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I teach in Ann Arbor Mi, and have played DG for a coupla years. I'm thinking about starting a disc golf club at school and wonder if anyone has had any luck starting something similar and has any info, it might be helpful.

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Yeah Boy! I started a disc club at willow Glen High School in San Jose CA... About 7 years ago. we play ultimate every friday and with that I get them into disc golf. I personally purchased portable baskets and got a course going around the campus. I used that course and maps/score cards to get the PE department to teach DG...

My club has grown... We average about 30-40 members and 10-20 of those kids continue to play DG outside school.

First piece of advice... get a portable basket and just go outside and putt during lunch... in seconds you will get a crowd and interested kids... set up a video and be consistent with your presence...

Oh yeah, my kids have also worked hard at the local course...

Good luck and rip it up

Hey man. Boy is it good to find this group.
I also teach in Michigan. About an hour and a half north from you. I have intentions of starting a club at my high school and have been given the thumbs up by the boss-man.

I would LOVE to get organized and set up some competitions. I actually sent out an email to 79 principals in the state of michigan about starting a club at their school (and Pioneer HS in Ann Arbor was one.)
Unfortunately, i got a response from ZERO people. NONE.

If you are serious about this, I have been mulling over ideas for the past 6 months. (I personally think the Fall would be the best season for this, especially in our state).

I got ideas. Send me a response and perhaps a contact email address (school/personal) and I can share with you what I got.
I think it would take me to at least the fall to get it together enough to give it a real go. Too bad you didn't hear from anyone at Pioneer, they actually have a nine hole course, although it's taken quite a bit of abuse. I teach at Huron and bandemer park is about two minutes away from our school. I think it would be cool to get perhaps a league together. Let me talk to our A.D. to see if she's for it or not. I'd be interested to hear some of your thoughts.
Just in case this has slipped past people. There is the EDGE (educational disc golf expearence) program. I haven't looked into it much. I believe that it is mostly geared to phys ed classes. I think they have lesson plans and such too. Here's the link: http://www.edgediscgolf.org/
I've looked into that EDGE program and I'm a little concerned about the quality of their goods. The baskets look like they're made mostly of plastic. Never judge a book by it's ad in Disc Golf World though.

Here's a cool thing that I've done to introduce the game in my classes. I bought a portable Innova basket (Skill Shot) for $120 from MC Sports. That's after taxes. Pretty affordable in comparison. I use it during test review sessions in the classroom, which may not be possible in some peoples' situations. The review game follows this format (here comes some teacher talk)
1. Write a variety of point values on the back of index cards. Also throw in some fun mini challenges to keep it interesting on these cards.
2. Tape the cards to your dryerase board, chalk, board, wall etc. in rows and columns. Label them in Battle Ship style so the kids can select cards.
3. Divide the class into groups (4 is fine). Each group then picks a card (B, 7). You pull the card reveling a point value or something like: Skip You. Throw Discs Upside-down, Target Practice, etc.
4. Ask the group a test review question. If they get it right, the group can simply KEEP thier points and you willmove to the next group, OR the group has the option of Risking their points.
This is where the disc comes into play, finally
5. If the group wishes to risk the points earned from that question they pick a shooter. That person gets 3 tries to make a shot from the opposite side of the classroom, which is about 20-25 feet for me.
6. If the shooter makes his/her first shot, the group gets 3x the original point value, if they miss that, but make the 2nd they get 2x the points, if they miss that, but make the 3rd they simply keep the original point value, but if the shoot misses all 3 attempts the group loses the points for that question (only the points for that question, NOT ALL that they've earned)
7. Move around the room in this manner.

There's other things you'll have to address like steals, etc. but that's up to you. A word of caution, errant shots with discs in the confines of a classroom have great destruction capabilities. I've already lost an overhead projecter to a Discraft Surge FLX. You THINK that moving things to the side would be protection enough, but some girls, who have never thrown a disc, can have pretty bad aim.

It's might sound complicated at first, but it's really not. The kids love it, and now 150 seniors who had never heard of disc golf have played it in school.

That's one method to promote the game.
my school email address is rbelprez@davison.k12.mi.us

Feel free to contact me via that address. If any of you wish to post some contact info, that might help the spread of ideas on how to bring this sport into the high schools


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