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have you looked into it? or do you accept whats in some little black book some guy in a robe tells you is fact at some church?
I will be happy to point you to some facts that you may find interesting.
facts. not made up things like an easter bunny or a santa claus.

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ok, lets share some info...
Ten commandments...made up to stop the hethan activity that was going on at the time. People wanted something, they took it. Wanted to bang your neighbors wife? you did. People were out of control, fucking animals, killing each other, basically living out all the worste parts of humanity. Some one came along (priest or pope) and said enough is enough. you people need to stop this shit and get your acts together..we cant be married to cattle and sheep and fucking our daughters. So they came up with a list of rules with DIRE consequenses (when you read that part, have a little echo in your head for the effect I'm going for)
Basically the Christian faith's bible not only is a complete rip off of the pagen holidays, ( Christmas was a actually a celebration of Winter Solstice which everyone celebrated anyway, so the catholics just put Christmas over top of it. Easter was the same thing, the Pagen holiday for Spring Solstice, the coming summer and a prayer for a bountiful crop.) but its also a collection of children stories that are intended to worn people of the consequences to inmoral activity. God has nothing to do with anything.
The easisest way to stop people in believing what you dont want them to is through fear mongering and complete annilation of thier cultures and traditions.
The thing that interests me is the two books of the bible that the Vatican refuses to release. One of the books is claimed to prove that Jesus had brothers and sisters, and fathered children and the other is suppose to be the missing chapters from Judas and others that knew Jesus.
There is no doubt that Jesus lived (the Romans kept extreamly good records and they have proof that Jesus of Gallalie was killed) however in his time period he was the David Koresh of the middle east. A crazy dude who had a few nut job followers.
Oh yea that brings up another thing that bothers me..why the fuck is he pictured as a white boy with perfect abs? Jesus was an Arib. he basically looked like Bin laden does, big beard, turbin, etc..you think they changed his appearance so they wouldnt scare the kids?
And the fact that Lilith, the original Eve, Adams first wife, was cast out of eden for disagreeing with Adam, and then all women in the bible were vilafied. Even Jesus's wife Mary Madgalin was call the Whore of Babylon. wow.
Jesse Ventuera (fellow Athiest) once said that religon is for the weak minded who cant accept that fact that when we die we rot in the ground and thats it. And I couldn't agree more.
I second everything you posted. It's all out of fear, whether it be fear of not knowing what happens after you die or the fear of punishment from some intangible parent figure who shakes a finger at us from thousands of years ago and basically says "Do it and I'll fucking spank you!" If you've ever seen Dogma, you know what I mean.


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