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Is anybody out there aware of a Zip Line/High Ropes course that coexists with Disc Golf.  If so share your thoughts...Hell, share them even if you don't know of one.

Our City in it's infinite wisdom is working to slap a Zoom Air Zip Line Deal directly on top of us.

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Thats the same course at the zoo.

Again, aiming for 10-14 year old children

Bet Sarah Palin had to change her underwear after this ride!

Look you can see Russia!

Our trees will only allow so much height. I 'd say 20 foot average as well. Phase one of the project which incorporates the entire north side of the park (18,17,1,2,3,4,16) about 10 acres. Zoom Air rep estimated up to 50 possible elements in phase 1.  

One would need to start design discussions well before the zip line people get their 'course' set.

Being that your trees are going to sustain a 10-20' height the zip course will have more foot bridges and obstacles lower to the ground. These trails through the air sound like they will impact the course causing a course redesign to accommodate this new, DANGEROUS activity. You should look at the reasons why your parks personnel are considering installing it. If installing a zip line means that there is a revenue stream going back to the park then it may be a benefit to offer a switch to pay-to-play disc golf and taking the reason for the zip line away.

Trying to install one over the other is asking for conflict. If its not about the money, why does the zip line need to be in THIS park? If the Zip line needs this park because of its specific trees, etc, maybe there's a better site for the disc golf course. 

Of course it's about the money. Zip line people plan on investing around 500,000.00 into this project...the city...a fraction, if that. To give you an idea of the potential for revenue for the city....now they would not give us exact figures...but the same people have another zip/ropes course about 30 miles from here...it does offer 2 adult and 2 kid oriented courses. That property owner clears 5 figures per month off of it. Our city is frothing at the mouth...with dollar signs in their eyes.  This is why they are pushing it through as fast as possible. The city was supposed to set a meeting with us and the zip people...of course they did not get back to me last week...so I went beyond them...contacted Zoom Air on my own and now have a meeting/disc golf demo set up for this coming Wednesday with the them. I'm hoping he'll allow us to strap him up in the air between two trees while several us chuck 175 gram Champion Bosses at him...in order to give them a complete understanding of the physics of our sport. HA!!!

Will see how the frothing by the city officials will react to the adjacent neighborhood's mindset.

Also, seems like the city's mind is all ready made up.

But, and hope with enough enthusiasm from everyone else it can be stopped.

Don't really see a coexistence, after seeing the Sanford Zoo zipline setup.

Twenty feet off the ground is not that high. How many have seen discs travel higher than that?

All of us.

If it were not for the park being a tree preserve, it would have likely been a used car lot by now.

Disc golf does not stand a chance against those who do not love it as much as we have that have put many hours out there.

Between clean ups, removing riff raff (transients and perverts included), installing tee pads, baskets, cleaning fairways, running tournaments...... need we say more.

Hope only for the best.

Really do not see this tree top obstacle course to have as much traffic as the zoo gets.

What is @ USF's dgc?There is some large ,wooden tower located at the far left of park,possible zip line or climbing tower?

Somewhat private dgc for USF students/alumni only.might want to contact them or the Tampa Bay dg folks.

There is talk of a large amusement water park being considered built in Port Charlotte.Zip Line is one of the many attractions,but this will be down the road from our North Charlotte Regional Park where our dgc is located.That and a Cal Ripkin bb park is one of the many projects being planned.Final plans can/will go awry and might be closer to the park.

Wouldn't they install metal towers for the line instead of using trees for stability?

It would seem to me that if your park is in a tree preserve, that killing some trees by attaching a zip line to them is NOT preserving trees.

No one ever said that the Daytona Beach city officials were the most astute people inhabiting our planet.

The only 'green' that they are interested in is the color of money.....

Tom Brown park is huge, and has plenty of room for zip lines without worrying about interfering with DG. They already have plenty of other activities at Tom Brown park, & Zip lines would be a nice addition there, no problem. But at Tuscawilla, I don't see how the two things can mesh well. Granted I have not seen the design plan, but I just do not see the room for both. I wish the zip lines would go in at some other venue. Leave Tuscawilla to the Disc Golf community. The only upside to zip lines in Tusca (in general) would be that the ziplines would probably only sporadically have someone on the wire. Well, that and the fact I usually play shortly after sunrise, so it is likely the zip lines would not be in use at all, very early in the morning. This  zip line going in at Tusca is like a bad dream for me. I just got into DG in the last couple years, but I am already pretty addicted. And Tusca is the only place around (near where I live) that I can go to air out my long shots. Sorry Reed Canal Park... I love ya, but yer short. & the church course that is the closest to me (in NSB)- fahgeddabowdit, it is really short. Short can be fun, -it is what it is, but it is nice to go to Tusca where for me, a number of holes are ones I can throw long bombs at.

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