubles you probably won't win. There is just too much competition so playing it safe won't get you anywhere. Doubles tests your ability  to throw a good shot when needed. And my only rule is "go for it" because I don't show up to doubles to play safe shots and shoot an average round. I show up to win. Now I know that won't happen all of the time but that attitude is necessary and I don't regret losing if I know that we gave it our all.

And I don't trust my partner to make any shot that I won't make. I step up to every shot thinking "how do I make that shot". If I mess up it is nice when the partner comes through. But I don't expect my partner to carry me by any means. I expect to carry my own weight. Doesn't always happen but if I can make a few putts or run a few baskets then it's all good. Of course, sometimes the putts just seem to drop in like butter. I love those days.

And I am not really a super big arm power player either. I can bomb a few out there but mainly I know the "right place" to put the drive out there.

I'm with Jim on this one, not all B-pool players are created equal. that being said if I'm a pro I'd rather play by myself. that's just me though. I can see where playing with the b-pool guy could help.(extra putt etc..) He might just get lucky and drill a long one or two.

I think people underestimate how difficult it is to play Cali.  I feel that if I had another 920 rated player as a partner I'd like my chances against even a 970 rated pro playing Cali.  I see a lot of good players opt for Cali when given the choice and then they try aggressive shots and have to use the Cali to rescue them selves and wind up not much better than their normal rounds are.  Obviously, though, it depends on the course and the skill sets of the players involved.

I would take the "b pool" over Cali, unless i could guarantee to in a group with "pro's" to help set my scoring pace. Or the ace pot is over $100.

Really depends, I take it your part of the A pool?

I would take the partner, lots less bogeys with little difference in the numbers of birdies (at least on a long course with OB). If your the pro the birdies will be on you (run at it damn it!) and the par save will be on them (leaving it within 10-15 after or before you run at that 50footer and do a flyby to leave a 35footer). Cali is only better on deuce or die courses or when the ace pool is worth the price of admission (double driving every hole with two ace runs).

Plus you might get a sandbagging "b" pooler (we all do it sometimes depending on the field) and run away with it. Plus I have seen some bad players have some great doubles rounds.

bottom line... partner for for the higher percentage payday or cali for the glory? choice is yours.

Take the B pool player.  With Cali you only get ONE extra throw per hole.  With a B partner, you get two drives AND two putts for every hole.   Let them throw first so they are never under any pressure. 

Here is something to ponder for you. I start to use my putter at about a 150 feet. I make some of the putts. But when I miss I leave it less than 5 to 10 feet from the basket. This is why I am a good partner for doubles. I have two aces with a putter one from 170 and another from 149 feet (the 170 foot ace had wind helping me).

Here, if you pay double, you play double. Like you bought an extra you.

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