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For me this disc is a perplexer.  In calm conditions it's the Fuse- does anything you ask w tons o' glide.  In the wind it's the conFuse:  But that's probably my fault (bad form etc...)


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It was really under stable for me.... like my beat in X Comet really. Not a disc in my tourny bag....

Picked up a Fuse today at lunch. My initial feel, was that it has a really nice feel in the hand, it gripped well, and had ver y nice look to it. Mine weighs in at 176g, and is Opto plastic. I put in some field work for about 45 minutes with it after work. I threw it along side the Pain, QMS, Star San Marino and KC Roc.


Accu wether said the was an 8-10 mile an hour wind. Into the wind there wasn't much air bounce at all, I thought it would go crazy. About 125-150 feet out the Fuse starts a slow turnover that it doesn't come out of all the way to about 250 feet, very sweet.


With the wind the disc bounced more, but right at the last 50 feet of travel. It had a little less turnover, and was about 10 feet shorter. (??????)


The flight was nice, I worked in and around some trees on shorter shots and it really holds a line. It grabs the grass extremely well, like the Rocs. It's isn't anywhere near as overstable as the Pain, but they really are two completely seperate use discs. It was longer than the QMS, but holds a line like the QMS but with a little more turnover.


Overall i like, it's in the bag for some long term testing on the course.

176 g GL Fuse is extremely understable for me. great hyzer flip turnover disc and extreme hyzer flip straight shots. i know i won't miss left with this disc

yours doesn't sounds as understable as mine?! must be the opto plastic.

in my experience, the fuse and wind don't mix well. disc golf logic says this understable disc will be good for downwind, but it's not. into the wind, that hyzer flip turnover sounds like as good of a shot you can have with it.

enjoy your fuse! when are you gonna replace that roc with a core?! ha ha

If the core will grip the grass around the basket like the roc, I'm up for it.
ahh another lefty i see. and no this disc wont miss left. try the core you will be upset if you didnt

nope i'm a righty. i won't miss left with this disc because it goes right everytime. i would like to try the core. i am more than content with my spider though.

if you were a lefty, it'll go left everytime.

i am a lefty and thats why it flies left for me

Threw my GL Fuse for the 1st time today. I am still in the "throwing the most understable discs I can find" phase of my game. The GL Fuse is even to flippy for me to throw flat. As said before, great hyzer flip/turnover mid, but WOW. 1st disc I can actually hyzer flip reliably. I can't believe how much it turns over. I will keep it in the bag and use it on my home courses with Extreme Anny lines. Really was surprised how Understable this disc is though!
good point and i was partially joking ha. can you hyzer flip the kc pro well?

I have been really giving the Fuse a work out and I love that it turns over even on the easiest of throws, but without crashing and burning. I have a buddy who throws these amazing flex shots with his Pain that he just launches almost straight up over trees. I don't have that shot with my pain, but I threw one on Monday with my Fuse when I was playing, i could here him yelling from out by the basket, "Nice upshot Dude".

Given enough heighth, the Fuse will fight back and fade, just have to play to the discs strengths

After 2 rounds with the Fuse now, I must say I am appreciating much more. Played a course this morning with a bunch of Annys around Mandos. The Fuse made it A LOT easier.... Threw some nice, lower power shots with it that flexed very nice too...


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