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The other day, my friend John and I were shooting a round when he mentioned the idea of a clean up your course/park day. A bunch a people, disc golfers and non players would descend on their local park to give it a good going over. Spend the morning cleaning up, have a lunch, then play in the afternoon. It would be a great way to get your local park looking good and get others to play disc golf.
What do you think? Can we do something like this?

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I use to think that golfers had a lot of respect for their coarses but, this is not true. I myself enjoy some drink and smoke as the round goes by and notice being the only that carries a trash bag at play.I get really put off when I see people drop empties when a trash container of some sort is in view. PLEASE people, take out what you bring in!!! Just like camping, we ALL should maintain the rules.
IDEA TIME, Everyone of us are in some type of club, leauge or budy crew. Once a month head out in mass numbers and do some picking up. Your city and fellow humans will give their thanks. Plus we might be able to keep the law dog on our side for a change. I've been stopped in mid throw for a search or two and only escape without a fine when Jonnie sees I care for my park enough to fill a bag with other peoples crap. I'll walk around with a drip hitting the back of leg and smile knowing that a least one gives a shit.
I try to lead by example, I never just walk by trash on the course. I recycle aluminum at home but not at the course even though I'm starting to toy with that idea too. I have been able to influence some of the younger golfers at our course and have noticed that they will almost always pick up trash now rather than walk past it.
Just the other day, I played a butt round. Here's the take on the butt round. I don't get in a hurry, I walk up to the first tee, set my bag down and commence to picking up butts that my fellow disc golfers don't seem to need anymore. I carry a gatorade bottle for a couple reasons, 1. easy to stick the butts into and 2. screw on cap for after it's full, I can throw it away without worrying about spilling them. The other day, during my butt round, I picked up over 200 butts, that's just when I stopped counting. Also, a good thing happened during that round, two young guys joined me around hole five and decided that rather than playing through, they'd help me pick up butts and play along with me. Also, one of my golfing buddies has changed his ways on the course since seeing my butt rounds, he now grinds them out and pockets them.
I'm proud that I can lead this way. It doesn't cost me anything but a little time and a few sanitary wipes. I don't like to do it anymore than anyone else most likely but when I walk our course, it's clean. It may very well be the cleanest course out there, and I owe it to the people who have picked up my cause and decided they don't want trash on their course either.
Good luck with your "clean up your park" effort.
One other thing you might think of, the next time you see someone looking for aluminum, tell them you know a great place to find bags of it, and mention your course, they'll help you out too.
We have a course in Eugene, OR, "Westmoreland Disc Golf Course", and there are a lot of vagrants who actually stay in the park most of the time. There was always a lot of crap around all the time. What we did as a Club was to get receptacles at every other hole and as Disc golfers would play, they would just pick up as they went. It started to catch on through word of mouth that we wanted to keep the park clean, and now even the homeless guys pick up when they're out. Just an idea for you, it worked for us. Good Luck!!!
Start the ball rolling - why would DGers not get involved?


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