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What is the worst beer you have the pleasure of drinking... anything so bad you couldn't finish it?
remember we're all friends, so don't start crying if someone hates your favorite ale. One man's Natty Ice is another man's nectar of the gods.

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and here are my thoughts:
1) Butternut's Farm House IPA - only because each time i bought their mixed 12 packs all 3 IPA's where spoiled and blew up when i opened them. One shot a good 20 feet trough the kitchen, into the living room and hit my wife covering her with rancid beer foam. yes i laughed.
2) Balashi - the national beer of Aruba. Carbonated salt water with 4.3% abv... thanks for trying Aruba. I had it on my honeymoon, it was bad enough that i was "forced" to drink fruity rum drinks most of the time, oh darn.
Miller Lite

lol about the butternut farm brew. My wife would NOT have been happy, as she hates even the smell of beer.
My 2nd and 3rd batches I ever made. Mr Beer West coast pale ale. I put hops in the bottle like a dumb ass. Came out so nasty....Doin better now onto my 8,9,10 batches.
I was at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver last October with my brothers and we were focusing on darker, maltier beers like porters, imperial stouts and doppelbocks. I don't know what brewery it was from or even which state it came from but we tried a smoked porter that was so bad we couldn't swallow it and spit it right out into the rinse buckets on the table.

The beer tasted like they didn't use smoked malt, but rather like they used "Liquid Smoke" instead. Very artificial and chemical tasting. My brother said it tasted like he was drinking a bacon cheeseburger. I said it didn't even taste that good. Just a god-awful beer. I cringe just thinking about it.
Sorry to hear that. Porter is my favorite type of beer.

I know I said above that the worst was miller lite, but that isn't true looking back. The worst brew I had was a raspberry beer at Fitgers's Brew Pub in Duluth, MN. It tasted like cough syrup. Never again will I try a fruit flavored beer. It was the first and last. The rest of the legitimate beers at the micro brewery are quite good though.
I agree with Brandon. I had a Pete's Wicked Winter Ale (or something to that effect) a year ago and it tasted like it should have been poured onto a scone. It was unright. I also don't much care for McEwan's Scotch Ale. It was the opposite of refreshing, in my opinion.
Wait a minute... I just realized something from your story about the Butternut IPA... you said ALL THREE were spoiled and that they all blew up. That would imply to me that you attempted to open all 3 of said 'beer bombs'...in your house? With loved ones present?? I would have taken the remaining two, shaken them, yelled "fire in the hole" and lobbed them at my annoying neighbors (if I had annoying neighbors...which I don't).
ok so here's how it went down. i grabbed a beer cracked it, pored about 3oz into my glass and it foamed over the edge and stank liked skunked beer, so i dumped it. i reached in and snagged the next one out of the case and the can was bulging. here's where i made my mistake, i figured i'd point the mouth down over the sink and just fire it down the drain... wrong. see with the mouth at the top the gas can escape easily in a spray of foam, but with can upside down all of the liquid must leave the can under pressure before the gas can escape. and i just didn't have enough of a grip on the can. the third one i did throw into the dumpster outside... it burst and i got skunked too. and that's my story.
Alright, good to hear. Sounds like you handled it perfectly. Sorry to bring your judgement into question. :-) That is really funny.
Oberon from Bells (KZoo MI) is one of the worst, most inconsistent craft beers that ive ever tasted... Larry Bell is a cocksucker haha
Crazy Horse Malt Liquor, (could not get past my first three sips) Milwaukees Best Light, Old Milwaukee. Okay, so I listed three. Yeah, this is a way old thread, but hey, sometimes they get resurrected. lol


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