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This is a place to discuss anything related to Tee Signs.
-Sponsorship, Homemade vs. manufactured, Metal vs. Wood, Cost, Construction, Photos of possibilities

This is a sample of Ryan Coles proposed Tee Sign graphics for The Grover.  I think it's smokin hot!  There is a larger version of this same graphic later in this thread.

The graphics could be displayed by various Tee Sign setups.  This is one of the possibilities.

DGA deluxe model, about $105(+shipping), Standard model(Single pane) about $60(+ship).  We potentially have a graphic artist for hole
maps.  Hole maps will be computer generated full color graphics not stickers in photo
We are looking for companies, individuals to purchase tee signs in
exchange for your name/logo permanently displayed on signs.  We are
open to several different models of tee signs.

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about $125
galvanized steel
includes graphic design of hole map(weird)
This is Innovas top of the line model. they have less expensive ones
Just throwing out some Tee Sign possibilites and price estimates.
I don't have photos of the Dexter or Adair tee signs.
Bruce Sisson guessed $30-$50 on the Dexter signs. They were originally intended for a private course. Give props to Bruce. Without him a whole mess of us wouldn't even be Disc Golfers.
The Adair Tee Signs are made from phone poles and I'm gonna guess that they could be made for $30 or less each, but again that doesn't include labor.
Just throwing out some food for thought. There is still a severe shortage of labor and funds at the Grove.
The homemade tee signs at Dabney were really awesome when they came out back in the day. They are mounted on a pressure treated 4 x 4 post and would probably be a little cheaper than $50 each to build, but we'd have to build them too and being wood they would'nt last as long or be as vandal resistant. I'm guessing $30 each to be on the safe side and a lot more labor.

DGA basic model. A computer generated graphic could have a map of the hole and incorporate a sponsors name or logo. Price about $60

This is one of the hole maps from the 2007 United States Disc Golf Championship. I don't have a flippin clue how to make a hole map like this and I realize it sets the bar really high. Are there any Disc Golfer Graphic Artists out there? Graphic art students?
Anybody great at Illustrator or Photoshop?

This is from the 2009 Caddy Book. There both maps of two holes side by side
I have fairly competant skills at illustrator and photoshop. I drew the map for the grove by hand and imported it to photoshop and fixed it up in 30 mins or so..

But, theres that time issue.. I have been looking for more of it.. has anybody seen more of it laying around? cause I have been looking hard.. can't find any.
I hear you on the time crunch bro. Obviously I don't have a time crunch today because I'm blogging like a fiend. Too much Caffeine!

At this point Tom, I don't really want to see you doing anything else on the course other than playing it and slamming some stakes in the ground for us to install pins. I have a couple Grover projects sitting in my back yard and there just gonna sit until it's fun again. Wednesday nights is another story for me. I enjoy playing a round at the Grove. Busting out 30 minutes of work in the dark and then going out for beer and pool with some friends. That works great for me. My weekends are mine. I play on my days off. I don't work on the course.

Nice job on the map. If in 6 months or a year making hole maps sounds like fun to you I'm sure you'd do a great job.
I like the looks of the 2009 Caddy book better than the Winthrop one. If something in between the two could be created and put into a DGA basic model I think that would work (there could be a Grove Tournament to raise the funds - 84 people at $15 a head should do it).

I'm pretty booked up right now, but I'm a graphic artist proficient in Photoshop and would be happy to do the graphic work for a little sign recognition. I could find time to crack out great looking signs in a week or two.

Email me for my number if you're interested.

I think what we are looking for is something cheap and simple, for now. We can always upgrade down the road. If someone like Ryan Cole can do something for us fairly cheap, maybe we can afford to but the sign post and display cases for them. I am willing to do any of the work to get them in the ground. As long as it's on a day I'm available. This is a good forum for hashing these things out. Nice discussion Adam. Hope I can get to play with you soon. Maybe you can attend the Romance/Bro-mance tourney on the 14th. I'll be there with my son playing as a team. By the way all of the sign you posted look sufficient, but I agree with Ryan, the Caddy book looks really good, how much for 18-19 of them? I also found these signs and I have some drawings on CAD that might work, and I can get them for FREE, and that's always good!

Call me some time 541-543-5860
Let me get this straight.
You are a graphic artist.
You would be willing to do hole maps similiar to the 2009 USDGC Caddy Book.
All you want in return is your name or your company's name on a sign.
You are my freakin hero!
Hell yeah were interested.

The idea with the tee signs is to get company's/individuals to pay for them in exchange for the company name or logo on the tee sign. If we went with the DGA basic model (or any other sign with just one pane)the hole map and sponsors name or logo would be combined on one 8 1/2' x 11' sheet.

I am open to any type of tee sign with two conditions.(Tom please jump in)
-They need to be vandal resistant and permanently attached to the ground.
-They need to have a computer printed hole map that can be re-printed again over time as new pins are added or things change.

The DGA basic model meets both conditions.

I believe that Tab has a goggle earth map of the course. Tom also has a course map on this site. Would these be helpful in creating the maps?

I'll post some links to the USDGC Caddy Books.
My e-mail adam19er@yahoo.com

You Rock Ryan!
Love to play with you sometime soon Tab. Afraid I can't make the Bromance/Romance. I'm on Daddy Daycare that day. It sounds like a blast.

The USDGC Caddy Books are little books that they give to the participants in The United States Disc Golf Championship to give them info on the holes. I just thought it was a good example of some cutting edge Disc Golf Hole Maps. A map similiar to the USDGC ones would be printed out on a computer and then laminated and installed in the DGA metal signs. If a new pin was added to a hole a few years down the road or a few days in Tom's case, it would be relatively easy to pull up the map on the computer add another pin location, print laminate and install in the metal sign. The problem with the wooden routed signs at Whistlers is that as the course evolves and new holes and pins are added it's really hard to go back and router new pin locations on a wooden sign. The same is kind of true of the sticker signs at westy. Fairly inflexible.

I agree with you Tab, any prefab Metal sign that someone else will pay for works for me(Tom?). Ryans graphics could fit in any of them. We would pour them in concrete though so upgrading down the road is unlikely. Thanks for all your work on the map and signs.

Have a great weekend Bro!!


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