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Gordan Barnett Park Disc Golf,Orlando FL


Gordan Barnett Park Disc Golf,Orlando FL

For Disc Golfer interested in playing Barnett Park's Disc Golf Course in Orlando, FL or those who are interested in events hosted by Barnett Park's Disc Golf Team. Handicaps Tournaments are held every Sundays at 10:30! 

Location: Orlando, FL
Members: 115
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Barnett Park League and Tournament Schedule

                                                                                                           Photo by : Guy Newlan

Sunday Handicap League
Parkside Course - Short Pads
Sign up at 10:00-10:25 AM

Ace Pots and CTPs
$5 for Team Members $6 non-team members

North Course last Sunday of each month - Short Pads

Disc Golfer!
Want to save money on your Sunday Handicap Entry Fees at Barnett Park? JOIN the Barnett Park Disc Golf Team! Have you notice some players pay only $5 while others pay $6 .... Well, They are “Team Members”! For a One Time Membership Fee of $25 you will receive a Barnett Park Team T-Shirt and Bag Tag! After you join the Team, You will receive $1 discount on entry fees at Sunday Handicap Events and/or Team Sponsored Events ... for life! Also, Leading Edge Disc Sales will give you a $1 Discount on every disc purchase. What a deal!

If you are interested in joining the Barnett Park’s Disc Golf Team ... Sign up today and save $$$!

Extra TEAM T-SHIRTS! ONLY $7 for Members!

New Team Members in 2014!

John Prizer

Butch Furno

Stephen Maszy

Jerry Swain

Alex Hill

Conner Mitts

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Comment by Matthew Monczka on March 3, 2012 at 8:44am

Robert, we do appreciate your comments and insight on this board. Thanks. I don't think you hurt anyone's feelings. It is important for people to get fresh perspectives about issues and ideas for tournaments. It will only make things better in the future for the players. It seems that many believe ratings being posted is a priority in choosing tournaments. The Barnett Disc Golf Team will work together to insure that unofficial round ratings are posted at the end of the tourney next year. Now, let's move on and get some ice cream!!!!!

Andrew, in following with the discgolfersr.us guidelines, please TRY to refrain from dropping F-bombs in message board conversation.

Comment by Hippy on March 2, 2012 at 6:53pm

Somebody say ice cream?!?!??!?!?  ya!!! Ice cream!!!!!!! As bad as I throw!! I need something to chill me up!!!!! BRRRRRRR!!! Ice cream!!!!!

Comment by Super Dave Elliott on March 2, 2012 at 6:00pm


You mentioned it a couple years back...is the PDGA sanctioning worth the hassle? I don't think so. Take the fees you have to pay them and put them back in the player awards. No check to write, no forms to fill out and no complaining because their "ratings" aren't updated immediately.

I think the appeal of the courses and long standing history of hosting well-run tourneys stand on their own merits and don't need the appeal of PDGA sanctioning to attract players.

Comment by robert william bogrette on March 2, 2012 at 12:37pm

hello again all.. after my posting yesterday i found i needed to get some other perspectives on this so i sent an email out to several friends, peers and mentors  (some disc golf players some tds and some just regular people) asking them to read what has been posted here.i have gotten several responses of varying ideas and suggestions. i threw out everthing i found negative in those and stuck with the four things that came up the most.

1. and it is going to sound like a slam andrew the concensus was that your use of qoutes or misqoute as the case is was just silly and you bring no credit to yourself by using half of what was said to vindicate your own ends.

2. i have to wholeheartedly thank you for the fun tournament you guys provided and let you know that i love your course..

3. i truly apologize for any toes i have stepped on or feelings i have hurt was not my intention to start a pissing contest with other players in the state only bring to light the ideals instilled in me when i starting to play the sport and maybe open some closed eyes guess i failed in that aspect.

4. finally to let you guys know as a player who spent money to come play your tourney support your charities and your local buisness that even though i said in an earlier post i would i find that this whole thing has left a non positive feeling with me and that only on a casual basis will i ever come to barnett again. best of luck to all of you in the future....

Comment by robert william bogrette on March 1, 2012 at 12:06pm

thanks for your input on the matter andrew. no one made me king nor do i pretend i am. i didnt come here with the intention to be a king or anyone above anyone else. i said exactly what i meant to say. i didnt enter your forum to champion anyone the fact is several people have asked about ratings and when they can see them because one individual got the raw deal beacause of the same questions and feelings i am also having. i decided to voice my opinion in what i thought was a open forum. as to my usless bitching and moaning as you so elegantly put it as i said its an open forum dont like what you see me saying dont read it. as i can exercise the same for your rude and disrespectful post. to answer your question i dont( f bomb excluded) expect you to do anything for him or for me or anyone else with the same question other than possibly get on board with finding a way not to make this an issue in the future. all the typing as collective would have had these posted a week ago. in the immortal words of forrest gump that all i going to say bout dat......we now return you to your normal program......

