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Is anybody out there aware of a Zip Line/High Ropes course that coexists with Disc Golf.  If so share your thoughts...Hell, share them even if you don't know of one.

Our City in it's infinite wisdom is working to slap a Zoom Air Zip Line Deal directly on top of us.

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I love high ropes courses and I love disc golf!  Sounds good to me... might get a little scary having discs wizzing by you while wizzing down the zip line.  lol

Yeah Moving targets...gotta love it.

A Sylmar local refers to pedestrians as Mobile Mandys.

That would be FUN!!! People to aim at????? Lol!

Can you imagine getting an ace while flying down the zip line?

Or getting ACED while flying down one!

All kidding aside...Neither the owners of the Zip Line company nor do the powers that be within the upper ranks of our city govt...haven't a clue about the physics of our game. Our leisure services director (that's a fancy name for the head of our Parks dept) Led me to believe that they were only in preliminary negotiations with Zoom Air...it became clear last Thursday...that they are way beyond that...the use permit goes before our city commission on March 21st. They completely hoodwinked us.

They have yet to have an arborist examine our trees. As far as I can tell...an impact study done...nor do they have any design plans for the individual elements. This thing, while it sounds like fun, will be directly on top of us. Both the city and the company reps assures us it will not impact our course in anyway....what they don't quite understand...yet....is disc golf will impact them.....literally. What that means for our course is...once they realize the potential for Disc verses zipliner is going to be a common occurrence....and considering this thing will potentially generate a crap load of revenue for the city....something disc golf can not do....not even close.  Our 20 year old, well established course may be on the ropes...and that sucks!!   

Our hope is ask the city to delay granting the use permit...at least til we have a chance to see exactly where they plan on zipping to and from...a report from an independent arborist that hopefully shuts them down before they even get off the ground.  I've worked hard over the last few days to gain support from the surrounding neighborhood..which I am making good progress at. 

There are some great points to having this activity coexisting with us. The exposure to our sport...the revenue will be a huge boost to our city's budget woes....something our course may benefit from directly. A few jobs created. A real concession for snacks and drinks. Running out our long term vagrants and transients.  All of which I'm all for. However ..They hoodwinked us...something that does not sit well with me or my neighbors who know full well that our presence cleaned this park from the pit it once was. it's clear they have only dollar signs and have not jumped through all the hoops you would expect a project of this type should be required to jump through. While we might lose this fight and the outcome may not be that bad if we do...we will have made a stand and an attempt to influence the design of this thing or force them to find another parcel to work with.

I recommend putting a driver in the hands of the decision maker. when they get the idea of how dense the disc is and how sharp the edge is, they might rethink it. the exposure is good, but 1 smartass target throwing kid hits a zip liner and it'll be the disc golf course that ultimately pays.

I did that...last Thursday at what was supposed to be the preliminary meeting with Zoom Air. I handed him a Boss and a quick tutorial of the physics of disc flight. To say he had a frog in his throat would be an understatement. They had no idea what that one disc could do. I was told by our Leisure services director we would have another meeting to discuss things out side of a public meeting...Tomorrow will be one week and I have yet to hear from anybody... Oh and I've called and left a message to remind him. Hopefully tomorrow I will hear something. I want to take the Zoom Air people to the park with our top and farthest throwers and show them first hand...it least that's the plan.

My brother that lives in Ormond Beach sent me a news clip last night saying the zip lines and rope course had been approved. By a very small margin? It does look like it will bring in money to the city and as long as they respect your course it should be a win-win...I think? He made it sound like the park was pretty big with plenty of room for both activities, but he has no idea what disc golf really is nor a ropes course. His big concern was fire, his expression was "here, pine needles equal fire." He also mentioned you guys had done a good job cleaning up the park, said hookers and crack used to be the norm and now that only happens after dark!

There's still a daylight contingent of scumbags...but not as bad as when we first started in there. In theory the zip line should run them off.

I personally consulted on the Zip line design. Although nobody really  knows exactly how it will effect our course...I'm pretty sure it won't be as bad as some of our locals are thinking. Point and fact, we have another course 3 miles south in a very busy park with a very activity walking trail/sidewalk that circumnavigates the course...in the course of an hour you can encounter as many as 10, 12 or more walkers or bicyclists at ground level. The local players have learned to adapt to that without any major problems to speak of. The Zips and Ropes at Tusc will be 25-30 feet+ above us with no where as many people. Conservative estimates run about 30 people a day. Realistic estimates are about 60 people a day. That's in a 10 hour day. Plus most of non zipping elements (rope obstacles) will be located above tee areas, not in the fairway and direct line of fire. Some actual zip lines will pass along side of some fairways or cross them...but again they will be single cables suspended pretty high above us. The company plans on executing a policy of not letting zippers zip while golf throws are being made...we plan on the same courtesy. Don't throw while someone is on the line.  The Zip lines are fast, so If a person is on a line they will be out of the way in a matter of seconds.

No Pine trees in Tuscawilla. We do have a few Cypress and Cedars...they have similar dried characteristics of pine needles...they will ignite very fast..but so will dried grasses and other dried leaves and fronds.  While threat of wildfire is always a factor in the dry season, it's not a big issue in the Willa.


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