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I'm very happy to be a part of this group! I was curious as to what some of you conciously try to do in order to be a positive influence on the disc golf community? I'm a disc vendor, and while some of it may go completely unnoticed - I try to do thing like this: I refuse to sell anything that references 4:20 on it, has a marajuana leaf (or leaves on it), I don't put out anything that references Jerry Garcia or deadheads on it. I try to be encouraging when standing behind the merch table. You won't hear me swearing on or off the course, and you won't hear me tearing another person down.

I'm not a big fan of some of the disc names that I carry, but there's not a whole lot I can do about that (Wraith, Wizard, Warlock, Banshee, and I hear there's one called the Voodoo coming out this year). I could refuse to sell those items, but I try to concentrate more on the stuff other than the disc name (like the stuff I mentioned above). One thing that I regret having was at a tournament for middle schoolers I had two Star Wraiths in a tub that I forgot had a bowling green hot stamp on it. One of their big sponsors (I think that's how they are related) is for Budweiser Select. There was a big budweiser stamp on these discs, and when a couple of the kids found it, they thought it was the coolest thing ever. Do I want to support that? Not at all! Thankfully the kid didn't have enough money and didn't win, so he wasn't able to buy the disc and I got rid of it elsewhere... but what would that say about me if I let a 11-12 year old buy a disc because he thought it was cool that it had a beer logo on it? What would his parents think?

I'd love to hear other's thoughts!

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Great topic Scott
Not that I get to play tournaments that much lately but I always try to have a smile on my face and if I'm having a bad round I never let it show, I usually try to wear one of my Christian topic T-shirts as well.I too never swear on or off the course, I have played rounds with guys who are droping F bombs all over the place and I'll aproach them and ask them to tone it done.Most of the time its met with a positive, I too wounder where they come up with some of the names for the Disc, some of them are down right evil. I congratulate you on your choice not to sell Disc that promote marajuana and another thing you could do is put tracks out or leave a Bible by the cashbox.
thanks for joying Disc Golfers for Jesus
I have recently gotten into disc golf and have been a relatively solid Christian for nearly thirty years. In those thirty some years I have been involved in youth ministries in the church and involved in the community in sports through church teams and non church teams. I have found that most non Christians have more of a problem with our actions regarding how we treat others and less about whether we have a glass of wine or an occasional beer. The ones that have the most trouble with that are those inside the church. If they would do a little more digging into their own bibles they would fine that any alcohol in moderation is ok, There is actually a verse in the old testament that was telling the Israelites that if there journey was too far that they could simply take the funds they needed and purchase whatever they needed, including strong drink, once they arrived at the place of sacrifice (Duet 14: 22-26). He speaks also about those that serve at the altar not drinking wine or strong drink as well as those that carry the mantle of leadership being addicted too much wine.

It is really drunkeness and overindulgence that is the problem. God actually had to speak to me personally about an overzealous softball addiction, so I am not trying to cast stones here. The lack of self control, whether that be alcohol, anger, lust, greed, or any of the other vices is what is most detrimental to our ability to influence in our circle of society and that is because of the absence of love. "They will know we are Christians by our love for one another" is what says volumes to our communities. Not being judgemental of others, but showing the love of Christ to everyone we come in contact with, even the most difficult people, makes an impact far more than whether we market stuff with an occasional beer logo. Being out there, where they are, will give you the opportunity to share the message that has transformed the rest of us and given us this great hope. My two favorite discs are the Beast and Destroyer, but they don't stand in the way of me loving my enemy on the course. I praise their good shots and mourn with them when things go awry. Just my thoughts, anyone else?
All we can really do as Christians playing in a sport that is dominantly non-christian is be an example. What would Jesus do? Language is a big one, playing golf a lot and NEVER letting a word fly is nearly impossible, at least for me. Think about it though, the whole beauty of being a true christian and honoring Jesus for what he did for EVERYONE is that we are not perfect. I find sometime when I try to be to perfect is when it becomes the hardest to stay on track. I just do what I can, glorify when I can and if I have an opportunity to truly witness to someone awesome.
I have NOTW written on the back of every disc, so that opens up conversation sometimes. I purchased a large quantity of Discgolfer for Christ mini's. I use it proudly and carry extras in case I come upon someone who truly wants to use it to glorify.
I don't worry about the names of disc's but do hold to making sure there is no reference that would not glorify. I can play golf with a dozen guys and they have their light up hole, I don't participate but I don't condemn. They know where I stand and have accepted me into their circle. So all we can do at that point is to glorify as often as we can, do not participate in anything that we deem unworthy. Again, what would Jesus do?
I think the most important thing is to remember that none of us are perfect and that is why we love Jesus so much. If through all of the little things we try to do we can change even one life or just plant a few solid seeds, we are glorifying him.
Great club, great topic
God Bless to all
Danny Z
What does NOTW refer to? I have not heard the meaning. Good word.
NOTW - Not of This World. We live in the world but are not of the world because our life belongs to Jesus. Colossians 2:8 Basically, do not rely on the world or its traditions, rely only on Jesus.
Very few know what it means so I have an opportunity to gloify by proudly stating what it means, once in a great while it even opens up a change to witness.
Cool, I use a mark on the tops of some of my discs so I don't pick up someone elses and recieve a penalty stroke. It is a capital T over a capital H where all of the lines of the letters don't touch except where they cross which forms a cross. It's my Royal Rangers Frontiersman Camping Fellowship totem and it stands for TwoHands. Two hands to pray, to serve, to praise, to lift up my brother, that sort of thing. I've attached a bmp of it. Looks like God has all sorts of ways to get the conversations started, but of course we knew that. Blessings.