Comment by Matt Schenk on March 1, 2012 at 12:00pm

Just caught this!  Sweet! 


Tuesday / Thursday Doubles

resumes in march 13th & 15th @ 5:30

ACE POT is $62 as of 3/13/2012

Comment by Andrew Larcher on March 1, 2012 at 8:39am

I am going to waste my time once on this issue, because that is all it is worth:

quote by Robert:

" i find it outright rude to see someone ask then not only get a snippy answer but then pack mentality gets on board and everybody takes a shot at that person. "

following quote from Robert:

"or you can use it for the cornerstone for the wall you build for yourselves. dont matter to me i be there next year to beat you on your own course......"

Who died and made you king of this forum? You come in here from nowhere preaching how 'bad' our tastes are, protecting some idiot who thinks he not going to get some flak for disrespecting our club as a whole, and then you sneak in little snippets yourself...

Waterboy got very polite responses from multiple people here and he then arrogantly snapped back at them. What the fuck do you expect us to do? send him a fruit cake? Welcome to life, its a Rollercoaster ride and everyone's invited.

Robert, stop being a hypocrite and quite this useless bitching and moaning, your the only one who is keeping this topic alive.

Comment by robert william bogrette on February 29, 2012 at 7:10pm

Yes terry in my ctp i recieved a star destroyer with road rash on it and the sweet playerys cup stamped buzz had scratches all over it i was kinda wow also.

so i am not going to waste my breath or fingertips trying to explain how i felt upon reading recent posts in this forum. the truth of the matter is as a whole you as a group club or loose association of individuals whatever the case may be have the oppurtunity to use the the previous things as a stepping stone to make a better tournament for all involved. or you can use it for the cornerstone for the wall you build for yourselves. dont matter to me i be there next year to beat you on your own course...... one thing i do want to reiterate is that no matter who says what this sport is for the players not anyone else and if you cant do for the players maybe oughta rethink what your doing it for.......what is not important to you might be the world for another try and see from all eyes not just yours....

Comment by Matt Schenk on February 29, 2012 at 5:56pm

Robert,  I understand what you are saying but I think you are mistaken in your observation and should re-read the posts in sequence.  Those that asked politely got a polite response.   If I was to go to another club's web-page and ask them if they "ever heard of this invention called the internet" I might as well expect to get an equally rude response wouldn't you agree?  

Like i said, I played at least 3 or 4 other Florida tourneys last year that took just as long if not longer to post unofficial results, in fact I can think of 2 of those that never posted the unofficial results at all until the PDGA made the results official so it's not just an Orlando thing.  I'll play those other tourneys again too becuase I had fun.  At the end of the day, I know how I did at the tourney and what part of my game needed adjustment.  I don't need the internet to show me.

Comment by robert william bogrette on February 29, 2012 at 4:38pm

Matt, I agree in full the points you are making concerning the three fold duties as a TD  personally  I have not taken on that responsibility but am aware of what a daunting task it could be. I dont have any issue how bob runs his thing if i did i would contact him directly to do so. (i admit a little peeved about used plastic for my ctp but not so much that i feel negative torwards him or the tourney) the point i am tryimg to get across is this no one should be put down or made fun of because they ask a question alot of people are asking. just because they havent posted it here doesnt mean they dont wanna know. anyone involved in disc golf i believe should be a emmisary and promoter of the sport not a smart ass when questioned be it one three or five years in a row. it is obvious that other tourneys post scores and ratings in a timely efficient manner and you guys dont. why and how i really dont care anymore it is obvious that what is important to others is not really a concern of the powers that be. and that asking or questioning about only results in ridicule and contempt by your fellow club members. the only logical thing i can see is to possibly lend a hand with your IT experience and maybe help the process along a bit which should put the whole issue of ratings and scores to bed. and as far as people playing tourneys just to see the ratings is a bit of a stretch i dont think that is the case here at all ratings are a by product of a tourney which people use for their own personal reasons and would like to use and reveiw in a timely fashion they may have become used to from other tourneys that are posted quicker. as to the negativity running rampant in orlando i have no suggestions.


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