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Kit Carson Park Disc Golf Course , Escondido , CA.


Kit Carson Park Disc Golf Course , Escondido , CA.

Location: Escondido , California
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Sign up to help install tee pads at KCP 2 Replies

We all know Kit Carson is in sore need of good tee pads (holes 1, 2, 12, 13, 17 are at the top of my list).  So who is willing to step up to help?  Ryan is purchasing materials for the pads this…Continue

Started by Rizbee. Last reply by Austen Stringfield Aug 8, 2010.

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Comment by Austen Stringfield on June 23, 2010 at 4:08pm
But if u do that ur defeating the growth of the sport... most people learn about this sport from being told about it.
Comment by Hawk on June 23, 2010 at 3:12pm
no plans to relocate holes 6-8 or 15-16? those were the holes that had the most park users crowded around them when I played up there...holes 6-8 you are throwing along the sidewalk (kids on bicycles, old folks out for a walk, joggers) and you have a very narrow throwing lane w/ the creek on the left...same thing w/ holes 15-16 on the other side of the creek...we threw over and around kids playing soccer and families hanging out on blankets all over that field...

I understand and appreciate the years of hard work that have gone into getting this course in place, but the proposed redesign does not address the playability, or lack thereof, of the entire course...move ALL of the holes away from where people walk on sidewalks, where kids play or ride bikes, where families hang out and picnic, or the course will continue to be broken...

you could yank 9 of the holes and have an awesome 9 hole course, away from other park users, and have it be 9 long holes...instead of trying to educate other park users as to why it's best to stay out of our way when we're throwing discs, remove that obstacle entirely by not placing baskets or fairways in those areas that are going to be used by other park goers...
Comment by Chef Aaron on June 23, 2010 at 2:25pm
You deserve alot of credit for all the hard work you have done to begin this journey of yet another course being put into san diego area. My original post on this subject I feel clearly stated as I wrote "THE GOOD POINTS".
you have reiterated these qualities below.
Ok understood.
this is an important step for the survival of the sport in the area.
I think anyone who has been playing for some years knows this only too well.
the course has more than a 6 week history to it. the planning and then later execution of its installation are also a part of its true history.
people have been playing it for closer to 9 weeks,. Me I was in Mexico with a client for those months and had only heard of its existence about the time actual public play was allowed. I have played it several times since.
Now I understand well the pains of trying to grow a course in the area,. I have watched EI, Mission Trails and a few other attempts get destroyed by and for one reason or another. Understanding these past disc courses is imperative to the success of further disc endeavors.
So I did make the suggestion to get with the "powers that be" (CIty,.. Park officials) and rethink and redesign this important course, You know now that in north county there is a big draw for new players, these new players may over estimate their abilities and try to throw over or close to Park Goers,. this and the drinking and smoking are what the "People" see. La mirada has been co-existing for several years there and I am sure not without its share of incidents. Whiter Narrows the same,.. Golden Gate even bigger issues right now..
So the re thinking of the course and the way that "our" Problem resolution is perceived by those powers that be are now crucial, That is why I wrote the bit about another Designer. John Houk (i may have misspelled his last name) From Millennium / Innova is one such guy,.. but there are people,. Pros and what not that can really help. The Rubber pads I had ranted on about are moveable as is the hardware, I guess I was ranting because the pads are getting just plain dangerous,.. Sure I play lately from behind the pad,.. but I also feel on a few holes that "my" shot had been sacrificed.
I am passionate about this because Disc has given me many great things,. a travel companion in other cities around the world. a sense of accomplishment when trying to improve my game (ok we wont talk about the putting just yet)
and friends all over the place that share the same passion for just being outside and enjoying the game. So forgive me if I have sounded abrasive.
as I wrote b4 we have the manpower, tools and most of all the desire to make this place a bit more spacial,
the new technology in disc's really demand a bit of a longer course, and if that is not possible then a mix of longer and more technical shorter ones.
Again I thank you for all your efforts Ryan, I hope to meet you at some point so we can play a round someplace.
sometimes the writing on the screen reads quite a bit more serious than its true voice.
Comment by Ryan Meyer on June 23, 2010 at 12:44pm
This disc golf course is an extremely important step in the right direction with regards to adding more courses to San Diego County. There is little to no land available in the county that can be used for disc golf and the San Diego Aces Disc Golf Club is working hard to establish a positive view of this great sport with City officials in order to gain access to parks and open space lands. This will be a long process and we all need to work together to bring this sport to more of our citizens.

I have spoke with my contacts at the City and they are working towards a solution with the Girls Scouts and I should have some news for everyone shortly. We are also working towards installing additional signs throughout the course to let the other parks users know what this sport is all about, and what areas are considered fairways and therefore should be avoided.

This is a learning process for everyone, including the City. And thus far they have been willing to work through these issues and give Disc Golf a chance.

The Aces would like to thank all the Disc Golfers that are following the Park rules and working to promote the sport through positive interactions with other park users.

Please visit the course facebook account for more information.