That is all we can do, try to stay on the path, give Jesus the glory and witness when we can. Really he does all the work, most of the time we don't even realize it. That is cool.

I always try to wear one of my C28 shirts or one of my shirts I get at the church book / gift store...give him glory
Ralph said:
"Not being judgemental of others, but showing the love of Christ to everyone we come in contact with, even the most difficult people, makes an impact far more than whether we market stuff with an occasional beer logo."
That goes a long way with non believers.

Here's an idea that has worked pretty well around here. Our Church co-sponsors the local Ace Race. The youth group comes out and cooks lunch for everybody and hands out water and sodas. Some of the golfers have said it meant alot to them that a Church group cared enough to come out and help at a tournament. It helps tear down some of the ideas non-Christians have about us.

Also a friend of mine writes verses on the bottom of his discs. If he loses one and somebody finds it, lets them keep it and just ask that they read the verse.
Coming in very late here, but I wanted to reply to the original post... I don't think you can do much about the disc names. I had to go look up what "wraith" meant because I didn't know. So, it's a "ghost" or spirit I don't think that throwing one or selling one means anything. As for 4:20, you might just find a bible version (Acts 4:20?) that has some significance and start making shirts with that on it.

The only time I drink is around my wife, because that presence keeps me from the stupid decisions that come with being drunk. Having said that, I don't drink that much, and definitely avoid the drunk part. That's more of the reason I don't drink & golf than because of the influence I have on others, though I did start a group for guys in recovery and tell people who attend that we don't want drinking or smoking, just to keep the cravings for these struggling men at bay. I don't swear, but I'm not offended by those who do. It's more about having to explain myself to my kids. And, to me, it just sounds ridiculous to hear a lot of swearing... I can say the same things with a grunt or a "come ON!" Bad shots are my fault anyway. If I am frustrated, I do show it, though. I'm human, not perfect. I think non-Christians need to see Christians who are like them, who get frustrated, not some unattainable form of a human they could never live up to. Because, WE don't live up to it, either. We just have the Gift, nailed to a cross. Hiding who we are and then publicly failing is why so many people think Christians are hypocrites.

I like the mini disc idea, because it's hard to steer a conversation about disc golf to Christianity without turning people off. It's important to me to form a relationship with the people so they know I'm legit and they can count on me. My main conversation starter right now is that I run a disc golf "home team" every Saturday morning. I invite all sorts of people to it, and while most don't show up, at least it's a way to say "I'm a Christian, watch me closely to see that I won't be too judgemental or perfect and let me know if you have any questions about Christ. I'm right here."

I'm also trying to get a course set up on church land (my church bought 100 acres out of town to build on, and most of it is just land still). I think saying "hey, you should try this course at my church" would be a great conversation starter. Lots of work to do until then, though.
the 4:20 bible verse is a good idea. 1 corintians 4:20 is a good one i think "For the kingdom of God is demonstrated not in idle talk but with power". There is a good chance if a stoner finds a disc with this on it, he may be curious and check it out.
I have an interest in getting a disc golf Sunday morning get together, for those of us who miss church on Sunday's playing tournaments. I have tried at several major events, (Des Moines Challenge, Minnesota Majestic, Bolwing Green Ams) but the Sunday morning just doesn't seem to work well with different courses and different tee times. I think figuring out a way to have like minded Christians meet on Sunday's would help us impact the disc golf community. Any thoughts out there. It would be kind of like Fellowship of Christian Athletes only for disc golfers on Sunday morning tournaments. What think ye?

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