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What is everyone's beer of choice when out on the course? I've noticed different areas have their preferences, usually a craft beer of some kind.

Around here, Buffumville, I see a lot of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. When I buy it at the package store near the course the woman makes a comment about being a disc golfer.

Myself, I like something like Magic Hat #9 or Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Nothing too heavy while I'm doing all the walking.

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it has to vary by season. are you drinking to stay warm or drinking to stay cool. now: a stout, probably rouge chocolate. as it warms up: a copper ale, otter creek or lagunitas. summer time: a crisp IPA, i'll try as many different ones as i can. when fall rolls around again: blue moon harvest moon or any pumpkin ale i can find.
Kind of tuff tromping around Diamond X with bottled beer. However it happens and is usually one of our fine local craft beers from here in Billings Montana. We aren't scared to carry around a case of PBR though.
Depends on the time of year. Summer - Pale Ale - But not too hoppy, something along the lines of a Brooklyn East India Pale Ale. Late summer , early fall - Something hopper - Like a Red Seal Ale or an Anderson Valley IPA. Late fall, without a doubt it's gotta be Anchor Porter or Fuller's London Porter. Winter - If I'm lucky enough to play, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot, or some Irish coffee. Spring - Hoegarden or some fresh tasting Belgium white. Could also go for a nice weissbier. There are so many out there I couldn't choose just one. The list is never set in stone. Sometimes you just gotta throw caution to the wind and pick up a 6er of whatever.
The Budweiser of my fridge, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
I discovered Disc and SN Pale around the same time, 1997. It's been a love affair ever since.
I stick to canned beer on the courses. There are some fine microbrews around that can their product - Capital Brewery in Madison comes to mind.

Bottles are too risky. You could break one, and even if you toss it in a trash can you could have vandals throw them all about.

Good Value, Good Taste, Good Golly!!
Get it so cold it burns and it can't be beat.
Richard, I will be expecting your resignation on my desk by Monday morning. While I appreciate your passion, this is the group for disc golfers who love GOOD beer. You may find a group for "fans of cheap crap barely fit for human consumption" / "what i drank during my fraternity days" better suited for your pallet.


~ The Reverend
HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa, Rev you're killin' me! I love my Beast and you're not the first beer snob to look down their hoppy nose at me. My friends try to brow beat me into drinkin' a more socially acceptable brew. We're gonna have to agree to disagree. I have a friend that works at the local Miller Distributor. They pick up any out of date beer. Out of appreciation for inviting him out to play at my private course, on two occassions he brought brought me over ten cases of The Beast. In the words of Dionne Warwick, "That's what friends are for". I have one frig. in my club house near the #1 & #8 tee box and there is another frig. located near the #10 basket / #11 Tee Box. You can almost always find The Beast ready to please in the first frig.

Love ya' Rev!!

OK, i can deal with that and agree to disagree. Heck I'll even bring you a case of that swamp water if I can get 18 in at the farm some time.
To be fair, my topic was "Best BEER to golf with! lol
Otter Creek? A pumpkin ale? What the heck? I gotta' side with Richard here. I ain't a fan of Milwaukee's Best but after six of your "pumpkin ales," who even cares what it is as long as it gets the job done.
One of the best days I've had while discin...we had a Pig (a large round container that dispenses beer and holds about 2.25 gallons) full of red ale from a local brewery (Herferd & Hops). The pig was a very cumbersome thing to haul around a disc course, but between the four or five of us we took turns on each hole ...so not too bad. When we were thirsty we hoisted the thing over our heads pressed the dispenser button and guzzled the beer as it poured into our mouths and down our chins. It was gluttonous, barbaric and messy ...It was the best idea we ever had. It is kinda a pain in the ass so we don't do it often , plus we all got simply wasted on a 90 degree day, I don't think I made par after the 6th hole. but some day Im sure we're gonna have to do this again.


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