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Great name for this club!!
We as Christians really have a great Mission Field in the Disc Golf community, online and at the courses. There are a number of ways we can witness:
-Talking with people while we play
-Holding devotions and Prayer at Tournaments
-Handing out tracts(we need a disc golf tract)
-Having a Church or Youth group come and hand out water/drinks and snacks during Tournaments or cook for the players
-Have Church leagues

Anybody else have some ideas?

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Tracts in players packs are a great idea, the most valuable thing you could give.
I hear ya! I'm not one to shove Jesus down peoples throats or bash them over th head with the Bible. I have held a couple of short devotions and prayers at local courses. I did this with our BMX ministry, it started with just me an my kids and ended up with 35 riders from Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, and California.
We started out by handimg out tracts, giving away water/gatorade, and working on kids bikes. At first very few people would talk with us After awhile we started sponsoring other kids, doing devotions and Prayer at the tracks. At first only our team would come to the devotions, the last one we had was about 50 people.
I've found if your devotions are related to the sport and audience you get some really good response. If the people feel you can relate to them and are more receptive to conversation or witnessing.

God has made us all different because He has a different mission for each of us. Our mission is to Spread the Gospel of Jesus, there are many ways to do this, PRAY about it and God will reveal what he wants you to do.....
Checkout our website www.witnessbmx.com
Here's a great idea. Do what NASCAR Dave did. Share your story of how Jesus saved you with antbody that will listen!
I like the idea of group prayer at tournaments and church leagues. Getting believers together strengthens our connection with God and allows Him to work through us.
Wow, great club Liz! We need more of this. Sometimes it feels pretty tough to break through the barrier to other golfers. The more discin' believers we know, the easier it will be. Just like disc golf, a small start can have a huge potential.
I know that one of the best ways is to become friends with your local golfers. Gives them to see your opinion as a friend rather then just a strange guy playing this crazy sport. I will admit that most golfers dont want to be comfronted about it or talk about it. Which is why it is so important for us to act like children of God off and ON the course. Something that is very hard to do when things are not going right. Every local I know well knows I am a Christian. Sometimes it is frustrating when you know they dont want to talk about it, but I know my witness is having an impact in one way or another. God is showing me that everythign happens in His timing, this doesnt mean we need to take a back seat and wait for God to do everything, it just means we need to be patient and take every chance to share without pushing the Gospel on them. I guess what I wish for the most is more Christians who play in the area. Its hard to stand on our own, but then again, Jesus stood by Himself on a cross.
Very well said Miles
Most Discgolfers hate to have / hear the name Jesus spoken on the course and in general are very unreseptive to anything having to do with the Bible or God, the most we can do is live by faith & by example.I know when I gave my life to Jesus all my discgolf buddies turned thier backs on me and treated me like I had aids, for awhile I had to play solo because no one wanted to hang out with me anymore.After awhile they saw that I was the same person just minus all the bad habits I used to have, now some of them call me " The Rev. or Preacherman" which is cool I guess.
I go by the " if you ask i'll tell you policy" that way my friend know if they have any question about the Bible or God they can come to me and I will try to answer any questions they might have, that way they feel like I'm not trying to force anything on them.Sometimes just knowing your a christain has an effect on someone ie how they act or what they say around you..
great club. i have been wanting to start a christian disc golf club where i live. have not gotten the name given to me yet. i think we can be a possitive wittness in all areas of our lives including the course. i am one that will freely share if asked and have no problem adding in conversation that i have church on that night or i played a course while i was at a men's conference. It opens the conversation to if they have interest they can ask.
It is very important for us to demonstrate Christ like Love for others, especially when others avoid you because you are a Christian.
Also living out the old saying "I'm not perfect, just forgiven" can go a long way reaching out to people.
Most of the local club's weekly games are played during Church times, that's one of the reasons we're starting up Disc-iples here. I'm Praying we can provide some alternate game times and outreach that will have a positive impact in the Disc Golf community.

Check out our website: www.leaguelineup.com/disciples
maybe it will give you some ideas....
Hi guys, I'm not here to start any trouble. I just want to ask you to be respectful of people who don't want to hear your message. I personally woldn't want someone in my group trying to preach to me or give me a pamphlet durig a round, and, depending on how it was handled, I might be offended. I'm not going to argue here like I do on the PDGA site. I just wanted to say that respect is a two-way street: I won't try to convert you if you don't try to convert me.

With that said, I'll leave you to your thread. Enjoy.
That's cool... Thanks for your insight.
I'm like you, I don't like people shoving something down my throat and normally I try to be sensitive to peoples wishes.
I put tracts out for people to pick up if they want too. If through normal conversation during a game I feel you're not open to being witnessed to I even won't go there. But, I do invite people to devotions and those are normally held before a game and out of the way of other activities.

If you ever have any questions feel free to give me a shout. If your in Memphis let's throw some plastic. Peace, Greg


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