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Since I've started (seriously) playing disc golf I haven't attended many classes. I still work out on my own but by the time I get out of class the sun has gone down and I can't get in my putting (or any other) practice.

Has anybody else experienced something similar?

Also, do you consider yourself a disc golfer who is a black belt or a black belt who is a disc golfer. I think it would be very difficult not to be biased one way or the other.


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well, i don't have a choice, I have to be at the karate school since it is my job...but yes, there are days when i wish i would be golfing instead of being at the school. mostly on the weekends when i know there is a tournament going on.

i consider myself a black belt in karate who happens to be a pro discer.
I guess I'm one of those lucky ones who gets to choose when I can go to class. Because my karate classes are in the evenings, and I have the luxury of being a college student with random free time in the middle of the day, I get the best of both worlds!

Most of the time if I have to make a choice to disc golf or go to class, I pick going to class (unless it's the weekend). I consider myself a martial artist who disc golfs, and I agree that the statement definitely depicts priorities and bias.
I guess I've made the switch in regard to preference. I've heard it said there is no shortage of time only a confusion of priorities. :)

I got my bell rung too many times in class I guess. Broken rib, toe, cheek bone (not at the same time). I haven't yet broken anything playing disc but sometimes I think I get just as sore the morning after a tourney!
I'd have to agree with Dion and Shannon, I am and always will be a martial artist first and a disc golfer second. Doesn't have anything to do, really, with which activity I enjoy more, but which activity has molded me as a person. 16 years of serious martial arts training/teaching has definitely helped determine who I am. Also, since I've started golfing, we've moved all of our classes to the evenings, so there's no conflict whatsoever.


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