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I'm trying to drum up a drinking version of Disc Golf for my bachelor party. Do you guys have any good ideas/ rules? I'm thinking the lowest two scorers for each hole don't half to chug a half beer, but everyone else does. Maybe another rule like: longest drive can assign one drink.

Anybody have more creative ideas?

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Here's a game that's been brewing in my head for a while... let's call it Beer Hunter: Every person brings a six pack of individual GOOD beers... no crap allowed. The winner(s) at each hole get to pick 1 beer out the loser(s) beer stash. If there are more winners than losers for a hole, no beer is exchanged. Beer can be opened to drink at any time but each person can only have 1 beer open at a time... so you might want to drink that favorite one first so noone gets it from you!
Be careful with that one, super easy to get wasted chuggin' and walkin' around. Guess that's the point though, huh?
Back in Kalamazoo there is a game that is played with adult beverages. Some adverturous disc golfers would drink something every time they got a birdie. This game becomes self regulated... the more birdies you get the more you drink... the more you drink the fewer birdies you get... Get a designated driver if your playing an easy course.
My buddys & I play a game we call BB. If you make a birdie, you pick some one to chug a beer. If you or some one makes a bogie, you and who ever else ( if any ) chug a beer. Need to have alot of beer playing this. Hope ya'll have fun.
Most of the discussion looks like it got deleted off the page. For those of you interested in a good drinking/ disc golf game, here's the one I invented for my BP. It's called Hayter disc golf.

Rules of Hayter Disc Golf

Hayter Disc Golf is a combination of Disc Golf and the drinking card game Asshole. It works like this: at the end of each hole, after the scores are tallied, a President, Vice President, and Asshole are elected for the next hole. The lowest score for the hole becomes the Pres, 2nd best becomes VP, and the highest score for the hole becomes Asshole. In the event of a tie at the end of a hole, a half beer chug race will decide the rankings, judged by any appointed player. The offices carry the following responsibilities until the next hole is over and new officials are elected:

1. Can make any player drink at any time, and no-one may make the President
drink but himself.
2. The Pres is the first player to start each round.
3. The Pres can claim any other player’s tee shot, except for the VP’s, he wishes
to use as his own. The player who has his tee shot stolen inherits the Pres’
tee shot.
4. Chooses the minimum drive “line of fire” for drinks. Anyone not making a drive
past the assigned line will have to drink.
5. Finally, the Pres makes a rule for each hole that lasts for the duration of the
hole. (A good example is: anyone who uses any golf vocabulary, such as
birdie, par, driver, etc., must drink).

Vice President:
1. Can make any player drink at any time (except Pres), only the Pres or self can
make the VP drink.
2. The VP goes second in each round and has his tee shot protected from Pres.
3. The VP can claim any other player’s tee shot, except for the Pres’, he
wishes to use as his own. The player who has his tee shot stolen inherits
the VP’s tee shot.

1. Can be told by anyone to drink.
2. Plays last.
3. Carries keg or cooler.
4. Must wear the asshole hat until his term is served.
5. Must fill the beer cups for everyone else.
6. For those of us who stink at disc golf: there is a three hole (consecutive) limit
on being Asshole. If you lose the fourth consecutive hole, the second to last person becomes Asshole for the next hole. If you lose the fifth consecutive hole, you resume being Asshole for up to three more holes.

The best parts of this game are 1. getting hammered and 2. stealing tee shots.
Dudes, it's called a beer a hole. Make up rules as you progress the course. Good times...
If you have your own basket, you can play putting games like horse or make a variation of beer pong with a basket. My roommates and I have made drinking games out of anything.


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