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Is anybody out there aware of a Zip Line/High Ropes course that coexists with Disc Golf.  If so share your thoughts...Hell, share them even if you don't know of one.

Our City in it's infinite wisdom is working to slap a Zoom Air Zip Line Deal directly on top of us.

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When he said pines I was a little skeptical? He has lived there forever and I hate to say it but I am a mountain guy, can't imagine living somewhere where the tallest thing is a building. I have never even gone to visit so I wasn't sure. I know they have the Georgia pines at Augusta so I thought maybe?

Sounds to me like the two can coexist just fine with a little common sense. The 10 year lease did seem a bit long?

There is an out written into the contract...if Zoomair fails to meet financial expectations...the city can opt out after 5 years. If Zoomair breaches the contract at anytime...they will have 30 days to correct the issue...if they can't or don't that would be considered a breach and that's also an out.

What I really want to know from the DGRUS folks... is there a Disc Golf Course already coexisting with a zip line course and how is working out.

 Ifound this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-xZfxrdV38

and  this https://www.google.com/search?q=zip+line+and+disc+glof&rls=com....


I think there are several around the US perhaps contacting one of the Disc Golf Courses on the list or thier club may be a avenue to explore.

Thanks man...Tomorrow I will look real close at those links...I'm beat right now.

I do want to add...the same company is negotiating with  Tallahassee  and looking at Tom Brown park. Tomorrow, I will send a message to Laymon...if he's not already aware of it.

Tom Brown park is huge, and has plenty of room for zip lines without worrying about interfering with DG. They already have plenty of other activities at Tom Brown park, & Zip lines would be a nice addition there, no problem. But at Tuscawilla, I don't see how the two things can mesh well. Granted I have not seen the design plan, but I just do not see the room for both. I wish the zip lines would go in at some other venue. Leave Tuscawilla to the Disc Golf community. The only upside to zip lines in Tusca (in general) would be that the ziplines would probably only sporadically have someone on the wire. Well, that and the fact I usually play shortly after sunrise, so it is likely the zip lines would not be in use at all, very early in the morning. This  zip line going in at Tusca is like a bad dream for me. I just got into DG in the last couple years, but I am already pretty addicted. And Tusca is the only place around (near where I live) that I can go to air out my long shots. Sorry Reed Canal Park... I love ya, but yer short. & the church course that is the closest to me (in NSB)- fahgeddabowdit, it is really short. Short can be fun, -it is what it is, but it is nice to go to Tusca where for me, a number of holes are ones I can throw long bombs at.

Thanks for posting that. It does look like that could a be few perm baskets located in close proximity to that zip in Chapel Hill. That other link led to a tournament called the Zip Line Open in GA...I know Kieth...I sent him a message. Again Thanks for helping with the virtual leg work, BFunk

ANYTIME,Always glad to help you Jamie. You always help me and everyone else. It's only fair to return the favor and help when I can.

Hey Jamie,

There is one I know of, in Lula Georgia.  Kieth Johnson is a TD up there who knows all about it, from what I gathered. I'll try to get his # for you.  wg

Already got it and talked to him..he was at work and will call me back this afternoon.

That's good stuff Funky1.... There are a couple of disc golf courses sharing space with Zip Liners. I'm still making calls and hopefully will hear back from Kieth. I talked to an operator at a place in Ohio 'Hocking Peaks adventure Park'. They have 3 holes that play under and in very close proximity to some of the Zips. No real problems to speak of. The occasional disc on a platform. It's common courtesy for both the guides and the golfers to yield to one and other. Guides don't let zippers zip when Discgolfers are throwing...Disc Golfers don't throw when Zippers are Zipping. Encouraging in one way. Our course, if they develop the zip park completely as planned at Tusc, we  will have a lot more interaction with each other. The one thing the person I spoke said...and something I already knew is, make sure they have an arborist sign off on the health and stability of the trees. 

There is a disc course in Conifer Colorado at Beaver Ranch that has zip lines right by the course. It would take a pretty bad throw to have them cross paths. The course has been in a few years and the zips just went in last year so there is not a large body of information available yet. The club up there is Foothill Flyers, not sure if they update their webpage regularly or not? If not, Mile High Disc Golf can get you contact info I believe. Rudy Gorke and Dave Ponotowiaski (or something close to that spelling) are the guys to talk to. 

When you say directly on top of you....how low? I have been on zips that are 250 feet off the ground and I have been on some that are 25 feet up? Huge difference obviously.


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