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The fastest I have been is 135mph in a stock Mazda MX-6 turbo and I let off when I felt the front end start lifting off the ground. This is scary, the car had more in her but i was not going to test it. Picture is what the car looked like but this is not mine.

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Kris, I had one of these as well. Great car for the money; $14,000 brand new in '88. I never got to test its top speed, but it was a lot of fun from stoplight to stoplight & handled well in the corners! The only thing I didn't like was the tremendous torque-steer when the boost kicked in! Ended up trading it in for a new GMC truck in '92.
I paid 100 bucks for mine clutch and flywheel was shot. After about 1grand later it was running tops, had low miles and sat up for a year. Window regulators did not work so i took them out and used a piece of wood to hold them up and did the interior in white and red. Added a set of 17"rims and falken tires. Would run with mustangs, then bought my 94 s10 and sold it to a friend for $500. Still have an extra stock turbo for it in my shed.
I was on my Honda 954RR and hit 182mph (indicated speed) but the speedo gets less accurate the faster you go I have heard they are off up to 10% or more at top end. The bike felt like it could have pushed more I still had RPM's left, I have heard that they rev at 185mph, of course mine was chipped and had some work done so it shouldn't have been limited at that point. I just figured I hit over 180 on the speedo and that was good enough for me. It's a funny feeling when you are going that fast on a bike, nothing else really matters and it feels like you are in your own little world. We covered 30-35 miles in under 10 minutes that day if that helps put it into perspective for you.
Fastest in a car was as a passenger in a ZO6 Corvette at 173mph and it was still wanting to go but the road was getting shorter real fast.
awww man a bike that's cheating lol
I did 160 mph in a Viper. Not my car of choice but i am not going to pass it up either. Lately I did 140 in My girlfriends father corvette. He laughed when I told him and said all he had it up to 130.
My stock civic will only do 112 at 4500rpm. Want to see what the CRX with the swapped engine that i am getting will do.
You can race keith and his 150 mph kia. lol

Kris with a "K said:
My stock civic will only do 112 at 4500rpm. Want to see what the CRX with the swapped engine that i am getting will do.
keith is retarded i would blow his doors off. I got ran off road by big truck today hollis was probably laughing his ass off.
Ive been up to 125 in my brothers 84 camaro, and 140 in my old capri ( got pulled over slowing down for a stop sign, clocked at 82).
135 as a passenger up and down hills, it was crazy cuz I can remember flying by a 35 mph sign then looking over and seeing us 100 over, its one hell of a rush but Im not sure I would do it again, it was in my friends Mustang, maybe a 98 GT, im not sure, its an all black beast, most I ever got in my 78 grand prix was 215, guessing cuz the speedometer doesnt go that far, and my 79 cadi eldorado has plenty of potential w/ the 350 v8 and high rize eddle broc intake and 4 barrel carb / no the stock fuel injector kit
I hit 135 in a 74 Nova. I don't know all the specs but it had headers, side pipes, and a shift kit. This beast would squeal the tires at 90. Not my car but I spent many hours riding in it. I usually got to drive when my friend got too drunk.

I had an 82 Mustang that I was clocked in doing 125 in a 25 zone. The cop was laughing at me cause I lost him till he saw my car parked in my parents drive with the engine smoking. He only wrote me up for 35 in a 25 and said that I needed to slow it down.
Jeremy that had to be the fastest Grand Prix ever. 215 is unheard of in a car that big unless you had major work done to it.


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