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Aloha south paws;
with far less than 50% of holes being lefties we are at a disadvantage. Just like we find in the rest of the right handed world. But because that is the way it has been from the first disc golf courses. ( I played La Mirada and HB as well as Austin Tx. in 1978) Just imagine a course set up with 14 lefties.
I learned from the Best left hander to play the game, Hall of Fammer, Johnny Lissamen.
Straighten up and fly right.
castaway dave.

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i dont blink an eye...thats what forehand is for...who throws turnovers?......ha ha
Yo Lefties,

First my confession: I am a lefty by choice (right-handed forehand, so counterclockwise spin) not by birth.

My first three years playing I threw rhbh until my right knee gave out and mandated that I learn the forehand or learn a new sport. Since then I have been forehand dominant. My knee can only handle a couple backhand throws a day (which , of course, means that I cannot practice it enough to develop any consistency).

We live in a righty-hyzer world. I know of two courses that are actually lefty favorable -V.A.Barrie Park in Ontario, Canada and Rolling Hills in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Every other course I have played is righty favorable to some degree or to some massive degree ( well, Winthrop Gold in South Carolina might be evenly balanced).

The advantage to we lefties is that we get much more practice on the hardest drive in the game: the controlled anhyzer. The huge disadvantage is that we almost never play on a level field. So our advantage is long term and our disadvantage is immediate.

Some courses really piss me off like Riverbends and Coldbrook in Michigan. Riverbends is righty hyzer tunnel after righty hyzer tunnel. The average player in my division ( Pro Master or Grandmaster) will hit the tunnels about 90% of the time. If I'm throwing great I might hit half of them. So if everyone in my division is playing poorly and I'm on fire and hit all my putts then I might cash.

Coldbrook, a course in the upcoming 2008 Worlds in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is even more insidious. Sure it is righty favorable on its face. It also has three almost identical holes on it. These three holes appear to be lefty favorable. They are not. They are righty anhyzer tunnels.There is no lefty line. ( We Lefties are, of course, painfully aware that a lefty hyzer and a righty anhyzer fly on different lines. So just because the fairways turn to the right does not mean it is a lefty hole) An apparently perfect, and I mean "perfect", lefty shot has maybe a 40% chance of making it down the fairway. Anything less than a perfect line has no chance of following the fairway. So how is that for fairness! Any backhand shot reasonably close is golden and an apparently precise lefty shot is screwed. Oh, did I mention the best part about Coldbrook? It is all deuce or die. So when you take a par on these short, unfair righty holes you have just lost a stroke to the field. Time after time after time. I am told that Kzoo is so proud of Coldbrook that every player in every division (pro and am) at Worlds will play there.

Even on courses where the designer made some effort to create balance there are still 3 tendencies that I observe that mitigate against fairness. First, all courses break in righty friendly. Most players throw clockwise. So when a righty misses a shot it lands in the same places as the other righty misses and over time the course breaks in and opens up escape lines from the rough. And, of course, the righty vandals break trees and bushes out of their lines.

Second, there seems to be a couple tendencies to the lefty holes we do see. They are too often the same shot, course after course. How about short, blind and poke and hope? So even when we get the rare lefty hole our righty competitors have memorized the line with a flippy midrange. And our cleanest line on the hyzer is littered with trees.

The third tendency is make the longest, toughest holes righty dominant. If there is an OB line running along the length of a long hole it tends to be on the right edge of the fairway, so our hyzers finish in the direction of the OB line where the righty hyzer finishes away form the OB line.

Ok, enough griping for one day. Here is my question: If the world were reversed how many points would the average lefties' PDGA Handicap rating go up and how many points would the average righties' go down?
i agree but my problem is that i somewhat turn over most of the overstable disc when i throw forehand the only one that i cant turn over right now is my star max but i can get a nice scurve with my wraith and starfire
Great post Mark! I totally agree with everything you said. I am a fourty year old lefty that was introduced to disc golf about 3 years ago when my hometown put in its first course. Most of the local players were introduced to the sport at the same time and everyone else is a righty. I occationally win when I'm playing my best, but usually get beat by most of the group. Your reference to the 3 tendencies made me realize how handicapped being a lefty is. When I miss a fairway, I usually have no shot and the result is a boggie. Holes that do favor me, are usually short and not difficult for a righty to anhyzer, so I really don't have a big advantage on these holes. I have also noticed that the hardest holes on the course are righty holes and I struggle for par on these. Again, nice post and keep doing those instuctional videos, I've learned alot from them.
in my opinion, the "advantage" the righties have makes us stonger players!! go lefties!!! and people always love us at doubles matches, ha ha...
yes they do becuase if they dont have a shot most of the time lefties have a decent shot


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