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Of 50 Disc golfers at my local course, there are 3 left handed Disc Golfers. A new course in my area just got baskets etc. The best shots on the course are big righty hyzers, excluding me from the joy of experiencing those shots. Life has never been fair to the lefty, and in Disc Golf Design, that seems more apparent than ever.

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OK Gwillin I resemble that remark. I am a RHBH and LHFH guy so I am one of those righties with a good anny because I can't throw a right handed sidearm. Anyway I I joined this group because I feel your pain only it is when there is a right turning hole that all the righties throw sidearm and lefties throw hyzer. Heck somertimes I have to use the lefty sidearm roller on those holes.
Ive seen it! Mike Sweiger does it and it said WTF pretty loud when I saw him do it. It was at worlds too.
I'm a LHBH and a RHFH.
i dont complain...i see just as many lefty holes as righty...
I am also a LHBH, RHFH player. The other players think I'm a freak. I am oddly ambidextrous. I write, paint, eat left handed.(left eye dominant) I play 2 sports left handed-Ping Pong, Frisbee-Disc Golf. I have a great left hand back hand in tennis. Which is the same motion as a LHBH throw. I am a left foot Hackey/soccer/field goal kicker. Everything else is righty. Baseball, Tennis Basketball, Bowling, Golf etc, all right handed. When I first started playing DG I only threw LHBH, it wasn't until after my first tournament that I started throwing Right Hand Side Arm.-Forehand I Mainly drive with my Forehand. I have more distance and power with the RHFH. I throw sick Right hand Side arm rollers. as well as RHFH Anhyzer Bombs.Most of my upshots/approach are LHBH. I only Putt Left handed in Tournaments, but can putt righty when needed. Anything uphill is RHFH. This year I would like to develop a RHBH, and a LHFH, though both are awkward at the moment.

Anyone know any ambidextrous players?
Down in Joliet, IL I have a guy that comes out and plays leagues. He is about as ambidextrous as they come. He is a normal RHBH thrower, but when there is a 270-300 lefty hyzer, there he is coming up looking like a natural lefty. I have tried it myself, but I always go home with an ice pack on my elbow. I guess old age is starting to catch up with me.
I feel your pain. I'm a LHBH and a FHFH. I eat, paint, brush teeth, etc. left handed...play basketball, baseball, soccer, with my right half. It wasn't until just recently that I learned to throw my FH because my BH and FH would fade the same way. I can hit a tighter gap with my FH so I have been practicing it. I throw my drives LHBH for distance though.
i do the same thing drive lefthanded FH and BH but i putt approach right handed the reason i do this is becuase for some reason it seems more natural to do it that way and my left eye is lazy so i see better out of my right eye which helps when putting
hello scott from ithaca!! we have a golfer here that is ambidextrious, he made it to j park last year for the tourney...jesse darrow. as for myself, i guess i am not a "true"lefty since i swing a golf club and baseball bat right handed?....
I can't believe there are other people as weird as I am. I write left handed and play disc golf left handed. I can throw a descent RHFH, but can't throw a LHFH to save my life. Every thing else in life I am right handed. I think the reason I throw LHBH is because it is the same stance I used when I pitched or batted in baseball, both right handed. LHBH just seemed more natural of a stance. I am trying to develope a RHBH since my right arm is stronger than my left, but I'm not having alot of luck. It's nice to know I am not the only person with this wierd situation.
There are far more lefty women players than men. why is that? It is because we can make the transition from right to left easier? Is it because we have more patience? Is it because we choose more correct plastic for the shots that need to be made? Or, is it because we just ROCK! I was once at Worlds and every player in my fivesome was a lefty . What are the chances of that, ALL WOMEN! SK

Just wanted to comment on what you said. I agree with you 1000%. As a Lefty I must say my anhyzer is a beauty to see, in fact I think we as Lefty's probably use it so much in our game that, at least for me, I tend to use discs that are either very stable or slightly understable. Put me on a 70/30 Lefty course and I always shoot very low scores...


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