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I don't mind designing for the local club. But....it really takes time & skills. Is it too much to ask for FREE entry fee or is that lame?

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I dont ASK for anything but normaly get my entry fee paid or discounted or a disc somthing.... when ever i do a hot stamp or trophy disc or t-shirt i make sure they get at least one for me....

you are right tho i have done things for out of town people that have seen my stuff on the here.... seems like i do stuff and get the promise of comp but then once art is sent i dont hear from them again.... guess i got to stop trusting in the DG community or just dont ever expect compensation.... good topic!

every club wants a designer in their ranks.....
No way is that lame. I've done consulting work in a number of different fields (I.T., small business administration, martial arts instruction) and from my experience if you give your services away for free that's what people will think they're worth. How much time, money, frustration, research has gone into acquiring your skill? I'm guessing it's not a zero sum game.

That doesn't stop you from offering very good rates (better than can be readily had elsewhere) but zero, in my opinion, is not a reasonable rate.

If you provide high quality, professional caliber work, then you should be be compensated. Also I think your idea of a work/trade agreement with your club is spot on! They're not "technically" laying out any capital so you both get something you want at great prices.

Economics in action. I would ask your club to cover your entry fee. If they hesitate or refuse you can negotiate a reduced entry fee in trade for services rendered. Work your way up from there.
i normaly get at least one of what ever my designs go on and typicaly get entry fee paid for touneys i do the art for.

this last event I got my entry fee plus a full color ontario roc and a hot stamp boss. I attached the artwork for the full color disc & posters.
So is this usually the way doing art for disc golf is paid? I recently did my first disc-art and got a fair trade of staying in a hotel a couple nights for free, but I figured that surely, most all people who do art for discs and tournaments get paid or have a price. I know that other people who work with art definitely have a price. One company I know charges $50/hr for designing art from scratch for t-shirt designs.

I am interested to hear more on this topic.
The SADC club web site - FREE.
Tee signs for SADC Tourneys - FREE
Promo work for SADC - FREE
Disc Design for SADC- FREE

If it's for SADC, my club, Hell yeah FREE. Even then I usually receive some token of appreciation, but it's all for my disc family. If another club solicits my help, you bet I expect restitution. I have a copy of all the discs I've done, thats my minimum. Currently I'm not in it for the money, but times change.
i am the same way.. the ODGC (omaha disc golf club) pretty much gets my work for free as do some of the sorounding clubs that we support and support us... I did a stamp for the Greater Millwakee Open and he sent me a buch of disc that i was able to sell/trade here localy.... worked out for me. I honestly dont expect to make a living off from being a DG artist... mostly i want to help promote the sport and also i like it when i overhear "this is the coolest tourney i have ever got" and the person saying it dosent even know it was me....:)

i sell t shirts on the side... so far i have probly donated more than i have sold but like last week i drove 45 minutes to a 5 dollar entry fee tourney... Gave a shirt away as a CTP prize and sold 40 bucks worth of shirts. (only about 20 of that was profit)
Maybe, we should start a Union...?
my standard pricing structure:

if it benefits a charity or a course... free, with their choice of stamped plastic for my archives (I prefer one of each model, but whatever their volume allows for, their call)

if it's for an event I can play... free entry, one of each model stamped, one of any swag item, and normally they offer Staff privileges like lodging and grub :D

if it's for an event I can't or am not playing... I give them options on complexity, directly proportional to cost (at a very reasonable rate, lower than my regular freelance rate)

if it's for a business... regular freelance graphics rates (not cheap)

and of course I'll do insane amounts of work for free if I feel like it, or if I see it as a good marketing opportunity :D
Been there, done that, for FREE. I feel bad about asking for a FREE entry fee, too bad it's not just offered.


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