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Allied Atheist Alliance (AAA)

For those of us that choose to lead a good life without being fearful of the consequences of not.

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Comment by xians421 on May 16, 2010 at 4:44pm
I'm glad to see a group of disc golfers that share my lack of religious views. Eight days ago I played in my first tournament in four years after coming off of major foot surgery. What's the first thing I notice about my group? A guy in a "Disc Golfers for Jesus" t-shirt. By the second hole I realized I was playing with two fundies and a bloody Catholic. The Catholic won the event, but at least he didn't thank god for helping him win. I wonder if the fundies think god hates them whenever one of their puts slides out the back side of the chains?

I'm glad y'all are here, even the fundies.

Signed, Ironically named Christian
Comment by eric beich on February 10, 2010 at 6:50pm
sorry if I did something deemed 'rude'
but I happen to think it's rude for .... and sorry to be generalist here, religious groups to put there beliefs out there, but then it's "rude" of me to do the same?

Christians and other religious groups go out of there way to "convert' or try and get people to believe their way of thinking all the time. and yes, I know it's a generalization but so be it. and I am of the belief that there are plenty of people who arent sure what to believe , or who actually QUESTION why they should believe something over something else. and a lot of these people are an underspoken group of people because they tend to get attacked by other groups.
I mean lets be honest.. you dont see anyone famous thanking the flying spaghetti monster for a touchdown or an award even if they are an atheist just because in todays day and age they would practically be ostracized.
we need more people who are of a questioning nature to speak up and not be afraid of the reactions.

maybe I shouldn't have posted in the other groups forum. but I did.

and sorry if it irked you Roy. thats the breaks.

in all honesty none of these types of groups belong on a site devoted to the one thing we all have in common, but it's a social site and unless terry wants to stop people from posting any comments,groups,pictures,videos,discussion that aren't 100% disc golf related I think we are stuck with certain things.

sorry if I pissed off anyone else. I'll leave those wacky christians alone now :)
Comment by Roy on February 10, 2010 at 11:09am
I'm more of a Agnostic, then a Atheist anyways.

Basically it was a rude thing for Eric to post that on your Christian group. I agree with his view on the comment, though it's out of line and rude and disrespectful to do that. It's just as low and the typical "eye for and eye" mentally that comes to our group and does the same thing. None of us sent him to your group. I hold nothing against Eric for that, stuff happens.

Just because I defend the group from somebody putting religious garbage on there. I don't think that deserves a couple members from the other group to leave long whiny messages on my page. I know your religion and I AM NOT interested in debating it or explaining my views to you. It all leads to stress I don't need and niether the other person or I are going to change our minds so whats the point of it all other then to waste the little, but amazing time we have on this world. I just no see any good coming out of it, only thing I foresee with a bunch of christians joining this group is more fights and debates. Which if that's your thing then cool, I grew tried of debates of arguments over religion many years ago. Was just joining this group to talk to like minded folks, not debate christians. So take care, good luck, and happy trails, Roy
Comment by Roy on February 10, 2010 at 10:57am
to better explain. I'm leaving the group because it will no longer be a Atheist group. No it will be us explaining and debating/arguing over views with christians now. I understand everybody has different views. Thats why there are different groups for different views. I guess to me, the group will be tainted (in my own personal view) with these type of non-stop back and forth now on anytime we make any comments and most of our comments will offend them. Just like it offends some of us that the bible says basically "your either with us or your going to burn in hell". But god loves you, I would never put anybody I truly love through that... So I simply choose not to stay in a group that is no lonnger a atheist group as it is now a christian-inspecting-our-beliefs (or lack of). Like the FBI or something listening to your phone conversion, just really turns me off the whole thing. Hopefully this better explains it in a more reasonable manner.
Comment by Hycard on February 9, 2010 at 7:48pm
Firstly, I do not speak for the club that was initially "commented to" by one of the members from this club. I have been kindly asked by the creator of said club not to comment again using his club name. So - sorry - for mentioning that club below in my comment.

I only commented here to learn more about you guys.

My apologies Ben, Roy, and all other members of this group. I see now that my comment was sent in the wrong manner, I should not have addressed this club in response to a single member. I am man enough to admit I used bad judgement.

Please understand my intent. First I was a little bothered by a silly comment on the other club page, but, after I responded to the person directly on his page, I noticed the club you guys have and seriously wanted to know more about your views. NO JOKE. I am sorry you find it hard to accept that I was on the level by asking for clarification on your beliefs. I still think it is healthy to have civil discussion. I am not a confrontation person - so Roy, if my earlier comment made you uncomfortable then try to accept this...my intention was just the opposite; I wanted to simply learn from you, not upset you.

I came to this website to share a passion of DISC GOLF. I commend Terry Calhoun, Ben Calhoun, Jack Moore, and all the others who create these clubs, encourage us to participate, and make this site what it is.

What a great resource we have here.
Comment by AK Discer on February 9, 2010 at 10:22am
Well, that turned out nice. Seems like a silly reason to the leave the group. Things like this will happen considering the makeup of this site. I mean you see Innova fans going off on Discraft fans and vice versa. Honestly, what is the difference?....same principle if you ask me.
Comment by Ben Calhoun on February 9, 2010 at 9:47am
I don't know what happened in here yesterday, but let's not degrade to personal attacks or use of language you wouldn't use around your grandma. People can argue, effectively and rationally, all they want online, especially in these groups, that's kind of what it's for. You can ignore or not read any comment you wish to not read. I will delete anything inappropriate but it needs to brought to my attention. Please don't comment with intent to start online fights- but arguing rationally about the subject, without emotion and personal fights is welcomed.
Comment by Roy on February 9, 2010 at 9:28am
Well I'm going to leave this group now. I come here to enjoy myself. Not for members to go to other group post a comment that is just going to start stuff on other groups.

Now you have this stupid religious battle that will surely go on and on with stupid comments on both groups. All because somebody had to put a smart ass comment on their group and their too immature to take care of it with just Eric. If you have half a brain kick out Hycard and Jack Moore as they are only here to whine and bitch and to bother us on profiles as well. F$*#ing bible thumpers!
Comment by Roy on February 8, 2010 at 11:58pm
You don't see the rest of us pouring out our thoughts on your jesus group.

This is very rude and disrespectful to come onto this group because you have a problem with one person.

Simply go to that person's page and sending your bible thumping crap there.
Comment by Roy on February 8, 2010 at 11:53pm
If you have a problem with a person in this group you need to send the message to him. Not to the whole group, we don't want to hear your religious b.s.

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