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Why is a beautiful park with two great courses not on the Florida tour? My guess,Its one man screwing all of us! please fix this Orlando!

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Can you please elaborate on the "one man screwing all of us" portion of your posting?
Without throwing out names?... Well here is what I can do for you and your "team" . The tour brings alot. first it guarentees the payout is right.It brings on about 50 out of town players and thier friends/family to the host.That provides revenue in several ways,to the area,dining ,hotels,and entertainment.The host gets sales and fees. At the last event there were clinics for beginners and ams.Climo gave tips and answered questions.Every major course in every big city is on ,has been on ,or will be on the tour.(exept Barnett park)So you first"elaborate" away.
I seem to remember some big events in Orlando. The Triple Crown was the single biggest series in Florida for several years. Then some guys decided to step on the "gentlemens agreement" that had already been in place for years by changing tourney dates.

And there was the Flying Disc Championships that always had a good turn-out and gave you the opportunity to participate in several events other than golf.

And what happened in Gainesville? A legend in this sport was run out of town over stupid stuff. Now they've gone from two PDGA events each year to zero. Why does that continue when some of the Fab guys were literally in the back yard of the course?

I don't understand the "what I can do for you" deal. Unless I made an oversight, I didn't see your name listed as a TD for ANY events in Florida so I'm not exactly sure where all this experience comes from.

My 8 year olds complain about stuff every day......it takes courage to step up and try to fix it.

Why don't you, Mr Belliveau, approach Orange County Parks & Recreation and pitch them your proposal? The person you won't name doesn't own the courses and can't do anything to stop you. Heck, I'm sure he'd even love the increase in sales without all the work involved in running a tourney.
Great response Dave! Sometimes it is easy to forget this is America, what with all the people that come along and try to force their wishes on your behavior. Tournaments are a heck of a lot of work and sacrifice. Funny how the people who aren`t working or sacrificing anything can demand that others do all the work and sacrificing so they can have a tournament.

Not to mention how thankless the job of running a tournament is. You get paid nothing. You do get some compliments and some help from your true friends. But for every compliment you get you get about 4 complaints because it is impossible to please everyone at the same time. And you end up tired, drained and exhausted, with a few less friends and a few more Haters to HATE on you.

Anybody want to step up and run a tourney? Some of you guys don`t really make it easy.

Remember - these guys are doing this FOR YOU, whether it is Bob Lewis, Tom Monroe or Shawn Harrigan or your Mother! Why don`t some players at least show them some respect, let alone actually contribute by lending a helping hand or at least a supportive comment.

I guess it`s a lot easier to tear people down than lift them up. Oh well, at least it makes you feel a lot better about yourself.
And by the way, I`ve known Steve for 20 years now and an opportunity to criticize someone is never lost on him. Even does it to his so-called "friends". So this just may be his way of showing some "tough love".

Thanks for the kind words Joe. I remember you, Ken, Sartori, CR and others guys always supported the events run in Orlando. Right down to one day fundraisers and picnics and the city VS city informal tourneys we had.

You're absolutely correct about the time and energy involved in running a tourney. You do it for the enjoyment of the game and for your fellow players.

Even with the drama, I do miss those days and all the good times we had. I held my last event at UCF in 1993 and had to leave to raise a family. I came back in 2008 and it just seems so different. I guess some of it are the in-state squabbles that have occurred over the years.

I also think we've become of victim of our own success. There are many more courses than there were back then. And now many more clubs and TDs vying for the players and dollars. It feels like the close knit family I remember is gone.

It would be nice if this tournament was on the FFT, but if the tournament director does not want it on the FFT it is fine.  I don't think we should bad mouth the tournament or the TD because he wants to remain off of the FFT.  If you don't like how he runs the tournament then don't go.

Wow ! attack me all you want,it does not change the fact that the tour helps.Its helps local businesses.It helps players in many ways.As a player I've met great people that I look forward to seeing at tour events.I've played shots I might have never seen otherwise.This was so helpful when I was at worlds(most of Florida is flat).Tour standards force a fair payout.  It was said"these guys are doing it for you/us" that may not be true.Some do it for profit/sales.Without someone checking how can you be sure? I am sure I wont make any money on this either way.(can you say that about all parties?)I would like to play Barnett park for tour points,but I can see that wont happen until something changes.Change can be good.Until then I'll just be thankful "the team" doesn't control Turkey lake too.
So one more time why are" you/the team' against being on the tour?



I'm not the TD for the Barnett event and I'm not the official spokesman for the "team" but I do have a viewpoint. So here goes....


Florida used to have the FDGA of which I was an officer for a few years. I helped to support the sport and TDs with my participation on and off the course. I traveled to Clearwater, Melbourne, Rockledge, Gainesville and even West Palm whenever I could to play and support Willey, Aldridge, Aviles (RIP), Monroe and Newman respectively. I was a TD for a couple PDGA events and an annual fundraiser. I played a minor role in helping run the Pro Triple Crown and the Flying Disc Championships. I kept a points system for FDGA events that culminated in an invitational tourney for the top points' earners at the annual picnic. I have plenty of experience with disc golf in Florida to have an educated viewpoint.


This event is a PDGA sanctioned event. IMO, this trumps any perceived need to be part of a statewide series. I could be wrong, and probably am, but I've been on the FFT website several times and don't remember seeing anything about joining the tour and listing what "benefits" are to be gained. Maybe the TD doesn't feel like adding a cover charge to each player just to have the event listed on a different tab of a website. I'm not aware of any FFT year end awards, or picnic or tournament that justifies a need to be on their schedule. This is not a slight against the FFT or any of the guys involved as I have first-hand knowledge of what it's like to coordinate things in your off-time.


To paraphrase a comment you left about disc sales...as the consumer, you have the ultimate power in your decision on where you spend your disc golf money. This is a perfect example where your words ring true. For whatever the reasons, real or perceived, you don't want to participate in the Barnett tournament because of the TD. That is the power that you wield as the consumer and no one is faulting, or attacking you for that.


I do fault you for feeling the need to join this group for the sole purpose of bagging on the tournament/TD/"team".


So "one more time"....if you want Barnett on the FFT so badly, take the reigns, call Orange County Parks and organize it. Here's the number, 407-836-6248. Once you've done that, please come back and post and I can assure you I will attend to support you.

Good day Dave ,Happy new year,and thankyou for yor viewpoint.sorry but I'm missing something,where is your answer to my question?............          ok,here are a few more. what became of "fdga"? Why is there no more triple crown? How can you be so sure my sole purpose is to bagging on the tourney or the td. and what does bagging mean in your viewpoint? is it beyond you to concieve that this could lead to positive change? Can you picture a future where the past might be forgiven?

Can you cut it out with bashing Barnett Park and the way it is run. I have been all over the country and across Florida and I have rarely seen a more dedicated group of team members. Nor have I seen a more dedicated man to the sport of disc golf like Lewis.

Who do you think is responsible for Barnett Park and the amazing courses anyways.

If you want to play the tournament then show up, we all think Bob is fabulous.

So screw you if you don't like it here.



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