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Just thought I'd try this, been finding out there are a lot more clean and sober golfers out there than I ever thought! That's real nice. I love all my gofing buds, just good to have the clean and "safe"ones too! Hope I don't offend anyone by starting the club,or by anything that may be said. It's not intended to cause any anger or resentments, just clean and sober friendships, encouragements, and to have the connection.

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I've never been drunk. Only had a few drinks in my life. Many people are surprised when I tell them I don't drink or do drugs. I guess it's assumed when you listen to a certain kind of music, dress a certain way or have certain political opinions. Oh well. We will overcome.
You know about my struggles shel, and I'm glad that you've started this club...It definately needed to be done....
Guess what guys! Good news here! I know that in my dealings with my A.A. groups, they always say in any given situation, if you want to get something done, there always has to be action. Well, after being "shut in" for a day, and coming out of my house for only an hour, I was a lunatic pissed off B, at just about anything and everything. The next day got a little better, as I made myself go out and throw some discs. I made myself throw with some friends, so as to not isolate myself once again! It was nice, just to hang out, casual talk, after the round of golf we hung out by the fire at the pavillion at my home course. I had no pressure for time, nothing I just had to hurry off and go do, since I'm always running around like a chicken with it's head cut off! It was nice to relax...several of us just hung out and watched the sunset into darkness...it gave me a chance to refresh my soul. I reflected on my life in comparison to how it was 8 months ago, such an extreme change! So much more peaceful now, more directed, more full. I realize how lucky I am to just be alive. I have so many things to be grateful for, too much to type, thank goodness, huh? My life can go any way I have it turn, in my meetings, they say we have to follow through with action. I have been sitting around, feeling "blah", and finally got out, and did something. First off I had to chair a meeting, I opened the meeting with stating how the hardest part for me to deal with concerning my sobriety was acceptance and faith. So, that was the topic. I know that accepting my weakness to drugs and alcohol was very slow coming, years actually. But, I'm finally here, I have learned that I have to accept where I am, who I am, and that I must have faith in God to take care of me. As they even say in the Bible, God helps those who help themselves. Well, I went to pick up my last paycheck today, went to fill out an application for another job, and completed testing for another job. Now I come home 4 hours later, and I got the job!!!! I may even have two jobs now! I did the action, and now things are happening in a positive way, I know I owe this to God. My sobriety and my actions played a role of coarse, but it's all because of God working in my life!! I'm so grateful,thankful, and happy! : )
Hope this counts but i have never smoked in my life and all my friends do peer pressure will not get to me. I do drink but only at home. If my friends and i are going to play and they want to drink by all means i will drive!!!
Closing in on 20 years here. Living life is a trip, but its so much better than self-medicating and holding on to all the misery. I've gotta say that even on the suckiest of days my life is so much better than it was while using.

For anybody working on their first day, first week, first month, or first year, just keep on keepin' on. It's worth it. Walk away from the ever present smell of dope and clanking of beer bottles on the course, and go grab a soda and a cookie and get the hell off the course. Disc golf and sobriety work....but maybe not that great the first year. :)
Well, this was very unexpected! An old friend called me this a.m., telling me he just got out of rehab. He was going through his cell phone and deleting all the numbers, but 4, and I happened to be one of the saved ones, if I was still clean and sober. I was proud to tell him yes, for 9 months now, and that I was proud of him for putting himself in rehab. He used to hang around my brother in grade school, so I known him since 1983, wow! Anyway, it was nice to be able to be here for him to talk to, he's trying a brand new way of life, and I hope to be a positive influence on him to encourage him to stay clean. I am seeing miracles everyday, it's so cool!!


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