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Sold items removed and some new molds added...

DOC's Golf Disc Blowout

Shipping Per Disc:
$3 for 1 disc first class
$6 for 2 discs priority mail
$9 for 3-4 discs priority mail
$10 for 5-10 discs discs priority mail
TBD for 10+ discs priority mail

PDGA Tour Bag 14-18 Disc Capacity $25.00
Phenix Quad Shocks New $30.00
Phenix Quad Shocks New $30.00


Elite X,Predator,174,White,Green Lion Stamp,8/10,$5.50
Elite Z,Predator,168,Blue,Silver Stamp,9/10,$7.50
Elite Z,Predator,173,Blue Somewhat Opaque,Silver Stamp,9/10,$7.50
Elite Z,Predator,173,Light Blue,Silver Stamp,9/10,$7.50
Elite Z,Predator,172,Yellow,Rainbow Tournament Stamp,9/10,$7.50
ESP,Predator,172,Pink,Blue First Run Stamp,9/10,$8.50
ESP,Predator,172,Yellow,Red First Run Stamp,8/10,$8.50

Elite Z,Reaper,175,Blue,Red 2001 Oklahoma Open,9/10,$7.50

Elite X,Wildcat,174,Orange,Elite X Wildcat Claws,9/10,$5.50

Pro D,Wasp,166,Yellow,Bluegrass Open,9/10,$7.50

ESP FLX,Challenger,174,Red,North Texas Series,9/10,$8.50
Elite X,Challenger,174,Red,Challenger Chains,9/10,$5.50

Star,Shark,177,Yellow,Star Shark,9/10,$8.50

Champion ,Cro,175,Pink Swirl,Titledisc Mesquite Open,9/10,$7.50
Star,Cro,172,Bright Yellow/Green,First Run Cro,9/10,$8.50
Star,Cro,175,Red,Star Cro,9/10,$8.50

Star,Coyote,173,Orange,Star Coyote,9/10,$8.50

Star,Gator,175,Yellow,Star Gator,9/10,$8.50

Star,Valkyrie,171,White,Factory Splash Dye,9/10,$8.50
Champ,Valkyrie,,Red,Blue JK 5X Stamp,9/10,$7.50
Champ,Valkyrie,175,Light Blue,Black Innova X,9/10,$7.50
Champ,Valkyrie,175,Clear,Factory Dye over JK 5X,9/10,$7.50

Champ,Viking,,Yellow,Factory Blue/Green/Red Dye,9/10,$7.50

Champ,Groove,172,Yellow,Red Spider Dye,9/10,$12.00
Champ,Groove,170,Bright Orange,Black Stamp,9/10,$7.50

DX,TR,163,Green,Innova TeeRex Stamp,9/10,$4.00
Champion,TRX,175,Red,Green 2007 Play It Again Sports,9/10,$7.50
Star,S-TR,172,Orange,Rainbow Stamp,8/10,$7.50
Star,S-TR,169,Red,Silver Stamp,8/10,$7.50
Star,S-TR,171,Yellow,Rainbow Stamp,8/10,$7.50

Star,Starfire,175,Pink,Purple Stamp,9/10,$8.50

Star,Max,175,White,Green Stamp,9/10,$8.50

Star,Monster,172,Purple/Yellow Factory Dye,Rainbow Stamp,9/10,$8.50
Star,Monster,172,Lt Blue,Blue Stamp,9/10,$8.50
Star,Monster,171,White,Rainbow Stamp,9/10,$8.50

Star,Whippet X,172,White,Rainbow Tournament Stamp,9/10,$8.50
Star,Whippet X,175,Orange,Silver Tournament Stamp,9/10,$8.50

Champ,Eagle X,168,Blue,11x Silver Stamp,9/10,$7.50
Champ,Eagle X,174,Clear,11x Black Stamp with Factory Spin Dye,9/10,$9.50
Champ,Eagle L,171,White,11x Red Stamp with Factory Dye,9/10,$9.50

Star,TeeBird,167,Blue,Purple Stamp,9/10,$8.50

Star,SL,172,White,Gold Stamp,9/10,$8.50

Champ,Sidewinder,,Yellow,Red Stamp,9/10,$7.50
Star,Leopard,172,Yellow,Green Stamp,9/10,$8.50

Champion,Aviar Putt & Approach,174,Orange,Silver Stamp,8/10,$7.50
Champion,Aviar Putt & Approach,175,Yellow,Blue Stamp,9/10,$9.50
Star,Aviar,175,Red,Blue Tournament Stamp,8/10,$7.50
Star,Aviar,175,White,Factory Red/Yellow Dye,9/10,$8.50
Star,Aviar,175,Lt Blue,Blue Dye,9/10,$8.50

Soft,Wizard,175,Grey,Black Small Wizard,9/10,$5.00
Supersoft,Wizard,174,Orange,Blue Large Wizard,9/10,$5.00
E,Wizard,175,White,Red Small Wizard,9/10,$5.00

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Replies to This Discussion

Still plenty of discs to choose from. And if you don't see what your looking for ask. I may just have it one of the boxes I haven't been able to get to yet. :-)
i am interested in some of these discs:
Pro Line,Monster-X,176,Orange,Rainbow Pro Line Monster,9/10 Ink on Inside Rim and Flight Plate,$10.00
do you have pictures?
and is this one disc or two?
emailme: admrbd@yahoo.com
It's just one disc. The "Rainbow Pro Line Monster" is the color and lettering on the stamp. I can get some pictures out later tonight.

Brad said:
i am interested in some of these discs:
Pro Line,Monster-X,176,Orange,Rainbow Pro Line Monster,9/10 Ink on Inside Rim and Flight Plate,$10.00
do you have pictures?
and is this one disc or two?
emailme: admrbd@yahoo.com
Another update for the weekend...
List finally updated check it out and let me know what else you might be looking for.
Thanksgiving Week Sale Off!!!


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