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Hey kids, keep a watch out for your first issue of Flying Disc. If you're not an opt-in PDGA member, you can get yours from our website or many disc sport retailers. Please let us know what you think! Any suggestions, comments, or cool ideas are welcome.

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got the new issue friday. I Really like it, great first issue.... hidden inside an ad for this site was a tiny pic of my ugly mug!
We'll have to proofread more carefully, ugly pictures are supposed to be HUGE.
it's here! it's here! it's really really here!
great job rich, bill, & crew.

i've been looking forward to a more contemporary magazine. every page in full color! an article on moraine (whose course can only be done justice in full color)!

do you have any swag? i'd totally sport your logo on my golf bag or self.
FDM, I just got my first issue yesterday. Congratulations! One down ... many more to go. Don't be too surprised how fast the time goes ... it'll fly.
Making a great magazine is an evolutionary process. I see great potential in what you've produced.

I've worked in the magazine business for quite a few years (25+), as an illustrator, production manager, and art director, and there are quite a few things I like about FDM.

Having been reading a lot of disc golf instructional articles over the last few years, I thought some of the stories were a bit on the "light" side. That's OK, but don't forget there are a lot of players who are intermediate to advanced and they are looking for the tip that will push them up a notch.

The design, well this is where I have the most experience and I have pretty strong opinions. I have a couple of suggestions:
1. Consistent typography. Every story does not need to fill the page. I see a lot of examples of pushing the font size up to "fill". Style sheets are a valuable tool, develop them, and stick to the plan.
2. Background screens are fun, but if overdone, make reading difficult and cause a magazine to look jumbled and inconsistent. Don't use them just because you can. Remember that the reader needs to be able to see the type to read it.
3. Art is fun to create, but not every story or section needs to be over designed. Let it breathe. Don't let your designer "burn out" trying to over-design every single story and element (believe me, you will start running out of ideas about how to make every single article cute). Develop a consistent look, and let the graphics shine where they are most important.
4. Look at the demographics of the sport, and size type, design around the CORE of that demographic. If you want to be a skateboard magazine, you design for skateboarders ... disc golf is a challenge because I think it has a pretty diverse readership.
4. Follow design rule #1, Keep it simple stupid [nothing personal, that's the rule as I learned it, KISS]. I see a lot of stories that would be easier to read and digest if they weren't buried beneath the graphics.

On a positive note, EVERY first issue of a magazine is a bit of an experiment, and one of the most challenging and creative processes I've ever been involved with. Have fun, don't make it harder than it has to be. Try to make as many readers as possible happy, and don't forget to have fun doing it.

And last but not least, PRINTING is one of the things that can make or break any publication. I see a lot of registration problems. Some of this is due to the graphic design (small white type on a process color background ... makes it pretty easy to see the registration problem if it exists). These are things that are easy to avoid if you have a lot of magazine design experience. Take a very good look at the final product, and make the necessary "design" adjustments. After issue review meetings with the entire magazine staff are a great way to find and fix many problems.

I'm not too keen on the flag. I've had to design several magazine flags and I know it's a challenge. You can do better.

Overall, Kudos to the entire staff and contributors! I'm glad I opted in to get the magazine. I've enjoyed reading most of it.

I apologize if any of this sounds harsh ... but I have worked in the graphic design and magazine industry for many years, and I know honest criticism is the best way to learn to make a better product! You can't learn much from a lot of "loved it, it was really fresh and clean" type letters.

Keep up the good work!
Hi John. Thanks for taking the time to break your thoughts down for us. We will continually strive to make FDM better all around.

And boy, I'da dotted every 'i' and crossed every 't' if you had been one of my professors! Thanks again, R.
Thanks a million Rich, For ALL you have done. I think it looks great. I liked the article "How Bad Do You Wan To Be Good. Maybe this could be a regular in every issue. With tips for players of all skill levels.
And are woring up an article on the Big Island Open. I'd like to replace my profile photo with one of those great shots
she took of me in Mackenzie.
I'm looking foward to many informative issues to come
Again, Mahalo
A huo ho.
Hey Peter, mine is twice the size of yours......
Issue #2 ... huge improvement! I thought I better post to say what a great job you did on it after my critique of the first issue. "Nice job" to all the FDM staff.

One question ... where can a player find the Bite shoes you reviewed? I can't find them anywhere, and Bite has no information on their site. It's irritating to see a new product get such rave reviews and then find it's not available to the general public ... only to a few players or for a review. What up wit dat?
I hooked up with the Bite rep at a recent event in Washington. Let me check into it, I'll get a contact. The site doesn't give enough info? Bite was recently purchased by Crocs, that may be part of it. Hope that they aren't relying on the rep to sell them.

Thanks for the props on the magazine. We will continually strive to improve. Look for our website rollout soon, too. We'll need that flying to make our Superstar contest go.


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