Comment by Chef Aaron on June 22, 2010 at 8:21pm
Yeah AL,.. I am aware. its a new course,.. I embrace the change,. some kid telling me to chill the fuck out however is just plain ridiculous, I just re read all of it and I think I was coming from a more positive place on my original post.
with that said,.. I am a member of the ACES from the start,.. I NEVER get any e-mails telling me about anything.. and I have not for like 3 years..
as I stated below.. I will jump on a shovel and or what ever it takes to make it better.. I hate to sound like a cry baby,. I am stating many peoples frustration with the Pads.. the design will work its self out as we see..
Here is a forum stated for the course,.. SO I wrote in response to the guys b4 me about the bagging of baskets and I was surprised to find that Girlscouts Headquarters was right there,.. and so many children would be around during what is perceived peak DIsc GOlfing hours. there is more land there than the "athletic fields" .
I dont know if the club is sending out info to people at all anymore.. but one idea is to send out a mass e-mail every month and when help is needed for course construction like this.. SO information seems to be at a premium for now. by the way,.. Sorento Valley is a possibility for disc... from the 5-805 exchange all the way up to the 15... WE can send out Austen to check for Rattle snakes and mountain lions.. Heee heee.
Comment by Rizbee on June 22, 2010 at 7:59pm
Here's a few things I know:

- The SD Aces did purchase the baskets and tee pads from EI. The club is currently planning on installing rubber pads on all holes. At the last board meeting, the board approved expenditure of $$ to purchase DG, lumber and hardware to make framed tee pads for all holes. If you would like to help with the tee pad construction, contact Ryan Meyer (he's in this group), Aces Course Rep for Kit Carson.

- The course is undergoing some changes based on the experience of 6 weeks of play. Original holes 9 and 14 were removed - 9 and 10 will now parallel #11 and with 9's tee across the bridge from old tee #10. Hole 14 will be replaced, and it's possible there may be more holes added. The park area where 9 and 14 were located is now off limits to disc golf play - it was a long-standing picnic area that park officials had hoped would also accomodate disc golf.

- Don't know what's up with the basket-bagging, but I'll see the Course Rep tonight and ask. There was a boy hit in the head with a disc over a month ago. He did need stitches. Since KC is a multi-use park there will be days where the course may be unplayable. Hopefully we can get those occasions posted in advance.

- The SD Aces are currently looking for more locations for courses. Exclusive, disc golf-only courses will be hard to come by - developable land is in short supply and expensive. But we keep looking.

- While this is a great web site, not many of the Aces board members frequent it. If you want the board to hear you, post a comment at sandiegoaces.com.


Comment by Chef Aaron on June 22, 2010 at 4:58pm
well you can play the shit the way it is,. CUz you obviously dont know any better this is a discussion forum for the course,.. get it???
. IF you are telling me that a disc golf club with over 300 members does not have any $$$ what the fuck are we doing with all the DUes,.. I have been made aware that there are another 9 holes already sighted for this course,. I have also been made aware that the equipment from OceanSide has been purchased including the T-pads.. for this course.. so you chill the fuck out!
and get a fucking clue. its simple,.. the course is a wasted of good potential.
I have played the new holes,.. walking back and forth over a stream with holes being played on all sides of you.. what is that shit??
someone is placing plastic bags over the holes.. they obviously believe they have a right and most likely do. SO I pose the question again,. why are we just finding out about it now,.. Most of the people playing this course now are traveling to it from between 5 to 30 miles,. most of the players are of the latter.. If you ever travel to any other courses and play any PDGA tournament
you would look at hole 6 and see clearly that the grass line over the "stream" would be OB and the sidewalk and beyond would be OB on the right.
YOU dont drive into an oncoming fairway! I dont care if you do write it on some sign that no one sees ,besides the Oak tree is supposed to be protected and the hole has to move anyhow.. same on hole 5 ,. if you shank to the right over a stream in the woods,.. on a clearly large fairway,.. you should be stroked,..
ahh its all just a matter of opinion anyhow.. and mine is correct so blow me!
Comment by Chef Aaron on June 22, 2010 at 3:48pm
why are we just finding out about this now??? girl-scouts,.. Brownies .. probably have been using the park for years..
well the good points are this.. there is an entire club behind the DESIRE to make this course something a bit more special.. and there is enough land there to allocate to Disc players. I mean the course is in and people know about it all over So. cal.. the opinions are mixed,.. and always seem to lean on the layout issues. Go back to the drawing board with the powers that be and bring in some actual course designers use the ACE's man power and $$$
build the fucker right already. and for gods sake put in the dam t-pads. Gimme a friggin shovel I will help.
last but not least... YOU MUST PLACE SIGNS ALL OVER EXPLAINING Etiquette,
Out of bounds,.. (you dont throw a disc in a rive and allow it to be played) SIGNS for park goers to clearly and distinctly know what is going on in the park.. Disc Golf RUlES on a sign... its about accountability and protection.
Comment by xians421 on June 22, 2010 at 3:24pm
I could ALMOST understand bagging the baskets on the weekend during peak hours, but Monday and Tuesday. Some thing needs to be done. Maybe forget about 6,7,8,and 9 and set the course over towards the athletic fields, ala Las Vegas.
Comment by Donny Olow on June 3, 2010 at 5:43pm
These are the Current Aces Disc's Available.

I have Putters and Drivers.

Putters are the DGA Z Reef and the Drivers are a Z Sparkle Rogue.

Send me a Email if certain weight or color is needed and I'll let you know what's Available.

Thanks ,

Membership Director
Donny Olow

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